Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 9, 2009

Royal Pirates covers “Genie – Tell Me Your Wish”

Video: fadingfromdawn @ Youtube

I love their covers *_*

I prefer this to the original song, actually. Tbh, I don’t think that Genie is as catchy as Gee. When we were walking down the street in Sydney, Candychu and I had to spend ages singing random lines to figure out what the chorus to Genie actually sounded like (yes, we attracted weird looks). But I think this cover managed to change all the sugary bits in Genie into something more…mysterious sounding? Idk, but I really like this cover XD


  1. i think this cover sounds great!!
    you’re right, genie is a bit too sugary XD

    • Yea it does, the girls’ voices are so hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh XD

  2. Genie creeps me out because of how it presents girls as objects/things-that-exist-only-for-a-man’s-fantasy. But Royal Pirates made the song feel less degrading. It doesn’t scream “Come and get me, pervs!” like the original version does. Nice.

    The dude on drums really looks like Zhoumi to me XDDD

    • I minimized the window while I listened XD

      But yea, omg, the mv DDDDDD8 I don’t like all. The whole “I’ll make your wish come true ;)”, girls pillow fighting on a pink satin bed thing just creeps me out :S That being said, I don’t think it’s SNSD’s fault. *glares at SM*

      • I think the creepiest part is when they were holding an [old] man’s hands and “inviting” him to play with them. D:

  3. Omg! This cover was amazing! I really like how the singer would change his tone, it left me captivated and wanting more!

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