Posted by: beckery | July 11, 2009

2NE1 “I Don’t Care” Dance Rehearsal

Credits: jaeuraznmv1 @ youtube

I don’t think I’m going to get sick of this song anytime soon XDD Something about this clip is heaps cute! The dance choreo isn’t hardcore complicated but I like it. It’s cute, its got its fierce parts, it shows some personality and they look like they’re having fun with it! LOL at CL’s sleeves slipping off her arms like a million times throughout the clip :D “I don’t care eh eh eh eh eh” ~


  1. I like the dance part where they brush something off their legs and that’s when the lyrics say don’t cling on to me or something like that. I agree, I’m pretty sure it’ll take a long time for this song to be overplayed for me.

    • Yea some of the dance moves fits really well with what they’re saying :D And the song is STILL being repeated for me hahaha

  2. Call me Lucky or Un-Lucky! o_O
    I can sing this song, from beginning to end, but unfortunately I can’t dance along with it…so sad…oh btw, 2NE1 you are so great! ^^ Sandara I will always be a fan of you…kamsahamnida!!! :>

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