Posted by: beckery | July 10, 2009

Super Junior’s “Catch a Star” Mini Crackers Pics

There is about a million photos, so be forewarned! Lol. The photoshoot itself looked quite simple and plain but the photos actually turned out really nice!! XD I especially like Sungmin and Donghae’s pics…..along with everyone elses HAHAHAHA. They’re all adorable ok ._.

But since it’s our Cinderella’s Birthday today, we shall start it with a pic of him. Happy Bday Heechul ♥♥♥♥

Credit: Sjmarket



  1. I am lovin’ their looks of contemplation. Eez very wtf. LOL.

    • Yea, I wonder what they were contemplating about. Hmmm shall I eat it or eat it? I think I shall eat it XD

  2. Is it just me, or does Eunhyuk’s shirt say FML?

    In this picture

    • OMG BRAIN TWINS!!! LOOOL That’s what I thought as well!! Sure looks like FML doesnt it? But he doesnt have anything to say FML too T_T

  3. all the pictures were actively taken,,,all of them so handsome and cutee!!

    • I know, they’re infinitely adorkable <333

  4. CUTE.

  5. That pic of Chul with yellow background? He’s soooo a girl XD

    • He’s always a girl LOL :D

  6. XD There all adorable, super junior hwaiting!! I LOVE THERE style, there smile, AISHH — EVERYTHING!! >.<

    • Awww such a sweet fan, you are XD

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