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Some of you guys might be aware that last week, after exams, Beckery and I went to Sydney (separately) with friends, and while we were there we met up with Candychu. Because it’s pretty rare that the three of us are together in one place (though I did meet up with Candychu in Hong Kong) we thought we’d share some photos with our stalkers readers :P

But because we’re cool, instead of just putting photos here we thought we’d come up with…a story DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNN. The photos you’re about to see were taken for fun when we were in Sydney, we didn’t decide to put them into a story until tonight, so they might be a bit random XD. Oh, and there aren’t many pictures of Beckery – she didn’t hang out with us much cos we were too cool for her ;D

Instead of telling you guys who’s who, I’ll put it at the end. HAVE FUN GUESSING. Or not. Oh, and the non-asian girl in some of the pictures is my friend, please don’t stalk her kthx.


Come, SHINee. Noonas wont bite...

Come, SHINee~ Noonas won’t bite…

Warning: Image heavy

…But we’ll lather you with cream and topping


But well lather you with cream JUST LIKE OUR PANCAKE HERE


If ~you~ come to Sydney, we can party on the beach…

Person next to me is my friend, please dont stalk her

sing love songs to each other…

visit iconic places…

watch a cool movie…

feed the birds…

have a drink…

(climbing poles is always an option)

or just admire the Sydney night view…

Whatever you choose, we would be the perfect dates!

So hop on,

and we’ll take you for a ride~

You’ll have the time of your lives with us  pedos :D

Jay Chou did! (see poster)

Of course, if you choose to reject us, then this will be the closest we’ll ever get to you :(



The End♥

Bonus: ASIAN STICKER-PHOTO TIME :D – cos you just can’t get enough of our faces XP

So as you can see, we had lots of fun terrorising the innocent people in Sydney XD. Did you figure out who’s who? I’m the one with brown hair and the short side fringe, Candychu has black hair and a straight fringe, and Beckery is the short one with no fringe XD. In other words, in the sticker photos I’m the one in the corner holding the cage, Beckery is the one with the bow on her head, and Candychu is the loser sitting on the floor :P


  1. lol your time in Sydney looks so much fun, I want to go to Australia now. By the way I still don’t know who’s who, but that ok cause I’m sure with more explaining I’ll just be more confused. Lol posing with Bruno, Sasha Boren Cohen really scares me.

    • Don’t come to Australia, it’s a hole :/ Go somewhere cool like Hong Kong or Japan XD

      Hmmm, I’m the one on the left in the first picture with the ice cream; Beckery’s the short one in that picture with Jay Chou, and Candychu’s the one in both those photos and also the one posing with Bruno, riding a dolphin, spread out on a poster with keys, etc.

  2. Nice pics! Very cute girls! :D

    HAHA AT THE POLE PICTURE and the keyys <333
    *key biased.*

    Looks like you had so much fun!

    • We did have lots of fun :D

      And omg, when we were taking those photos with the poles and the keys, there were lots of PEOPLE walking around. IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING XDDD

  3. hahah looks like you had fun (too bad for people who live here Sydney is not fun anymore), anyway, where’s the picture of candychu raping the dolphin?

    • As iffff, Sydney’s got so much to do. I think if I lived there, I’d be permanently broke XD. Oh, and Sydney’s really asian. The whole time I was in Sydney, I felt like I was in Chinatown XDDD;;

      We couldn’t caption that picture in a “healthy” way that can be related to our story, so we didn’t include it :P

      • Okay, compared to other cities Sydney is pretty good but maybe it’s because Australia in general is a hole. HAHAHA, sometimes it’s hard to tell where Chinatown ends because there are Asians and Asian things everywhere.

        • Rofl, we got lost trying to find Chinatown XD

          We kept walking along George street, and kept going “are we there yet, are we there yet” cos there were asian people+stores EVERYWHERE. But then we checked GPS and realised we were way past it and didn’t notice cos there were still asians everywhere XD.

          • And it was all thanks to my awesomeness that we finally found it XDD But yea in Sydney, every 2nd person was like an asian haha.

            • LMAO but aren’t there Asians in the other states?

              • There is in Brisbane, just not that many looool. Ours is like every 4/5th person is an Asian XD


    This is like a ghetto version of the Infinitely Seoul CFs LOL. And when I say ghetto I mean that with so much love and affection. Hahahaha!



      It’s such a hole, seriously.

      ROFL, GHETTO VERSION OF INFINITELY SEOUL XDDD THAT IS GOOOLLLDDD XDDDDDD. Except I think that, instead of attracting people to aus, we scared them away XD.

  5. Let me just say that comments like “Come, Shinee. Noonas won’t bite..but we’ll lather you with cream and topping” are so much better creepier with pictures.

    Glad you guys survived exams and got to hang out as a clan. lol Me and my old highschool buds just go for pizza whenever we meet. Australia would be so much better.^^ Also…..

    I want your CLOTHES!!! *Jali needs fashion help*XD

    • I wrote the post with Candychu, so you know who to blame for the suss things ;)

      Hahaha, I went to Sydney straight after I finished exams (the other two finished before me) so I was all “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, HOLIDAYS :DDDDDDDD!!!” when I got there. I think I scared people…

      Whose clothes do you want in particular :P

      • Should have known that was a Crazychu line….

        Lol everyone really, but I want Candychu’s shoes, Beckery’s scarf, and your dress. I appreciate good fashion but seem to live in jeans+T-shirt+sneakers anyway. -_-

        • I bought that dress to wear to my friend’s wedding, but then ended up wearing that out to dinner while I was there cos I hadn’t brought anything dressy with me XD

          I normally walk around in jeans, a casual-ish top and chucks, but sometimes my *kind* friends threaten to ditch me if I don’t dress up DD;

  6. Hhhahahah, SYDNEYSIDER PRIDE. :P

    Yes I live in Sydney, but I hardly ever see the CBD at night time, and it looks so pretty. :)

    Did you go to Jay Chou? D: & LOL, k^2? (k squared) for karaoke? I hate that place, but. P: It’s got good songs. ^^

    But I’m glad you enjoyed Sydney. (I hope…)

  7. LOL. i had this dream that i got a job in australia. XD

    i can pretty much tell who’s who esp candychu since, yes, i’ve that much of a stalker.

    sydney looks fun to me and at least you don’t get soaked in your sweat like what happens to me/us here. OTL

    • No, we’re just freezing cold D:

      And wow, that dream sounds like a nightmare :P

    I’ve never been to Australia … it’s on my list of places to go though :D.

    You should come visit me in Hawaiiiii

    • BUT I DID COME! Except I probably wasn’t on your island xD.

      • ugh i know i’m still facepalming over that :X lololololololol i hope you had a nice time while you were here though! :)

        i forgot to comment on the pics! you girls look super adorable and the “come to noona” thing is not creepy at all. (only the first part of this sentence is true XD XD XD)

        • lol yes I did! Hawaii is so pretty *O*! It’d be great to go visit again; except maybe next time, with friends and not my grandparents haha! xP

          Thank you <3! HAHA yes, I admit, there is only truth to the first part of the sentence :P.


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