Posted by: lovediaries | July 9, 2009

F.T Island 3rd Album Cross & Change – Album Cover

They really like having their album titles beginning with “C”, don’t they? The 3rd album is possibly being released on July 16th. No news up on YA yet (which is where I get my release dates, hoho) but will post as soon as more stuff is up.


So, um, Hongki has a really strange outfit, Jonghun’s hair colour (same as Kangin’s? D:) and pose makes him look like an old man :( (WHY DO PEOPLE NOT SIT UP STRAIGHT?), Jaejin’s hair has been Taemin-ised, Seunghyun is all “come get me noona, you know you want to~” and Minhwan IS ALL SEXED UP AND HOOOOOOOT, minus his plastered “sideburns” D:.

You win some, you lose some xP.


  1. tell me more about these guys;p hmmmm =p~

    possible jailbait after shinee :]

    • Em, what else do you want to know about them? XD.

  2. minhwan baby!!! he’s my fave after leader! but jong hyun looks better with black hair. gives him that british punk rock kid look. hongki with red hair? hmmm i’ll pass. seunghyun’s growing on me and jaejin oh little country boy, come to noona! lol!

    • Lmao I have a thing for little ones~ Jaejin was my fav but alflsdjfljsd Seunghyun is too cute, I think he’s now my #1 xD.

      • lol little ones are the cutest things! that’s why little drummer boy minhwan’s my fave. let’s have a noona fangirl party!! gosh that sounds so wrong and fun at the same time rofl! by the way, this is just so coincidental i just made an artist date pimp post about ft island a few days ago!

        • Lol it wouldn’t be wrong. We’d take very good care of our dongsaengs ;). AHAHAH!

          And ooh I just went to read your post. I loved the pictures you used :P.

  3. Have you seen their Hanguel Island Season two previews, I can’t wait except they remind me of the first season which had Wonbin. Oh no I am not digging Jaejin’s hair and Minhwan is really working that outfit and hair!

    • No I haven’t D:

      I hope they fix up Jaejin’s hair. He looks like a doll … one I wouldn’t want to play with :/. rofl.

  4. hongki’s pants remind me of donghae’s – when they were all bipolar during the first(?) neorago performance XD

    waaaah seunghyun and minhwan are hotttt :o

    but… jaejin’s stare is freaking me out. he looks like one of those murderous… dolls you hear in scary stories.

    • Yeah I thought the same lol. But Donghae wasn’t wearing a top that matched his pants the way Hongki is here XD. And I think Seunghyun is wearing them too?

      The more I look at Jaejin, the more evil he looks lmao xP.

      • yeeeaup i just realized seunghyun’s pants are quite confused too.

        i know! his face – that expression – and his blindingly white clothes… -shudder-

        • They all look sick-ly pale, too :S. See, the cover sorta reminds me of SJ’s Don’t Don repackaged but then some of their clothes don’t fit in XD

  5. Jaejin’s hair has been Taemin-ised,

    Rooooooooofl xDDD

    So true. So sad. T_T

    • I know, I know ;__;. Not everyone can totally pull off the bowlcut.

  6. WTH, Hongki? D:

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