Posted by: beckery | July 12, 2009

Super Junior’s offical website message

Thanks BOFfan for the link :D

Credit: sjsubs09 @ youtube

Guess who’s missing?! :D

Lol at Eunhyuk at the start and the end, that adorkable boy! And omg omg do you see the EUNHAE-NESS?! ♥♥♥ I didn’t get enough of my EunHae dose during their promotions this time. ;__; MORE PLEASE!! All the others kinda look tired/bored, the poor boys need some rest.


  1. awww my babies are so cute!

  2. D’awwwww! It seems like we haven’t been seeing them at all lately O__O lol I miss EunHae moments <333 They're still in Taiwan aren't they? Sad that idols have to go through so much ):

    • lol found this for Heechul’s bday :) I think the song is really pretty ♥

    • I miss Eunhae together too :(( They’re like hardly on shows together and that’s where I get my Eunhae-ness from. And the fan’s song for Heechul’s bday is sweet :D

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