Posted by: lovediaries | June 30, 2009

Preview Kyuhyun – 7 Years of Love

{credit: Sup3rJunior @ youtube}

*__________________________________________* KYUHYUN ♥♥♥. Y’all already know how I feel about Kyuhyun’s voice, so really I need to say nothing. Except that I’m so glad he had the opportunity to sing this solo ♥. It’s a really pretty ballad with a tinge of mysteriousness. Love the piano melody ♥.


  1. kyu’s voice is <3

    • It’s so beautiful *O*

  2. *swoon*
    candychu THANKYOU!!
    i love you for this!!

  3. No we forgot how you felt about him, please recap for us. JUST KIDDING.
    The beginning melody sounds very familiar, but then it started off with another beat and I lost my train of thought so forget about that. I miss Kyu, lol actually I don’t. I think I see him too much now. But I really miss his voice, his really sweet voice. I thought it would be really nice if maybe Wook and Yesung were singing a part of it, but this is really fine. omggg, this song would be perfect for an OST :)


      Well we’ve recently had TWO K.R.Y songs so Kyu’s solo really was the icing on a cake :DD

  4. eeeeeeeeeeeee ~
    he’s so dreamy here.
    His voice makes me melt :D

  5. Heads up; they released the MV for it, but I think you know. ^^;

    I shall listen very,very,VERY soon. ^^ I love Kyuhyun’s voice; especially listening to him sing English, it’s just… -faints- :D

    • Yeah, I saw but read that Kyu wasn’t in it so I didn’t bother :P

      • i was quite disappointed when i heard that. oh well, i thought i might as well enjoy the song ^o^

        • I’d love to have Kyu with a solo MV too. But ah well :(.

          • :(

            I TRIED LISTENING, but Kyuhyun’s voice is so soft, it barely covers the instrumental. .___. But it has a nice ballad-y feel. ^^; I liked what I heard, but had to strain too much to hear his voice, so I closed it early. .___.

            • Really? But the instruments are so pretty omg *O*. Maybe if you listen to the CD version? I don’t have to strain…omg his voice is so much love.

              • OKAY WHOA. -melts into a puddle-
                I just played your embedded video and @____@
                Yeah, the MV version basically sucked compared to this…
                -brb to spazz after-

                • LMAOOOO see, really needn’t bother with the MV :P

                  • -spazzes-
                    It was so pretty. @_____@ SO SO PRETTY. But I didn’t really like the instrumental as it built up, it sounded really generic, like something I’ve heard before. :/

                    BUT HIS VOICEEEEE. -melts-

                    • Rly? I loved the intro and yes, his voice omg *O*. I could listen to any song by him forever because I love his voice so much *froths at mouth*.

                    • Yeahh, I liked the beginning but about halfway through and further it just got… idk how to describe it, but I didn’t like it? :/

                      LOL. His voice… AHAHHA, now I feel weird spazzing about his voice, but it’s something WORTH spazzing about. D:


                    • …HIS VOICE IS LIKE MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE. @___@

                    • WORD.

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