Posted by: lovediaries | July 7, 2009

DBSK – OronaminC CF

::EDIT:: Thank you Di for linking us to the subbed version ^^!

{credit: mickytohos @ youtube}

I don’t get it O__O. It’s advertising the drink, right? What does photocopying have to do with it? T___T.

But congrats to them on holding their first concert @ Tokyo Dome. I haven’t actually seen any photos :( but I did read some of their thank you’s and they were very sweet, as always :). I need to listen to JaeChun’s Hello Kitty song, too XD.


  1. Its like, the coffee drink will help you make everything better? She messed up the copy so they were like “here cheer up and fix it! drink this while you’re at it!”

    Idk, thats what I get from it anyway.

    and the song is so pretty!

    • Oh really? Lmao, what a way to advertise XD.

  2. There might not be many photos of their concert @ the Tokyo Dome. But there are alot of fancams.
    LOL, there dance moves are funny, especially the one junsu & Yoochun did. x)

    • I saw that Changmin performed “Wild Soul” but I don’t like that song >:|

  3. here’s a link to an engsubbed version:

    AND YES TOKYO DOME!!!!. \o/
    i wish i could have been there, but i guess this is what concert dvds are for, yes? XD

    • Oh yay, thank you for that :)

  4. omg if only the wall I have my dbsk poster can fall down and have actual live dbsk behind it! dream on I guess.

    • ROFLMAO I wish T__T

  5. Lol, that was hilarious! Thank you! :)

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