Posted by: lovediaries | June 29, 2009

090628 SHINee @ Inkigayo

YAAAAY Congratulations to SHINee ♥♥!!

{credit: luphonew @ youtube}

Winning & Encore

Um………brb, drooling over Onew’s outfit. And Taemin. *O*. I love their outfits – except for maybe Jonghyun’s shirt and Key’s janitor’s outfit. Though I hate Jonghyun’s shirt, I do love the fact that it shows off his arms :Q______ mmmm~ And what was wrong with Onew’s mic? >:|. Could hardly hear him.

In the Winning/Encore vid ONEW JUMPED SO FAR ROFLMAO. SOOO CUTE ♥. But damn, he needs to watch himself, being all accident-prone these days :/. Minho’s all :DDDDD, Jonghyun is jumping around and Key is just quietly shedding beautiful tears ;~; (SRSLY, THAT BOY IS GORGEOUS – I can’t stop staring at his face lol ♥). Loved how Taemin nudged Onew to give him the mic ^^. And Onew CRACKED LMAO. I hope it was on purpose cause otherwise I’d feel embarrassed for him HAHA. So prection, that boy.


  1. candychu, im drroling over right along with you!!
    Onew’s and Taemin’s totally score!
    Looking good shinee!!

    • Hahah good! But how good does Onew look in that singlet & shirt over the top and Taemin in that white blazer omg :Q____

      • *O*
        hehe but seriously i soo prefer them looking like these

        • Me too me too. So glad there are no more hairy fringes. (Hope I didn’t jinx that…)

  2. hai gaizz :] i’m another one of those creepish stalkers who have followed this site for a bajillion times and never managed to comment til now ;D

    BUT YEEEE totally digging taemin’s outfit. and onew is ADORABLE lol. AHAHA i didn’t even notice that key was crying. he’s such a good mommie. ;)

    on a side note, did you hear the rumors about taemin being bullied?
    it’s just rumors, but there’s a lot of pointers that it might be true. oh gawd, i hope not. my poor bb ;__;

    • loooooooool hello there :D. Yay for commenting after stalking us for so long <333.

      I saw the pictures first so I made sure to pay extra attention to Key. He can be such a sweetheart :(

  3. “prection” cringe…ugh Minho in the green shirt and white pants, drools. Don’t you think Key makes one hot custodian though, however I prefer singer, I think I have a fetish for guys dressing in careers that are not theirs, first Jaebeom and firefighters and now Key and janitors.

    • Yes omg, I can’t help but think that Onew looks GREAT in white pants hehe.

      Lmao, it’s okay, I have a kink for uniforms too – nothing beats the “waiter” look though *O*

      • ahhhh waiter look x_x I can just imagine calling Fu Wu Yuan to a black suit and bowtied Kyuhyun.

        • OMG YES PLEASE *O*

  4. lol I was lol so much when Onew cracked and then Key slapped him on the back :) I miss Replay so much, and Amigo too. ): I hope they get a chance to perform all their songs, just not soon but some time in the future <3 I love SNSD was really happy for them.

    • HAHA ME TOO LMAO XD. Onew is so cute~

  5. *dies* I still haven’t watched any perfs since their comeback. ;________;

    Key is just quietly shedding beautiful tears
    I love Key too but I srsly lol-ed at this line. Skdljxfdn you are such a cutie xD

    I also laughed at the picture you included because the trail of tears on his cheek are mixed with a bunch of make-up XD and yeah…. idk why I find that funny. Lol I feel bad now.

    But mmm… Jong arms. *________*

    • You’re commenting again ;____;.

      HAHA yeah I think the make up trail is kinda icky xD the colour is so … ugggh haha but still, BOY TEARS ARE THE BEAUTIFUL-EST OF TEARS ;~;.

  6. Onew plz don’t ever stop being cute ;__; Key is so damn sparkley, it’s amazing. I wanna be a pretty as him D:

    Usually I hate sleeves that cut off like Taemin’s did but. His whole outfit looked great and I’m pretty sure that isn’t just my bias talking =/

    • I can’t imagine Onew being anything but adorable and cute. I would cry if one day he grew up manly D;

      • that is.. very evil, but i’ll cry with you :D

        and one thing, can we ever stop taemin from growing up?

        • I wish we could :(

  7. am i biased or what, i think this is the best winning clip in weekly music show. most of the time artist just crying or hugging. but this, you got the whole packaged,
    one leader leap from one to another side, cracked speech, one jumping member, lotsa jumping sunbae, very wide smile from minho
    guh, i just cant tell how many times i repeat this clip so i can watch every detail
    congrats shinee~

    ah yes, dubu is very handsome in that striped shirt and white pants *love*
    taemin looks like lil kid calling for his appa when mc gives him mic for speech, lol! and 2min interactiooooon!!!

    • I thought this clip was positively adorable. Just, their different reactions and stuff. I’ll admit, I love seeing them cry because boy tears are precious, but them jumping around and being all :DDDDDDDD really is just as good ^___^

  8. Key’s tears of joy are so adorable!! ; ~; I know I would have the exact same reaction if I was in his position~!

    Hey Minho, lemme borrow that top! I’m serious, I love his outfit. 8D

    • Yes, him crying softly in the bg was adorable ;~;

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