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Ariel Lin – “Fireflies” MV Subbed feat. SiHae

Thank you ghina for the heads up! The others are returning home tonight and I just gotta backtrack through some things haha but I’ll be back to edit!

{credit: ilovekidoya @ youtube}

I LOVE Ariel Lin. She’s probably my favourite Taiwanese actress, I think she’s great. But I was never really a fan of her singing. Her songs were really nice ballads, but she definitely acts better than she sings ^^;;. (She has improved here though, she’s very sweet-sounding and this song is very C-pop haha.) Anyway, I was still excited to hear this song & watch the MV because Fireflies are adorable little things and I always associate them with romantic dates or romantic about-to-get-together-with-boy/girl-of-dreams scenes :D.

THIS WAS SO CUTE *EXPLODES*. Donghae is so adorable~ I loved the scene where he goes to open the car door and he’s all ;DDDDDDDD and then Siwon and Ariel see each other and they’re both like DDDDDDDDD; Haha. And for once, Siwon doesn’t get the girl – or I should say, the one “worse” off XD. Hard to believe, right?


  1. Still have to watch. Kinda sad that it isn’t SiHan anymore but I guess it’s time for change. ^^

    • LOL Siwon you are not destined for a happily ever after! XD He always plays the guy who doesn’t end up with the girl looool

      But it was sweet and cute and it would be sad if Ariel gets antis because of this. You know them crazy fangirls. XD

      • Welll at least no one dies! And usually he’s better off anyway. For once, he’s the one who leaves haha.

        I think that’s why while filming, Ariel didn’t even talk much to them. So sad :(. The singing in the car was adorable~

        • Siwon should try to be the dying person at least once. It’s no fair that only Geng does the dying. :P

          She didn’t? Well, that’s kinda sad. D: But maybe the real reason is… well… they can’t understand each other? XD;;

          • Lol well too bad, since it’s no more SiHanHee for ZLY’s next MV :(.

            Nah, Ariel majored in Korean at university so she really could’ve communicated with them if she wanted to. She presented an award with DBSK before and I think recently she presented with SJ.

            • I know T___T

              Oh right. Missed that. But it really was for her own good. Smart girl.

              • WE GET DONGHAE THOUGH :D

                Haha lol yeah, Ariel’s awesome ^^.

  2. Best moment = Donghae holding the umbrella while sneaking behind Ariel.

    • LOL YES their first meeting, omg ;~;. And how Donghae was like “HI I’M FROM SEOUL :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD”.

  3. *gasp* never thought i’d see my name on a post >.< bt im glad ur posting again :D
    i've been repeating this over and over again, even though at first i was all "NOOO, MY FISHY!!" XDD but now i just wanna squish him~
    lol at your description of their first meetinng XD

    • Haha lol aw why not? You did inform me of it ^_^♥

      I have two camps coming up omg, don’t know how I’ll survive 3 days and then 4 days without the internet. FANDOMMMM.

      • i commented once and you updated like WOAH XD *am proud*

        camps? without internet? *shudders*
        im sure you’ll survive somehow :/ but for my case, ipod helps a lot :D
        good luck ^^v

        • HAHA lol yes, I listen to readers because I’m obedient like that :P. Rofl. Yeah I bring my mp3 everywhere but I can’t watch videos on mine orz.

  4. The MV is so sweet ..just feel bad for siwoniee

    • It was really sweet. But Donghae was so happy :))!

  5. why do i even bother to watch this?
    it’s a sad mv T^T

    thanks for uploading though candychu~

    • REALLY? Lol well compared to other MVs, this is a HAPPY one already! Haha, someone gets a happy ending, at least.

  6. Hae is so adorable here <3 <3 <3 The scene with the umbrella, when he was sneaking behind her was priceless XD
    *and sometimes it scared me how much he looks like Kyuhyun – like in the scene with a rose in his mouth*

    Gah, smart girl, I would also pick Donghae instead of Siwon ^^'

    • LOOL (I would pick Donghae over Siwon too – but I mean, Hae’s my fav :P).

  7. I wanted to kill her so bad, since I’m such a Donghae freak, I haven’t really been really mesmorized by Siwon, but he is really cute. I felt really bad for him in here, I wanted her to end up with him instead -_____- they all have good chemistry though, and she’s really pretty. I love the closeup on Donghae’s face ♥ I wanted Hyuk to be in it, then it would be like OMGGGG EunHae action :)

    • Lol aw, but Ariel is so sweet and awesome! Haha lol well Siwon was the one who left in the first place. And Hae was so caring towards her omg. The MV was adorable ;~;.

  8. this is really cute. :)
    i especially liked the umbrella part and the singing in the car part. well, the latter comes first but whatever. ♥ ariel lin’s one of my favoritest taiwanese actresses esp when she’s with joe cheng~ and it’s so nice to see her with my favoritest fandom. :)

    (i’m having a hard time trying to catch up on my fandoms. orz)

    • I’ve always wanted clear umbrellas :D. I think we had one but my sister lent it to her friend who never returned it T__T

      YES, I love Ariel with Joe. I’ve been meaning to watch Love or Bread but then it’s not as appealing as ISWAK/TKA was :/.

      It’s okay bb, you know that we post the most “important” stuff here ^^.

      • i’ve been wanting to buy those clear umbrellas too but i can’t find any so i just settled for the ones with laces. XD

        love or bread, i can’t stand how joe keeps acting so stupid. T_T i got so used to him being a righteous genius on ISWAK and TKA.

        this is why i love laec!♥

        • HAHA I saw the first part of the first ep, and I was like WTF!? Total contrast. I’m not used to Ariel all hard-working either xD.

          Woohoo~ We love you too :)

  9. Someone should get these 3 in a drama. FOR REALS.

    Dude. Call me evil but I had this slight feeling of satisfaction that Siwon didn’t get picked. Lulz.

    And I’m happy too that the storyline is not one of those “oh-my-former-lover-came-back-and-now-im-torn-between-the-two”. I love that it’s just “well-you-had-your-chance-Siwon-but-you-left-so-now-im-happy-pretend-surfing-with-umbrellas-with-fishy”.

    And gawd, doesn’t Ariel Lin looks so pretty in this MV? *____* i <3 her!

    • HELLO :D. Oh yes, you’ve seen ISWAK & TKA ^^. Hehe, yahhh, Ariel is awesome :|. And ditto on the not leaving current love for former who left :D.

      • Of course I’ve seen those dramas. I have *YOU* to blame.

        • Don’t you mean me to THANK :D?

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