Posted by: lovediaries | July 4, 2009

090704 SHINee @ Music Core

TAEMIN ON THE PIANO :DDD. But then, if you saw his cut on his sitcom, you would’ve already seen him dressed like a schoolboy on the piano playing “River Flows in You” :).

Taemin Piano Solo : River Flows In You – THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THOUGH. TAEMIN *________________________*. This piece is really beautiful, but having my sister play this on the piano 24/7 (and failing, too) has completely put me off it. But still, Taemin looks gorgeous playing the piano (of what you can see of him, anyway. Srsly, camerman, don’t try to be artsy fartsy xD I JUST WANT TO SEE THE JAILBAIT).

8Eight : Goodbye My Love feat. Taemin on the Piano – I just thought of the perfect idea. TAEMIN SHOULD PLAY THE PIANO WHILE ONHYUN SING “PLEASE DON’T GO” Y/Y?????? I really wanted to see more of Taemin in this ;~;, but I guess it’s not even his song haha xD. It’s cute, this little collaboration~ Taemin was reeeeally smiley throughout :DDD.

Juliette – I don’t understand why Taemin needs that piece of elastic around his waist. (Belt? Lol, an elastic would fit around his waist anyway.) It looks so … strange xD. Key said “My SHINee World” today :DDD! WEEEEEEEEEE~ And then, HOMG THEY WALKED OVER TO THE PILE OF TEDDIES, PICKED THEM UP, AND THREW THEM TO THE AUDIENCE DDDDDDDDDD; I WANT ONE ;_________;


  1. T___________T he plays that song better than me! & he’s soooooo young. i didn’t know taemin had this in him XD

    • OKAY I JUST WATCHED THE 8eight performance & i’m officially very impressed by taem! o____________________________o i had to play such a piece for a band concert once and i totally failed XD

      • Haha yeah the 8eight performance was impressive :D. And he wasn’t even looking down at the keys half the time! Taemin ♥♥♥♥

  2. Juliette Performance-OMG! SHINee was hawt as ever! And their wardrobe was interesting but they pulled it off and made it look so good! And at the end, I was like, me too! Me too! I want a bear~ lol

  3. smiley taemin made me melt. :)
    i want a teddy bear from them too. :D
    and i must agree, taemin’s belt was unnecessary.

    • I’m not really a fan of big teddies because theyre heavy and collect dust BUT I RLY WOULDNT MIND ONE FROM SHINee :D

  4. Taemin is so damn talented T_____T im so freakin jealous. I love the 8eight performance, he looked really cute smiling the whole time. The song itself was really good, so that just topped it off by like 10000000%

    • He was soo good on the piano, omg. Yes, he was so smiley omg :D. (But still, I like “no one cries because they want to” more than “goodbye my love” ^^;;)

  5. LOL, one of these days your going to get yourself locked up with the pedo-ing =P

    who knew 8Eight could sing so well? i thought they were just another lip syncing group =P

    taemin is so cute! i never knew he could play the piano.

    • LOL shut up XD. :O Omg you didn’t know 8eight was this talented!? YOU’RE MISSING OUT, GIRL.

  6. WOW! I already loved Taemin, but this was taking it to a whole other level. Love you Taemin. SHINee is forever! <3 This song, especially when Taemin plays, makes me want to cry, it's so meaningful!

    • Yeah, Taemin’s so talented on the piano. I wish SM let them show off all their talents and not just stick with their image, like how Taemin’s a dancer. So yes, glad he got this opportunity :)

  7. SO I WATCHED THIS ON TVANTS AND YEAH I FLAILED D: why do i always type in caps >:(

    Taemin’s amazing and was in a suit with a bow tie and with a piano and concentrating then smiling and being amazing YES HE SHOULD PLAY THE PIANO FOR PLEASE DON’T GO. THAT’S THE ONLY THING THAT COULD MAKE ME LOVE THAT SONG MORE T____T

    Juliette was great too :D those teddy bears were so cute omg

    • I can’t stand how tvants lags for me so I never put up with it lol.

      It would’ve been adorable if they danced with the teddies!!

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