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LAEC ♥s Music 006

Purely because Beckery and I are both in love with this show atm

Purely because Beckery and I are both in love with this show atm

YES, WE’RE STILL DOING THIS POST. We thought we’d be able to get number six done during our study break, but then we realised that, due to having not done any work during the actual semester, we had to spend every waking hour studying in order to pass our assignments/exams, so this is why you’re only just getting this post now XD. BUT IT’S HERE, WHO’S EXCITED :D ?!?!?!

2NE1 – Let’s Go Party : Lemme just say, it isn’t a good idea to be at a church camp and be singing “LET’S GO PARTY AND WORK THAT BODY…NOW LET YOUR BODY WORK IT” XD. But it wasn’t my fault I had this song stuck in my head for the past few days DD: The chorus is ridiculously catchy.

Junjin feat. Siyoung and PJ JUN – Pabo Cheoreum : I shared this song in a “Listen to…” post before, but just earlier today, I came across an article regarding Junjin & Siyoung’s Cyworld updates and I was all awwwwwwwww-ing and everything and in the mood to listen to “their” song, so I ended up replaying it for a few hours ^^;;.

Kyuhyun – Seven Years of Love : Because this song helps me sleep at night, and once I play it, I can’t stop and it just goes on repeat~

As One – 헤어져: I absolutely adore “As One” and always wonder why they’re so underrated ;__;  This is their latest song and as always, becomes repeated a million times on my Ipod XDD Their voices are so sweet and the melody is soothing, pretty and coated in warm, fuzzy honey *_* Lol. The MV features Han Hyo Joo, who I am currently liking very much cuz she’s fkn awesome in “Shining Inheritance”. Her, Seung Gi and Soo Bin should just all marry in the drama cuz I can’t pick who I want her to be with hahahahaha.

M (Minwoo) – Summer Time: My favourite songs from Minwoo’s mini album is this and “Love Me Ice Cream”, cuz Minnovation just sounded really messy :/ This is like a chilled, dance song. Nice beat, sexy voice and a catchy chorus :DD

2NE1 – I Don’t Care: WHO KNEW THIS WAS COMING?! XDDD LOOL. This is definitely the most listened to song of the week for me. When I’m in the car, when I’m on the net, when I’m chatting, when I’m working, pretty much whenever I feel like having some music pumped up. IT’S SO ADDICTIVE!

2NE1 – Pretty Boy: Yea, yea we all love 2NE1 (I keep typing 2NE! T__T) There’s something about this song that’s ridiculously catchy, especially the “p-r-e-t-t-y” bit. It’s so bouncy and just makes you want to bop along to the beat :DDD

Jay Chou – Clear Day: I AM STILL BUMMED THAT I COULDN’T GO TO HIS CONCERT IN SYDNEY. I WAS ONLY A FEW STREETS AWAY FROM HIM DDDDDDDD8 I used to be obsessed with this song. I remember when this song first came out, all the asians I knew were trying to learn the guitar chords XD. The reason I’ve been listening to this song heaps is cos, when we were in Sydney, Candychu and I were at the Karaoke reception and one of Jay Chou’s songs were playing in the background. We both sang along with the song (cos we’re cool like that) but, to this day, neither of us knows what that song is O____O so I’ve been digging up all my old Jay Chou songs and listening to them, hoping to find that phantom song. THIS IS WHAT UNI HOLIDAYS DO TO YOU, OK XDD Oh, and if anyone knows what the song’s called, please let us know kthx :D

Yui – Good Bye Days: It’s very raw, very acoustic, very soothing :))) If you’re looking for something really calm with not much going on, then you should give this a go~ I couldn’t find a video with just the song (when you type in “Yui – Good Bye Days” you just get covers ;___;) so the link leads to the movie trailer that features this song. It’s a good movie, do give it a go if you haven’t already :)


  1. You typed “Yuri” btw :D;;
    My mind froze for a second there, like who’s this Yuri and what’s she doing with YUI’s song? :D

    Good music as always ^^

    The songs that I’ve been listening to the most this week is Moon Hee Jun – Toy and Big Bang – Top of the World

    • ROFL, FAIL XDDDDDDDD;;;;; Omg how embarrassing; thanks for letting me know :DD

      Oooo, I’ve been meaning to try the Moon Hee Jun song. Will go give it a go now~

  2. BRILLIANT LEGACY~ omg I’m still only on ep 4 but who cares I love it already (And I see on your twitter Beckery just watched Soulmate which is my favourite drama ever).

    Back to music T_T

    Sneaky Sound System – 16
    Wow, Australian. I like Sneaky Sound System a lot 8D

    Hugh Grant – Pop! Goes My Heart
    Because I watched Music and Lyrics 2 weeks ago and Hugh Grant has a really sexy voice even though he can’t sing it’s still sexy. I love Hugh Grant.

    Brown Eyed Girls – Candy Man
    I want the MV ;___; and the comeback because this song is great.


      • aren’t you glad I told you it was on?

        • Yes. I learnt a lot from that movie – don’t sleep under a piano.

