Posted by: lovediaries | July 8, 2009

2NE1 – 1st Mini Album Review

IT’S OUT :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD/!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve only linked the songs we haven’t yet heard :).

01. Fire – So I’ve grown to reeally like this song. It’s so fun and fierce, rarrr~

02. I Don’t Care – I loved this after just one listen :D. The impression it leaves isn’t as strong as “Fire”, but I like this song a lot more :). I NEED LYRICS. It sounds like something I should listen and learn from rofl.

03. In the Club – This song is a remake? I thiiiink. Another mid-tempo R&B~ The pace actually varies throughout. I love the part near the end (2.44) where it all slows down, builds up and then goes back into the chorus :). (Judging from the title, I originally thought this would be another “Fire”-like song. Not that I’m complaining!)

04. Let’s Go PartyLet’s go partay and work that boday~ This song is like funky and pretty and sexy, all at the same time? Idk, how to explain. It’s slow to mid-tempo. You listen to it and you just feel all these different emotions. Cause the english lyrics are all fierce, but the song is pretty slow. Work it, wurr-wurr-wurr-work it! It’s interesting, I really like it :P.

05. Pretty Boy – An attention-grabbing intro >:D. This song sounds like something in an action/suspenseful scene of a movie. I’m now imagining the girls dodging laser beams and discreetly running down corridors or something. I SHOULD STOP WATCHING COP DRAMAS, ROFL XD. It’s not particularly catchy, but it’s fierce in a way similar to “Fire”. The part where they start spelling makes me think of cheerleading hehe XD.

06. Stay Together – Okay so, this isn’t the ballad I wanted ;__;. Haha. We gotta stay together. I swear, all their lyrics are really INDEPENDENT WOMAN style. Unless, they mean the boy and girl should stay together? But for some reason, I hear what I can and assume they’re talking about themselves as a group xD. This doesn’t stand out to me as much as “Let’s Go Party” or “I Don’t Care”, but I really loved the piano at the end. It was sorta random, but added a nice touch to the song :).

07. Lollipop (Bonus Track) – The only song in this mini-album I don’t actually like would be this one XD. The intro annoys me too much, I’m sorry.

Overall, it’s a really good mini-album. Some songs I fell in love with immediately and some I know will grow onto me eventually. I’m actually starting to find that mini-albums often have better quality music than full albums. I mean, I was in love with and impressed by F.T Island’s “Jump Up” and SHINee’s “Romeo”. So I say, keep the mini-albums coming~


  1. love the songs. sounds like they aren’t rookies at all.
    the whole mini-album’s been loop on my playlist for hours since the release.

    here's the lyrics for I Don't Care:
    fell in love more with this song when i found out what it meant. :))

    • Mmhm, they’re really good singers~ Just, their LIVEs aren’t always consistent ^^;;. And thanks for the link!

  2. Sadly no ballad ToT! But “Stay Together” was nice nonetheless. I think of it as staying together as a group too!

    & I also agree that “Lollipop” wasn’t/isn’t the best but it shot them to stardom, didn’t it? XD

    I think I read somewhere they’ll be releasing a FULL album in fall depending on how “I Don’t Care” works out. & Also, they might make an MV for “Pretty Boy” too.
    They’re so busy. 8D

    • Yeah, tis the slowest sounding song anyway haha. Tbh, I’m surprised how well “Lollipop” did but beckery always tells me I’m the only one who doesn’t like that song XD.

      I’d love another MV! Maybe one with less colour explosion xD.

  3. Oh hey. Looks like “Stay Together” is in fact a love song.
    Translations can be found here:


    • Omg the translations are there!? How handy :D


    I really liked all the songs. They’ve only debuted for a little while, but they’ve gotten like the most attention for rookies. They’re grown so much, and they sound wonderful. They just need to be more consistent and they’ll have the best of both worlds. If I had to choose the worst song, maybe not even worse, just the song I didn’t feel on the first listen would probably be Pretty Boy.

    • The beginning of Pretty Boy sounds like the intro to their first debut stage,

    • Agree, lol. Actually out of all the new songs, Pretty Boy is my least favourite too. I like it! But I choose all the other songs over it haha.

  5. hey hey i made a review about their mini album too! i actually like pretty boy, but yeah it’s not too catchy at first listen. let’s go party is getting major replays on my ipod right now!! lollipop isn’t really my taste, as it dint really showcase the girls. the BB boys were real good on it though. they’re really such strong contenders in the battle of girl idol groups! gotta give them props for bringing in the fierce in the cutesy-poppy trend that was really popular. they really have the girl power thing down! they just have to improve their live perfs!

    • Yeah, “Lollipop” is way too cutesy/pop for me. It sort of annoys me haha. But I looooove “Let’s go party” :D. And yeah, they definitely stand out cause of their FIERCE-ness. Srsly, all the other girl groups are almost the exact same T__T.

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