Posted by: lovediaries | July 9, 2009

Preview Brown Eyed Girls – Candy Man

{credit: 911urnobody @ youtube}

Tbh, I’m not yet feeling it. I’m not disappointed or anything because the girls sound great. I know it will eventually grow on me lol. Maybe with some performances and/or an MV?

(And are they singing “got my shit, got my shit“? Or am I hearing things O.o)


  1. ..
    nooope, i’m hearing that too.

    but honestly, the beat is quite awesome – but the lyrics need to be catchier to be stuck in my head for awhile x)

    wonder what the mv will look like? with their concept and all?

    • Haha okay, good XD. Yeah after a few more listens, I liked it more. But yeah, gonna wait for the MV. Hope it won’t disappoint :3.

  2. Iloooovethis song O_O!
    The beginning beat is sooooooo catchy *_*

    And then the 몇 번씩 몇 번씩 part is so catchy..

    and then one of the raps at the end where each line ends with pop/pop pop every other line D:.

    but yeah I cant wait for perfsss

    • I heard while filming the MV the lighting fell down on the girls and they’ve been injured again? I hope nothing gets delayed :(!

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