Posted by: beckery | July 11, 2009

090710 Music Bank

SNSD won today, so congrats to them. XD I was excited with 2NE1’s comeback (is it even called a comeback? T_T) stage cuz I LOOOVEEE “I Dont Care”. I actually really enjoyed their mini album, so props to them!

2NE1 – Pretty Boy + I Dont Care PAS: I’ve voiced my dislike for Fire on here more than once, but omg, I LOVE THE REST OF THE SONGS ON THEIR MINI ALBUM :DDDDDD I was really disappointed when they came out with Fire, but I think they’ve more than redeemed themselves in my books. 2NE1 love <333

Really good comeback performance. FIERCE :D. Pretty Boy is catchy (though it reminds me of Beyonce’s “To the Left” and Gwen Stefani’s “Harajuku Girls”) and I loooove “I Don’t Care”. AND, I can finally say that I liked/didn’t mind an outfit worn by them; I thought Dara’s dress for the “I Don’t Care” performance looked cute ^^. Minzi has so much attitude for a 15yo, homg *_*

Minwoo – Minnovation Although I haven’t posted any of Minwoo’s comeback stages, I have indeed been watching them. I can’t say that I’m disappointed with them, it’s just that after listening to the mini album, I wish that he promoted “Love Me Ice cream” instead. As a song, I find Minnovation sorta messy. Like it’s kinda all over the place and it doesnt really show off his vocals..But that aside, Minwoo still has awesome charisma when he’s on stage and his dancing still pawns like always. It’s weird cuz the choreo doesn’t look that great on stage, but if you watch the dance practice clip, it’s really neat!!

2PM – I Hate you PAS: Their goodbye stage is coming up…NOOOOO DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD; They need to go on more variety shows, imo. Good performance. Guyliner (and Taec’s sunnies) make me happy :D. They’ve come so far since their “10/10” days *_*

SNSD –  Tell Me Your Wish Genie PAS: Good live performance in terms of vocals + dancing. The umbrellas dangling from the ceiling looked so pretty *___* I thought Yoona sounded pretty good here; I’d always thought she couldn’t sing very well :/ Jessica’s wig is disgusting. I thought she looked really pretty with her short hair in the mv :( But as soon as I saw Tiffany, I got distracted from the performance. DID SHE REMIND ANYONE ELSE OF THE NORTHERN DISTRICT POLICE CHIEF FROM BLACK AND WHITE???

SHINee – Juliette Since Candychu will be MIA for the week, PAS and I shall try to continue with the SHINee posts. No guarantees though XP Anyways, I haven’t watched any of their performances for awhile *gets shot* but I’m so glad that when I finally do, THEY HAVE NORMAL CLOTHES AGAIN!!! XDD Yay for no more bugs, creepy crawlies and boy halter tops haha. Though Taemin’s hair looks like a disaster, the poor bb :/ Oh and Jonghyun was totally epic at 2.15 *___*

K.Will ft Taecyeon – One droplet in one second Umm have I mentioned that I love this song? Cuz I totally do. The chorus is beautiful~ Taec looks good here *_* and his rapping is love. Jay rapped for this song a few times too and I think they both did great jobs :D But of course, let’s not forget that K.Will is the main person here and without his awesome vocals, this song just wouldn’t be that great <3


  1. Shinee’s look this week was great, but I won’t too fond of Taemin’s outfit tho.

    • Lol I wasn’t too fond of his hair :/ It looked like a storm blew through it XDD

  2. Do be reading

    if you guys haven’t already. Oh, KBS.

  3. ohemgee.

    lookie. Dara’s hair is finally normal. [kinda. i mean. it has a sudden random perm somewhere. lol]

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