Posted by: lovediaries | June 26, 2009

SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) MV

Edited with subbed version :)!

{credit: wondersmurf @ youtube}

I’m disappointed in the choreography lol. It’s all just really leggy. The girls look really pretty, especially Taeyeon. Like in her opening lines, pwoaar :). ROFLMAO @ Seohyun coming out of the cake with this massive bow on her head XD.

They didn’t show any of the pretty stuff from the teaser orz. It was all just ~pink and sparkly~ rofl.


  1. I expected more choreo and all but I’m pretty satisfied. Instead of hard-core choreography, they paid attention to their work to their footwork.
    we’ll all see from their performance tonight :)

    • Yeah they probably didn’t want it to be a “fad” and so the choreo doesn’t stand out as much :/

  2. the choreography had me dissapointed too, but since the lyrics are nice and the beat is right, I still like it. I don’t recall her name, but the girl with the short hair looks very sexy like that and so does Taeyeon. Hyoyeon is still cute and I think she’ll always will be. And as for the fobby english they sing (I’m genie for you boy, I’m genie for your wish), I find it kind of cute, but not the guy’s lines.

    • Short hair? Was she also at the “club”? If so, then it’s Tiffany. Haha yeah Hyoyeon was adorable in her scene omg.

      • oh no not Tiffany, she’s pretty hot too, I think her name is Sooyoung. Hyoyeon is adorable, she looked like a stephord wife, but she really really needs more camera time.

        • Oh yeah, Sooyoung looks so good with her short hair!


  3. This movie… is really wierd…
    I feel like it’s giving me the wrong idea if you guys know what I mean.

    Not sure how to say it but it’s really wierd how they are like being “playful” with the camera.
    It’s also wierd how they were having a pillow fight.
    *sigh* I feel like this mv is aimed at pervy guys. Maybe you guys think otherwise.

    • You know what, I think that is exactly the point. I honestly didn’t think much of it (because I don’t know what you guys think about lmao) but reading around, people are saying that it’s like every man’s fantasy/desire. And haha after reading your comment, I can only say, it’s doing exactly that, no?

  4. So, do we know who the fobby english belongs to yet?

    I love Taeyeon’s parts at the end.

    • Did this MV fulfill your innermost desires?

      And yes, me too. I love all of Taeyeon’s parts period.

      • hmmm, desires… If I ever decided to turn bi then yes, but you prefer Key so I know you’re not satisfied. (some of the scenes look like porno sets or something, with the cake and fluffy pink things)

        I think Sunny should get more parts, I like Sunny.

        • You know, I think this video officially proved how innocent I am because I honestly did not relate anything in this to porno or anything dirty at all. And suddenly everyone is like HOMG THIS IS LIKE. PORN. And yeah, I still don’t really see it, but I’ll take all your words for it :/.

          Lmao, I thought Sunny had enough parts. Hyoyeon got screentime for like 1 second.

          • But then you see pron in non-obvious places so… I think that makes up for it.

            Sooyoung and Yuri also need more parts lol + Hyoyeon.

            • You also misread things and make them porn-y so…you’re not one to talk.

  5. TBH, this is one of the reasons why girl groups like SNSD and Momosu creep me out. The girls end up being objects of fantasy to guys. I mean, sure, it’s the “normal” thing and most if not all girl groups are just like that but I feel it the most from them, you know? The way they’re all playful with the camera and stuff. It just feels very wrong.

    I think they remind me a lot of Momosu because of their number and their choreo kind of feels the same way.

    Otherwise, the MV was okay. Not especially impressive. Sooyoung was really pretty, though.

    • No, I get what you mean about them being the objects of fantasy. It’s what people were saying from the start with their marketing concept of granting whatever you wish O.o

      • It raises a red flag in my mind, considering how young these girls are. :\

  6. I don’t really follow SNSD but I have major girlcrushes on Taeyeon and Sooyoung.^^ I found it kind of lol how fierce Sunny looked b/c…idk she’s Sunny. Anyway, the song is okay I guess. Catchy chorus and all that.

    The excess of LEG annoys me though. You can’t say that SNSD isn’t being sold as objects of desire when a bunch of girls aged 17(?) to 19(?) dance around dressed like that. There’s nothing innocent or accidental about it LSM. *emo sigh cuz laflor!legs aren’t that sexy*

    • Yeah Sunny did look fierce lol. I think Sunny can pull off quite a lot of images that aren’t very “Sunny” like xDD.

      Haha yeah, but I always find Seohyun to be awkward. Guess she’s not used to this type of concept xD.

  7. I dont like the part where they interact with the camera, that is just… wrong *sigh*
    overall, nice song, nice haircuts, nice outfits, and nice heels XD
    now all I need is the dance version.

    • Lol ~flirting~ with the camera/men watching the vid xD

  8. Well, I won’t lie. I really like the shower of leggy moves. haha. Very cute, a refreshingly sexy departure from Gee.

    • It’s refreshing for sure, but the choreo really isn’t that fun :/

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