    • I still haven’t seen Soulmate…

      I’m only up to Ep.6 XD BUT IT’S GOOD. I love Junse, but I know I’ll be converted to Hwan soon…

      Hahahahah, I just watched Music and Lyrics last week! Hi5 :DD I already had Fish Leung’s cover of “Way Back Into Love” and had no idea it was from the movie XD;;

      • Watch Soulmate, it’s so funny and romantic and makes me cry and laugh and it’s great!!!!!

        I don’t know when I’ll finish all the dramas I’m watching but because I’ve only been hearing great things I started downloading Black and White too ;___;

        LOL, I rewatched it when it was on TV 2 weeks ago.

        • Oh, in that case, I watched it two weeks ago too XD Except we watched the DVD cos we borrowed it before we knew it was going to be on tv that night XD

          I haven’t finished a drama in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages, so I’m hoping I’ll finish Brilliant Legacy…. I’m putting off Black and White for awhile, cos my cousin bought me the DVDs and I want to watch it on tv XD.

          Atm, Hwan is acting like a spoilt brat, so no love for him :/

          • I was talking to people about Hugh Grant like a week before the movie aired on TV 8D I was actually going to download it or something lol but it aired.

            The last drama I finished was probably from… last year, how depressing.

      • And I like Hwan (not because he’s Lee Seung Gi)!

        • When I first saw LSG as Hwan, I thought “OMG, HE’S SUCH A GOOD ACTOR <3333333333" cos LSG is SO nice and SO unlike Hwan atm XD

          • I know, LSG is such a sweetheart and Hwan is all badass

            • YES SOULMATE IS GREAT!! It’s not like the typical kdrama, but the stuff they talk about is so interesting. The whole soulmate thing was beautiful. Makes me think that I’ve probably walked pass/bumped into my soulmate a million times, but I just don’t know it yet. lol. THE ENDING WASNT SATISFYING THOUGH. Like I know they will eventually meet in Japan, but it just didnt really end ;__;

              P.S I LOVE DONG WOOK *___*

              • At the ending I stopped the video and tried to see if SooKyung was in the crowd in Japan or something ;____; THEY MUST BE TOGETHER.

                I love Dong Wook and Ryohei!!!

  3. Lmao. I think I’ll just not include 2NE1 in this since that’s ALL I’ve been listening too this week. XDD

    Yui: Again
    Completely in love with this song. It’s the opening to an anime, but homg it could’ve been a standalone single and I’d still love it. I also take pride in being able to sing (that song is SO fast ;-;) and understand most of it without the translations in front of me. Hooray!

    3OH!3: Starstrukk
    A friend of mine was choreographing for this song, and I just happened to be passing by the halls when it started blasting. Extremely catchy, typical 3OH!3 song.

    Superbus: Radio Song
    Waitwut French music? I just have an indescribable love for this song. Probably because of the guitar.

    • I’ve only just started listening to Yui, so will definitely go look up “Again”.

      FRENCH MUSIC. I NEED. Lol, my major is French, but omg, I FAIL SO HARD AT IT, I NEED ALL THE PRACTICE I CAN GET. It’s so hard, cos French pop culture isn’t exactly *fascinating* :( DO YOU KNOW ANY OTHER FRENCH SONGS??

      • Sorry, I have no other French songs. I found that one by accident. D:

        Try youtubing someone named “Alizee” though. She’s kinda big in France, but I’ve never listened to her stuff.

        • Merci ;D

          My friend told me to go watch Asterix XD

  4. xD!
    My friend went on a Jay Chou spree the day of the concert and started singing all these songs to my other friend who know all the words. It was creepy, but entertaining because I don’t listen to him. :/

    Ummmm, I haven’t been listening to much lately, but mainly;

    DBSK – Stand By U
    which everyone knows and adores already. :D

    Super Junior KRY & Eunhyuk – One Love
    I only found this recently and started listening to it a lot. D: It’s still on my playlist, so not sick of it yet. :)

    Se7en – Forever Mind
    My favourite Japanese song ever. It’s got the most funky opening and his voice… :Q____
    Idk, I just really like Se7’s voice in this song. :)

    • Ooohhh why don’t you listen to Jay Chou? He is aweesoomeeeee. Sometimes I do get annoyed with his mumbling but at the end of the day, he is a great artist :D

      Aww One Love. I have the MV for that on my ipod and was watching it the other night cuz I couldn’t go to sleep. It’s such a great song. Perhaps one of my favourite from Suju, though it’s not exactly full Suju…you know what I mean haha.

      I actually like most of Se7en’s songs. Well his Korean/Japanese ones anyway haha.

      • Idk, I never got into Chinese songs, especially since I’m not Mandarin and don’t understand any of it. =/ But I should try, so many of my friends are into Jay Chou. ^^;

        I should watch the MV, but it sort of looks like 2PM’s I Hate You with all the clips from everywhre. ^^; (I haven’t watched that one either. xD)

        Se7en’s the one who got me into Korean music, so I have to owe him SOMETHING. ^^; But Forever Mind stays my favourite because it’s so unique. P:

  5. totally random but. JAY CHOU!! ♥ i think i’ll know what song it is XD but you guys have to sing it for me or sth hahahaha.

