Posted by: beckery | July 12, 2009

Laugh of the Day – Jaebeom ISF cuts

Introducing Star’s Friends looks like it’s just full of crack!! I can’t wait for the eps to be subbed :D Anyways, just some random clips of 2PM’s Leadja being a total idiot. When is he ever not? LOL And um can I just add that Hyuk looks gooooood here *___*

The smexy performance HIS TOP IS RIDICULOUS ROFLMAO. If you love sexy-fail poses and I’m-hot-shit face gestures and lips licking and self touching and nipples flashing, you’ll definitely love this. If you love seeing leadja being all embarrassed and awkward and scarred for life, you’ll love this too. :D

Transformers, more than meets the eye (HAHAHA Sorry, I couldn’t help it XD) Omfg, Jay being a “transformer” is totally priceless LOOOOOOL. He looked so serious as well, whilst Chansung is pretty much busting a kidney on the side hahahahahaha. He even imitates some Kdrama character later and sprouts out all these random english lines “Why you do this to me? Why? You!… Go!” WTF XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


    The video with the wetness XD

    Omg I don’t think I’ll ever forget his expression =P


  2. I found 2PM cuts of the first episode subbed but I want to watch the whole thing ;__;

    BUAHAHAHA sexy-fail poses and I’m-hot-shit face gestures and lips licking and self touching and nipples flashing, yes I like that.

    Jay’s mole keeps switching sides and then Leeteuk takes it and gosh abusive maknae at the end XD

    • I watched like half of the first ep subbed, but I don’t think that ep has finished been subbed. Must learn to be patient hahaha. :D

      Chansung at the end was soooo funny. I love seeing him bully Jay hahaha

  3. I believed some SJ subbing team is subbing this, but only 4 out of 8 parts have been subbed (not sure if it is the same episode though, it looks like it @.@)

    Jay is such a cutie! Jaysformer! :P

    • Yea I’ve watched all four parts and is waiting for the rest hahaha. I dont think it was the same ep as this though?

      Jaysformer. THAT’S A GOOD ONE HAHAHA

  4. lol the goodness that comes with stretching your shirt and getting it wet is nipple exposure! lmao…what I’ve done…you, you you go! He sounded like he had broken English, I guess it was done purposely. Chansung looked kind of embarrassed of Jay or maybe jealous that he had such a great idea, this transformers thing still doesn’t beat Jay dancing to Chaeyeon’s “shake” with a wig. Ahh he was so cute with his hands to his face, that tempter!

    • Yea at first I was like “O__O I hope Jay’s english hasn’t gone that bad cuz that’s some fail engrish right there” but then I realised that maybe it was part of the character he was imitating. I sure hope so anyways hahaha. XDD YEA Jay dancing with a wig was fkn awesome. That boy is so full of creative crack ideas. I love it haha

  5. lol I watched the whole thing yesterday! Every moment is really worth it, I loved how all the girls were really excited to see Jay appear. At first I thought he actually wore an actual bikini on lol. Then I reailzed it was just his shirt. I LOVED the moment after where his nipples were showing ♥

    • Did you watch it without subs? I don’t like watching it without subs so I shall have to wait .__. But I would assume that it was awesome considering it has Jay, Chansung, EunTeuk and Boom all in it. XDD

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