Posted by: lovediaries | July 13, 2009

090712 SHINee @ This is Gag

Must catch up on SHINee fandom D: Haha! Oh and just a heads up that sjsubs09 is in the process of subbing the Star King Ep with SHINee & 2PM :).

{credit: cchungalung @ youtube}

I actually don’t mind this gag show. I posted the cut with Leeteuk & Eunhyuk earlier, and I remember seeing this on Mnet Scandal when Nichkhun and Chansung went on.

They start off with introductions and Onew is all ^___^, but with Minho, he fully poses and stuff lmao. That Minho XD. Then they do a SHINee quiz but after the first question, one of the gagmen (sorry, don’t know their names) says he has to reveal SHINee’s secret. LMAO @ Onew’s face. He’s such a cutie :3. Anyway, the secret was that he was originally a SHINee member XD. He sings Replay but with new lyrics ROFL and then Onew sings~ *_________________________*. And it’s rare where we just hear Onew singing on variety shows, right? Minho starts bopping along and opening and closing his mouth but no sound is coming out XD.

Next question is what is SHINee’s debut hit. The Harry Potter dude calls it “There are no Noonas” ROFL. But wtf at his story, it made no sense to me XD. Then Onew talks about how they want to go on Variety Shows but can’t show their individual talents that much. Onew does his Donald Duck impression – I still don’t get how he does it. MAYBE HE REALLY IS DONALD DUCK!?

Minho wants to know how to be popular amongst everyone and so – my favourite part – the gagmen teach them how to change their dances. Onew is such a dork LMAO he gets “Replay” wrong when they do the “new” version. They fix up the “Juliette” moves too, saying they have to give other various-lined noonas a chance too xD.


  1. lol the show’s name makes me LOL.
    I really hate how they only have two guests, or maybe it’s just been that way ever since I’ve watched it.
    Glad to have you back into SHINee again :DD even though you’ve been gone for not that long.

    • HAHA maybe just the way it’s been translated.

      Yeah, well, they only have room to fit two people at their desk? Haha. And lol I’ve been away on a camp which is why I’ve been MIA. Trust the others to not post any SHINee T___T. Unfortunately, I’ll be gone for another 4 days from tmr :(.

      • lol well I feel they’re trying super hard :) haha and besides, I’m sure SHINee’s not gonna do alot of things in four weekdays xD

        • …I hope so. But other fandoms will be coming back afljflksjflkjsfjlf. Haha, I’m trying to watch a gazillion shows atm. Like Star King and the Flower Boy Generation Ep I need to catch up on xD.

          • lol crazy isn’t it? I stayed up to watch all that and I’m also waiting on Star King and ISF to be subbed. Being a crazy fan is so hard sometimes -___-

            • Do you know why SHINee forums haven’t been subbing videos or any of their variety shows lately? :( I miss them.

  2. i love how onew is all smiles in this show.
    that donald duck impression is if fave talent eh?
    he did that on various show too.

    • *is his

    • But haven’t you noticed that once a star has a ~talent~ they’re asked to do it over and over and over XD. I guess cause there are so many different variety shows in Korea haha.

  3. AHHHH~~~!!!!!

    my heart just melted when Minho did his poses during the intro <33333


  4. Onew’s donald duck!!

    *watch again*
    thnx for posting this~

    • You’re welcome!

      Dubu’s Donald Duck only ever gets cuter ^__^~

  5. OMG! This is so funny! XD When Onew was imitating Donald Duck, it was so cute!!! <3 Minho looked so stunning when he leaned back near the beginning. <3 "I-Line Juliette, O-Line Juliette, T-Line Juliette." lol The Replay one was really funny too. They were getting no where. XD

    • LMAO different -lined Juliettes were hilarious XD. And yes, they just kept replaying the beginning ahaha!

      • I know. XD I wonder where the other members are? Busy?

        • This show usually only ever invites 2 (or 1) people – from the eps I’ve seen anyway. So I never expected to see all 5 members on here anyway xD.

          • Oh I see. I wish there was more. It was so funny, i keep watching it again and again. The hosts try to look and act really stupid which makes it so hilarious.

            • I remember the host in the hanbok used to have massssssssive boobs too. I’m glad he got rid of them :/

  6. LOL! It’s kinda hard to not laugh!And at some points it looked like Minho was posing.Still,LOL!

    • Yes lmao, Minho can do nothing and still look good :P

  7. minho looks kinda awkward doing the line thing.

    it just makes me want to go and hug him ^^

    • Haha wouldn’t you want to hug Minho no matter what he’s doing? :P

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