Posted by: lovediaries | July 5, 2009

Movie Week feat. SHINee

::EDIT:: Added even more; same photos but HQ scans :).

BUBBLES AND PRETTY BOYS. What more could you ask for? :D. The acrostic poem is lame lmao but FIVE JEWELS AHAHAHAHA. That is gold.

I don’t like Onew’s shirt, or maybe it’s the way he’s slouching that it makes him look old haha! But he’s wearing a bowtie so all is good. Also, Minho in frames. Yummm.


  1. WHOA!~ When I first saw this, I was thinking “OMG! Are they all staring in a drama?” I was a bit disappointed when it was just a picture but oh well. Minho, looks really hawt in those frames! Oh god, yes he does! Jong Hyun and Taemin look really hawt sitting together on a balance-beam? lol

    • HAHA I WISH. Though they really should film their own Banjun drama. I mean, they were rly good in School of Rock as girls haha. They have loads of potential omg.

      • They do. :D Well, at least Taemin is part of a sitcom. It’s so cute. Except the first 8 episodes don’t have english subs. TT^TT Oh well, but my god. They all look really good. Though I have to agree that the first picture of Jong Hyun was just ALRIGHT. It wasn’t that hot lust I get when I usually see him.

  2. i just wanna pocket key, bring him home, make him help me look as fab as him. DX he’s so gorgeous.
    lol at onew’s pose.


  3. Taemin almost distracts me from Minho in glasses D:

    • HAHA BIASED :)♥

  4. I dunno about you but that’s not a very flattering pic of Jonghyun. o.o

    And not a very flattering Engrish.

    • HAHA you mean the one of him on the front cover?

      • Yuf. Pardon me but he kinda looks dumb in it. .___.

        • Stoned, is what I was thinking of XD.

  5. i agree jonghyun looks a little… lost? in the first pic. anyways i miss key’s old hair!!! onew’s hair looks surprisingly good, he looks almost like a man now. and minho, goodness, that boy can do no wrong. even though he doesn’t talk much just one look at him says it all.

    • Oh, Onew’s hair hasn’t been that bad. I’ve been really loving it :DDD.

  6. GAHHHHH!!!!

    this post is def. FTW :] :] :]

    i love you.
    thank you!!!

    WHOOHHOOO im so happy :D

    • Haha lol thank you ^^

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