Posted by: beckery | July 8, 2009

Big Bang- Gara Gara Go MV

Korean Version
Credit: sookyungie @ youtube

Japanese Version

The Korean version apparently includes Japanese, Korean and English lyrics, though if you ask me, both versions sound the same T_T lol. Even the MVs look the same haha. I was a bit iffy at the song at first cuz um, seriously, the title doesn’t sound that appealing… But I ended up liking the song. It’s typical Big Bang style with the whole synth, techno beat and the ridiculously catchy chorus XDD I like <3

The MV was okay, just heaps of colourful lighting, the boys dancing and um yea…That pretty much sums it up haha. I’m just glad GD didn’t go crazy with his style this time, it’s relatively tame for him XP


  1. Such a cute song! I like G’s look for this song too. I saw him on 2NE1’s show when they came to support their sunbae’s. Him and CL are so cute together ^-^

    • I realise, GD is very very supportive of 2ne1. Lucky girls to have such a good sunbae XD

  2. i love this song too!! but i think jap > korean version. maybe because it sounds “edgier”? idek. XD

    big bang is just awesome. end of story. (:

    • Lool I cant really tell the difference. Fail XDD

      They are indeed awesome <3

  3. The title sounds really, different, and it really made me confused. I thought the song would be more…idk not cool but cute? The different languages made it confusing, but the song was really catchy.

    • Haha I’m use to different languages in a song now, so that’s ok. But yea the title sounded very un-big bangish cuz it wasnt hardcore/cool but like a cartoon themesong XDD Loved the song though.

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