Posted by: lovediaries | July 9, 2009

2NE1 – I Don’t Care MV

{credit: YGladies @ youtube}

Awww, I found this very cute. The girls seemed to have lots of fun filming it. Some parts even made me LOL, not sure if it was intended or not. The concept is quite interesting. I like how everything freezes and the girls go in and trash everything. Minji’s hair started to annoy me halfway through, and I find that most of her actions are very exaggerated. SHE HAS TOO MUCH PERSONALITY FOR A 15YO. CL had crazy accessories. That cat-mask thingy? Lmao, totally random. Still not a fan of their clothes but I really liked all the sets :).


  1. Love the video, especially the part were Dara sticks out her tongue and has her hands on her cheek, super cute. I think 2NE1 has the best lyrics in the k-pop scene for a female group. I agree their accessories and hair can be distracting but I hope their performance makes up for it since they rock performances.

    • Yeah, that part was so cute. Lol for most songs, I cbb looking for translations but I definitely need them for 2NE1’s songs :)

  2. B/c I’m lazy I actually haven’t bothered with 2NE1 since their debut stage, and I remember saying that I wanted to hear them actually sing as opposed to the…rhythmic talk-singing? in Fire. That being said, I really like this song.=) I only know Minji(like her attitude) and CL(so fierce) right now, but I should definitely follow these girls.

    • I hope you try out the rest of their mini-album. The other songs are all really good!

  3. i love this song.♥
    and oh, i think dara’s so cute! :D

    • She is very adorable ^^

  4. i luv dis mv..n i like the ‘copy hand’ of dis song..
    2ne1 rocks!

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