Posted by: beckery | June 28, 2009

090627 2PM @ Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate

Remember, that fancam I posted of 2PM dancing to Flo Rida’s “Low”? Well the show was finally aired. How long has it been T_T haha.

Low (by Flo Rida) SOOOOOOOOOOOO SHORT! I WANT MORE!!!! It’s only 44 seconds of goodness, why?! DDD; Haha it’s like exactly like the fancam, just a bit better quality. But dayam, the boys are so hot. And Jay’s pants are still tight LOOL. I can’t help it ok XDDDD

Instead of Saying Goodbye (by Rain) I just saw Eunhyuk sing this a couple of days ago on Song Battle haha. I really liked this song in the old days. It’s good to hear it again :D It’s one of those songs where the performers actually enjoy doing. Khun is infinitely adorable here *squishes him* And Jay’s solo dance *____*

Again and AgainAww the audience all stood up. How nice :D They look great wearing suits and performing “Again and Again”, I approve haha. The dance interlude was pretty cool too, but haha I think Taec just lost a bracelet XDD Something from him went flying towards the audience hahaha.


  1. lol this is like waaaay back -_- I nearly forgot about this until it finally aired. I really like the song Instead of Saying Goodbye, lol I heard Hyuk cried on Song Battle too. AWWW I really miss Again and Again. But then their new song sounds really nice too. I just hate how everyone promotes a song for a month and just promotes another song when ur soo hooked into it.

    • I knoww..I thought they weren’t gonna end up airing it lol. That’s how Kpop artists promote. I think it’s quite sad when they do their farewell stage, esp in Suju’s case cuz it felt REALLY SHORT ;_;

  2. All I can say: SUITS. @__@

    • hi5 lol. They look gorgeous <3

      • I am loving Junsu especially, with the purple/lilac/lavendar silk tie. I CAN NOT STOP STARING AT HIM. 8|

        Btw; welcome back?

  3. hello there again! i know this has nothing to do with 2PM (this is shinee, btw…) but can you please please please tell me if this is just a tribute for MJ or does shinee have an upcoming show?


    credits to minshinee:


    • Sorry, I just got back from my holiday. So um I think your question is probably answered by now? XD

  4. 2PM’s I Hate You music video!

    • Thanks bb. It was unexpected. I thought they would do some dramatic plot haha. But it was sweet <3

  5. to be honest, I’ve been watching that “low” dance everyday and forgot that it was actually going to air. I was worried for a second thinking Junsu wouldn’t get lines in “Instead of Saying Goodbye” but thankfully he came near the end.

    • Aww how could they leave Junsu out? Honestly, his voice is looovveeee

  6. wow, thanks for sharing! been waiting for this forever! must be hard to dance in those suits but they look THE BEST in them! i don’t know how many times i watched their tribute g.o.d. friday night performance, replaying for like 1238981293 times that moment when the girl slapped jay’s butt! oh khun, never wear pink, it’s too sweet—he still ends up looking incredibly cute even after the sexy body wave thing he did LOL. i swear, jay wears killer pants every time! he might be a strong contender for junho’s nickname loveable hip (or something similar) LOL. ooooh and i finally got to watch idol army you recommended! i seriously wanted to boycott jyp, but it all made sense. the old dirty man, creepy as he is, knows what he was doing. rain went through hell back then too! but look at them now. *tear tear* do you know where i can find episode 8 onwards? i wanna watch the guerilla concert! anyways sorry for the long spazz!<3

    • I know! I was waiting for it too. Well I sorta thought they weren’t gonna air it T_T LOOL I couldnt stop staring at Jay’s pant throughout all the clips. I felt like the biggest pervert ever but omg THEY ARE TIGHT BABY!!! XDDDDD

      YAY! You finally watched it!! Doesn’t it make you love the boys sooooo much more. They worked SO DAMN HARD to get where they are today. I’m so proud of them <3 Um I dont think the rest are subbed yet lol.

  7. LOWWWWWWW in suits ;______________;

    I saw a fancam of Junho singing Keyshia Cole’s Love too, awww did that not air? Because it was effin’ awesome.

    Dammit, I wish I were uncapped.

    • I hope you’re not capped anymore :D

      I dont know if it was aired? Did you end up finding it?

  8. Just out of curiousity, did you hear about 2PM’s new show “Wild Bunny”? I’m so excited I can’t wait for it, the poster looks good too

    • HAHA noooo. I still havent’ finished catching up with fandom yet. LOOl It looks awesome. When will lit start?

  9. I’m actually not sure when it’ll start, but they have one eppy filmed so far, I can’t wait to see some of their acting debut!!

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