Posted by: lovediaries | July 5, 2009

SHINee – First Photobook Promotional Posters

Comming to a store near you~ (SM HIRE ME AS YOUR ENGLISH CHECKER-ER. You don’t need to pay me in cash – just give me a jailbait for every spelling mistake I correct rofl).

IT’S BEING RELEASED JULY 15TH!! (Same day Harry Potter comes out here in cinemas here :DDD/)

{credit: shineechina}


PREORDER ON YESASIA. (It’s released on the 17th on YA.) It’s like US$40 which is around AUD$50 something~ Shipment Unit is 4. So um, I think it’ll be pretty heavy O__O. Cause AADBSK2 was 5 and that was like 5 DVDs. OMGAH I’M TEMPTED. 150 pages + postcards, not that I would ever use the postcards. And apparently there will be interviews? So lots of Korean I won’t be able to understand orz.

If only this came out before my bday, I could’ve asked for it XD. I WANT THIS SO BAD OMGAH.


  1. This just makes me miss Key’s un-orange hair. :(

    EVERYONE LOOKS SO GOOD. :) {Though I think they needed a haircut. ;| Onew especially. }

    Was this in New Zealand?

    • They all looked so good with black hair.

      But yes, this was back in NZ :)

  2. Im using my phone atm so everything looks punyyy..but omg FAIL SM FAIL!!!!!!!

    • ….why were you looking at laec through your phone?

  3. ^ same here, i’m using my phone too ^^;
    oohh so this is the NZ pics.. I cant wait for the scans 8D and and 15th july is just a few days after my bday! but I dont think I’ll buy it either, I choose GD solo album :D

    ugh summer short term classes is eating me up x_X
    I should’ve known that summer is the time fandoms explode ;~;

    • Ooh, Happy Birthday for then! Because I’ll be away on camp and most likely to miss your bday ;~;

  4. I’m…not ever gonna be able to get this.
    $40 GAHH. WANT. SO. MUCH. ;___;

    • ~ACCORDING TO DVDHEAVEN~ it’s 150 pages :O

      • Isn’t that what I already wrote in the post? XD

        • It was late, I skimmed :/

          • Lol that is okay :)

  5. I miss Key’s old hair ;-;

    But I don’t think I’ll buy this any time soon. I have priorities and SHINee isn’t one of them lol ^^

    • Me too, bb, me too ;__;.

      HAHA well this photobook wasn’t supposed to be on my list cause I didn’t think I could afford it … but idk, maybe I won’t eat for a wk :/

      • I had money to waste, I’d probably consider buying it. I’m actually surprised that I’m not so desperate to get my hands on it like I was with Boys in the City. Maybe they still have to earn my undying love and loyalty like SuJu did. Or something.

        • I saw Boys in the City in HK but never bought it because it weighed about 20kg and was very very expensive :(.

  6. Yeah, this is what I was looking at when mum was spying on me.

    • LMAO “spying”. The pics aren’t even that bad! Just a bit of an arm here and there.

      …mmm, arms *O*

      • well I don’t know if that’s all she saw since she was outside for a pretty long time but it was probably the arms

        it was one to be specific lol

        • HAHA that is sort of creepy. You mean, you had that pic opened and you were just staring? It looks like Onew is naked under his vest. But that’s probably just me :D.

          • well that’s the pic I had open when she knocked and said “GO SHOWER” probably to cleanse myself (as if I could ever)

            • AHAHAHA no matter how many showers (or confessions you go to), you will still be a dirty lil hobag :D.

  7. July…. 15th… OH THAT’S ALISON’S BIRTHDAY :D But I don’t think she wants it enough to buy it… boo T.T

    These are the NZ ones right? like…. the ones of them running on the beach and sitting in the trees? Or is that different? And am I the only one in the world that enjoys Key’s orange hair? But idk…. their hair is so long, it makes them look like they’re hobos. Except for Minho, who always looks like that.

    • Ooh wow, you should ask for a sister present!!! Lmao. Yep, the NZ ones. All the pics I’ve seen have been gorgeous so I reeeeeeeeally want it ;__;

  8. OMG! WOW! Their hair was sooo long! But they still look really good. I want this sooooo bad! But my birthday already pasted last month! T^T And the price is so high! Not like my parents would buy it for me or let it buy anything off the internet. -sigh-Oh wow! The release date for this is so close to Taemin’s birthday! <3

    • I’m thinking of how I can afford this too :(. I…reeally need a job omg :(((((.

  9. why couldn’t they just keep the hair color, Key looks delicious in that hair color. Everyone just needs a good trim :) I can’t even stand to look at Onew’s mop head -____-

    • Minho’s current hair is starting to look like a mop, actually. And I think Jonghyun’s already had a trim. Boy hair grows so quickly :/.

  10. oooooomo…the NZ pics are hot =D but ya…won’t be buying that…just bought DBSK’s The Secret Code 2CD+DVD…(YES i’m late but not everyone’s rich i’m poor XD better late than never?) and ya i’m just not pumped enough for this…AADBSK2 now THAT i waaaaaant T.T

    • Dw! I only recently bought Secret Code (that version too!) and listened to it because you know how YA has a rly high minimum for shipping? Yeah, I’ve had to wait :/.

  11. WHOOPS my bad AADBSK3…that was…typo XD

  12. Ohhhgod can these posters be bought anywhere? o_o I need a Key one! And a defibrillator to restart me after every time I look at it!

    PS: Taemin has skinny legs wow!

    • Omg I wish. If I saw them anywhere here, I’d totally steal them and bring them home >:|.

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