Posted by: beckery | July 10, 2009

SS501 Collection MV Drama – Episode Two

Credits to hoonfami @ youtube

Part 1:

Part 2 || Part 3

My uber long winded view on the MV. Probably makes no sense, but it’s not my fault the MV is confusing. :(

Episode 2 is pretty much an expanded version of Episode 1 so that we understand the plot better. Shall I call it a failure cuz I STILL DONT GET IT!!!! T__T Maybe I’m just too dumb for this drama stuff haha. So yea, I’m still pretty wtf at the whole thing, but moi take is that Jungmin rejected that scarred face guy’s assignment/contract/proposal/something and since scarred face guy is fk’ed up in the head, he gets HyunJoong to assassinate Jungmin.

And then we skip to episode 1 stuff which is HJ shooting Jungmin (not sure where KyuJong comes into this yet) and KJ shooting but hits the girl instead. HJ trying to be hero and saving the girl or trying to imprison her to lure Jungmin? Girl trying to escape by various methods.

Jungmin survives, threatens the guy for his girlfriend’s location. Btw I love the method he used, it was creative XD He ends up finding HJ and stalks him. I can totally see PAS stalking HJ in the same way HAHAHAHA.

HJ goes and steals a necklace for the chick, cuz you know, that’s what all nice kidnappers do :DD I don’t know if the chick actually likes him back or she’s trying to seduce him to let her go but still WTF?

Jungmin finds HJ’s location so he goes and saves the girl, whilst HJ JUST GOT OWNED BY JUNGMIN HAHAHA. Jungmin tricked HJ that he was still in the hospital so once HJ prances off to murder him, he comes into the house and saves the girl. *Coos at JM for being so smart* Lol.

HJ realises he just got tricked and bolts back. But as JM and the girl is trying to leave (actually the girl looks like she doesn’t want to leave, y/y?), KJ pops out of nowhere. HELLO KJ, nice of you to join and make it even more confusing. Thanks bb :D So we have all three guys in three different hot cars racing it. IT IS HOT. I do not deny.

Then they all point guns at eachother and there’s shooting “bang bang” everywhere. See I don’t get why all the black and white men are shooting at all three guys. Aren’t they against eachother already, why is there someone against them? And I still don’t get what KJ has to do with this?

AND WTF HJ AND JM JUST GOT SHOT!?!? THIS IS SO VIOLENT, THE BLOOD ON HJ :(( KJ shot the crazy scarred face guy though WOOT. And we have everyone crying and lying around clutching their wounded area and Beckery with 2000 less brain cells. Is that the end? Cuz it didn’t feel like it concluded properly… :/


  1. HJ WILL COME TO ME WILLINGLY. Either that or I’ll lure him with multicoloured candies :D

    • He’ll be lured by the candies then look up at your face and run a miles away. I say that in the nicest way possible bb XD

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