Posted by: lovediaries | July 4, 2009

ELLE Mag July Issue feat. Siwon

Siwon has old hands. LMAO, I’m sorry, but that was the first thing I noticed. Buuuut, he does look really good here. Would’ve preferred less clothes though. And sucking a lollipop has never looked so good *O* haha.

I hope there are more photos from this shoot, since these only came from the website and as if they’d show everything :/.


  1. lol agree with the hands…his lips = smokin’ hot! that’s the first (& only) thing I noticed XD


    • But then, people who work out a lot have vein-y hands so maybe thats why ^^;;

  2. Lmao, the hands. :( They make me sad.

    And I wish he’d take off those sunnies so we could see his face. :( [But I’d think he’d have a sorta dorky look on his face if he took off his sunnies in the 5th picture with the yellow shirt, LOL]

    • HAHA yeah the yellow shirt probably has a greasy expression to match :P

  3. First reaction: “….. armpit. o.o”

    But. Wow. His hand is really… old-looking. o.o

    • I know right, what happened? XD

  4. HOT! lol! yeah, I think candychu is right

    • about the hands, right? XD

  5. Candychu thanks for updating so frequently ^^
    Anyways his hands do look vein-y.
    [ They should’ve left it out == ]
    & The first picture has got to be the best :)
    Plus the shades in the picture where Siwon is wearing yellow doesnt look good on him. :/

    • Aw, it’s okay ^^. I try do my best haha cause I know I’ll have less time when semester starts again :(.

      LMAO yeah, or brushed up on his hand or something XD.

    • Thank you for linking <3. I think the others have posted this up :)!

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