Posted by: lovediaries | July 6, 2009

SHINee @ Inkigayo & “Please Don’t Go” Fancam @ Fanmeet

Juliette – I really don’t like the shirt that Taemin wears T_T. It’s worse than Jonghyun’s cardigan ;_;.  And I’ve always thought the backup dancers were unnecessary xD. Idk, it’s not as if they add anything extra, and they just take up stage space, rofl!!

No. 1 & Encore – YAYYYY, CONGRATULATIONS ♥♥!! So, quite a bit of SMTown Love happening *ahem*. JONGHYUN, ROFLMAO. And Minho is such a sweetie :). Key was all abusive to Taemin who was sweating a lot around the neck…hoho. And Onew LOLOL he just kept going and going xDD! He even thanked DBSK & SJ :).

Onew Fancam : Please Don’t Go – ;__________________________________;. How many fanmeets do these guys have, omg. I’m so jealous of people who got to watch this live – fans cheered like crazy at the end. It’s not the whole song, and it’s only a fancam but ’twas enough. Too bad Onew was wearing his strange white jacket. Aw, I love this song so much <33. And he did his roooo baby~ again :).


  1. Onew Fancam- I really want to see a whole vid of Jong Hyun adn Onew singing this live! Unless I did and forgot…

    Encore- It’s for cute how Jong Hyun crys after they win an award. And Minho is consulting him when Jong Hyun is older. <3 And Onew, does he talk the most when it comes to making a thanking speech because he is the leader?

    Juliette- Another breath taking performance by SHINee! <3 After they're comeback, they seem so busy now! Which is a good thing, more things for us SHINee fans to watch and admire them. It's cute how Jong Hyun has a Micky Mouse shirt under his blue sweater-it's ot as bad as everyone says it is. BTW, isn't this the clothes they where when they're doing the poledancing???

    • I WANT A MUSIC VIDEO. But that might be asking for too much since they have like one MV per CD and this is only a mini-album. BUT STILL. They have yet to film an MV for a ballad :(.

      Yeah it was. Actually, they wore these outfits for their first Music Core performance :D.

  2. Where are the good clothes they wore last inki?! D: I don’t pay attention to the backup dancers XD

    but aors;ldfjs :DDDD they won :DDDD

    Onew you’re supposed to be the cute one~ T_T

    • The good clothes come every 5 times or something, I’ve decided XD.



        • JIZZ FACES OMFG YOU CANNOT BE YOUNGER THAN TAEMIN XDDDDDD. (And I can never look at his romantic, singing-heart-out face in the same way, ever again.)

          • 4 MONTHS IS THAAAAT MUCH YOUNGER (I love his face when he sings ;__; even if it’s a jizz face sometimes)

            • NO, NO JIZZ FACES DDD;

  3. Um, is it only me but I like Taemin’s shirt and Jjong’s cardigan? DD: Well not for real life, every day wear but… ;~; I liked the outfits LOL OTL

    and anddddd… idk OTL My brain’s officially shot from all the stuff this morning XD;


    • Idk, maybe cause Taemin has such a thin frame, wearing those shirts just makes him look even more starved :|.

      No, not spams :D.

      • I’ve already kind of accepted the fact that he looks so emaciated :| I only hope the boy will eat more, and if he does… damn, I envy his metabolism o___o;;

        • I’m sure a growing boy like him would eat…unless he has like no time to eat? :(( Which I hope is not the case >:|

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