Posted by: lovediaries | July 9, 2009

SHINee @ Now It’s Time For Flower Boys – Ep1

In the process of being subbed by cchungalung!

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Unfortunately Onew isn’t here because this was filmed on the night where DISASTER STRUCK MUSIC BANK *DUNDUNDUUN*. So I’m kinda peeved about that .__.

Taemin isn’t here at the start for some reason :(. But Park Myung Soo and Hyung Don arrive with the cakes and brownies they bought for SHINee. Key, Minho & Jonghyun were so awkward before they appeared lmao xD. PMS couldn’t stop stroking Jonghyun’s face, lmao. It was creepy, to say the least xD. Key’s -ACK at 4.50 was hilariouuusss and then at 4.53 he did his weird little hand waggling in front of mouth rofl. The secret to why SHINee are so thin comes out. THEY DON’T EAT AFTER 7PM, WHAT THE!? O_______O. But they still film and do activities after 7, doesn’t that mean they starve? Omg.

Finally they decide to have one bite. When Hyungdon is convinced it’s good, he wants to have a bite using the chopsticks that SHINee used (when even I can see it was a fork or a spoon or a spork T___T), and then Minho offers to feed him. *JEALOUS*. Hyungdon then wants to feed Minho but is afraid of the fans AHAHAHAHA. It’s times like these that I really feel sorry for entertainers. They’re just doing their job xD. Damn, now I really want to feed Minho. His eyes were all cute and large ;~;.

And watching them all share drinks makes me really want to be … there, with them, drinking their drinks. AHAHA I’M SUCH A CREEP. But nah, I’m a germ-ophobic, so I don’t share drinks xP.

Jonghyun explains that the other two members have schedules and will come later, but I’m pretty sure Onew never shows up D: </3. Anyway, PMS suggest they put on nametags because viewers might not know them but Jonghyun suggests it’s perhaps he doesn’t know them rofl. PMS then pulls put Taemin’s name tag and calls his name. He also calls out Onew’s name like 5 times. Omg, he is so fail.

They “officially” start the show at Part 2 :).


  1. Thanks for posting this show! So funny!! However I’m sad that Onew wasn’t able to make it >_<~

    • Yeah bb, I’m sad about that too :(.

      And no problem ^_^


    I’ll have a better comment when the rest of the show is out :(

    • I’ve posted up all the links now!

  3. can’t wait for more!!
    wish all five of them are there, onew~ >.<
    thanks for posting~

    • No problem :) All the links are up now ^^

  4. Ah! This was awesome. Thank you for posting this. I can’t wait until the next episode. It’s so funny how they ask such personal questions. “Do you watch IT?” And Jonghyun is like, “THAT?” XD Who ask that on live tv? If they watch p— or not.

    • No problem! I still have to watch the later half of this episode – can’t wait haha!

  5. LMFAO. tbh, I didn’t understand the meaning of Jjong’s teasing Key D’: “You were looking forward to it?!” lmao, I still don’t understand it :’D

    This.. this show is so weird LMFAO. And I’m only on part 2 XD PMS is so so so weird ;~; and idkthat mulberries actually existed

    OMFG. They asked them if they watch porn?! XDDD omg. The MCs… *sweatdrops all over the place* That’s a bit too much LMFAO D’: I really want to see what Onew’s reaction would be though ;~; STUPID MUCORE D; Jjong gets bewildered too much roflrofl OTL I wonder if Onew would be -__- and :| at the ridicule or :DDDDD and sweatdropping at the same time XD

    Jjong is so the type that doesn’t like people who are clueless and whatnot rofl. They keep bothering him DX;

    • LOL dw me too. Maybe it’s a Korean thing or the wording of what he said? XD. HAHA you’ve never heard of mulberries? Lmao you’re so cute~

      Eek, I haven’t seen that part yet but I’ll have to. Love to see their reactions lmao.

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