Posted by: lovediaries | July 1, 2009

Preview SHINee on Now It’s Time For Flower Boys

{credit: randy19973 @ youtube}


My reactions to hearing SHINee poledancing were something like: OMG !!!! to WWHAAAT DDDDD; to DNW :SSSS to OMFG JONGHYUN SHOULD BE ATTACHED TO A POLE LIKE ALL THE TIME.

Note that the last reaction was after viewing the above video!!

But seriously, has that boy had lessons or something? Minho was sorta awkward and Taemin … wtf is he trying to do to us pervy noonas ;__;. I’d like to have seen Key work his stuff on that though LOL! And where is Onew? :( He would’ve been the best, for very obvious reasons rofl.

Also, sorry updates are like, practically non-existent and only by me ^^;;. The other two are holiday-ing right now. Here in Sydney. So yeah :). They’ll be back before you know it!

p.s Happy Birthday Teuk! You old fart.


  1. Jonghyun really should be attached to a pole all the time (: Or at least have one handy. But Minho wasn’t THAAAAAAT awkward. The only thing awkward was his body… which is actually most of poledancing, but his face was like……. O_O yeah. The face he’d get when he touched himself in the LSGO Plugged performances.

    Onew would fail so bad if he tried poledancing, I’m sure <3333

    • I am the only one in the world, apparently, who found Minho on the pole awkward xD. Minho always gets his face right. I swear he watches pr0n xD.

  2. LMFAO old fart D: Happy birthday Leader-sshi! I can’t believe you still look and act so young asdfkldjfdk I can already see my wrinkles forming D:

    My guess for Onew’s absence is the it’s probably the day when Onew had his accident D: Cause I went back to re-watch the perf and they were wearing the same clothes~ but IDEK D: Just a guess ;~;
    Of course he would’ve been the best |DD He missed out on such an incredible opportunity D:

    tbh, I didn’t think Minho was ~that~ awkward, but Jjong totally owned the pole D: dslkafjlkdfdsfaj;lkfa;ljksdf And Taemin really should not do that thing with his hips ;~; even if we’re the same age. Doh OTL

    • Yeah, that’s what a lot of the fans are saying. If only they all stopped activities til Leader was well :(. I really would’ve loved to see Onew doing something like this because it is so not Onew. Ah, well.

      LOL YES we’ve established only I found Minho awkward orz.


    • LOL OKAY. Jonghyun has obvs done that before. Minho was working it too just not as much. Key’s will probably break everyone :( needs more onew.


      • IM PRETTY SURE HE’S HAD LESSONS or something.

        YES because you are underage like Taemin and not creepy like me XD so you can say things like that lmao.

  4. lol wth was Key doing? it looked like he was really forcing himself to do it. Taemin looks like he got interrogated O_O Jonghyun is so cute ♥ Minho really surprised me, I was like so worried about him, he looks really into it. lol Taemin was trying to incorporate dance into the pole (: Onew should’ve been there, he would’ve been smiling the whole time and it would’ve been cracktastic!

    • IHNI but I’d love to find out :DDD. Onew would’ve been even more awkward on the pole and probably trip over his feet or something :/.

  5. Oh, I’m sooo glad I found this website! I loved watching this clip. It’s so cute and hawt!~ Jonghyun totally PWNED everyone. And wow, Minho too, was amazing. And Taemin, he surprised me, but he was awesome too. As for Key, I was like …, what is he doing? I would have liked him actually TRY. As for Onew, I can’t imagine what he’s DO! lol

    • Haha hello there new stranger :D. Hope you haven’t been scared away lmao~

      Yes Jonghyun was SO GOOD on that pole. Key was hilarious lmao. Doing facial exercises? ihni xD.

      • I’m not being scared away. lol But I feel so young compared to everyone else. Or it seems that way. XD Can’t wait for more updates.

        • LOL well, us authors aren’t that old. Just so you know. And dw, there are a lot of readers same age/younger than Taemin. :).

  6. im SO glad that im younger than taemin by like a few months, i dont have to suffer with the guilt of being a pedo-noona ;DD
    btw, where are you guys T^T?? im missing your update *pout*
    note: Ariel Lin’s MV for “Firefly” ft. Donghae and Siwon came out already, in case you didnt know.
    its really sweet, and im nt as jealous as i should be…XD

    • Thank you, that makes me feel so good T___T.

      And awww, you’re so sweet <33. Dw, the others missed posting too, they will be back very soon :)!

  7. when will this be aired?

    • july 7th, according to the vid description :)

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