    • YEAA LOOL. I was laughing at how PAS was asking for help to identify that song when we can’t exactly play the song for you guys T_T That girl..haha

  6. congrats on finishing exams, etc.!! (:

    i’m leaving for china tomorrow and pretty much all the music i’ve been listening to for the past FOREVER are korean and japanese. people won’t think i’m a freak, right? xD

    1) “Stand by U” – TVXQ
    A;LKSDJFKASDF I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE W/ THIS SONG. Like not even kidding. And it’s not even my bias speaking. I listen to it at least 5 times a day. I am not a loser, m’kay? xD

    2) “Gara Gara Go!!” – Big Bang
    I must say, I am loving their new japanese songs. This one has me hooked. I can sort of sing a long to it b/c half the song’s in english ROFL.

    3) “Genie” – SNSD
    I’m not going to lie, I’m addicted to this song. GAAHH. And I have issues w/ some of the SNSD girls so there have been contradictory feelings in me ever since this song came out. It’s not a GOOD song, per se (but it’s soul-eatingly addictive).

    (LOL i just realized that i typed half of this w/ proper capitals and the other half just… not. xD)

    • Thank you :DDD It seriously feels sooooo good to be on holidays.

      Oooohhh China. For a holiday?

      I thought Stand By you is alright, but I’m sorta more in the mood for upbeat songs atm because life is already depressing as it is hahaha. And yes yes Gara Gara Go is awesome. Love that track too! XDD

  7. OMG POPGOESMYHEART I was watching this last night after my shift, and my mom asked me why I kept replaying that song :D Coincidental!!
    I’ve been lurking for a forever. So now I’m not. I thought I should share my music!!

    I GOTTA FEELING – Black Eyed Peas. Blackeye peas? I don’t even know. All I know is I liked this song before it was on the radio, and OMG it’s totally my driving-everywhere-going-to-the-beach-and-everything song. It’s addicting. It’s like One – Epik High or Gossip Boy – Younha. Whenever it comes on, I replay it 5 times until the passengers in my car threaten to roll down all the windows XD

    NUMBER 1 – Big Bang. Because who DOESN’T like beautiful asian boys butchering their native language?? Hahahahaa…my friend, one day, was asking me “hey, why do you always listen to music that’s not in English? You can’t even understand it. That’s weird.” So I said GUESS WHAT FRIEND?!?!? And I ressurrected this song from my music collection :D And then, I got all hooked on it again. JUMP JUMP JUMP TO THE CEILRING~~

    I DON’T CARE-E-E-E-E-E-E – 2ne1. Of course :D Surprise surprise. I made one of my friends hooked on KPop with this song. Heeheeheee. Love it love it love it. ;) And the lyrics are relatable. Cause all boys are rediculous. Except mine. eeeeheeheeehee.


    • Ohh HIIII. I loveesss it when we get stalkers/lurkers commenting.XDDD

      Oh Black Eyed Peas. I haven’t heard any songs from them in ageessss. Now that I’ve mentioned it, I haven’t been up to date with my English music for awhile either hahaha. I didn’t like Number 1 that much cuz I know Big Bang could do better. But it’s still an incredibly catchy track, no doubt!!


  8. lol I was wondering where this post went xD

    lol everyone has 2NE1 in their post (: I think I’ve listened to their songs too, but I can’t really pick one that I listened to the most.

    I can’t remember the title of the song, but the MV was so neat. It was featured on Pops in Seoul. grrr, I’ll look it up some day.

    One Love – KRY ft Hyuk
    I wasn’t into them at that time but I heard it on Kiss the Radio and listened to it the whole week. Brings back memories? :)

    Wiping the Tears – AJ
    I really adore AJ but I hate how he’s not going to be a solo anymore =/ I really like the song, maybe even more than Dancing Shoes.

    One of my fave artists is Scott Tang, I listened to like all his songs, if you haven’t heard him, give him a try :DDD

    • ROFL it died during exam time, which took about 3 weeks. We all had to do some major crammage and even all nighters (well for me anyways). Then, it wasnt revived cuz PAS and I went on holiday for a week but alas it is back and KICKING XDDD

      Yea, we’ve all got some 2NE1 love going on atm. It’s cuz when someone hears something good, we make eachother listen to it as well so the songs we listen to are mostly the same haha.

      Awww One Love. As I mentioned above, I love that song and have its MV on my ipod for times when I’m bored haha. I can never get sick of it seriously. Bias cuz Hyuk is my no.1 but hey, its a good song :D

      I…don’t listen to AJ. I’ve got enough bands/artists to follow as it is and AJ and Taegoon has never appealed to me for some reason :D

  9. awww, I love Yui! I cried at the end of that movie ;_; it still makes me sad. So now, I’m gonna go listen to all of my Yui songs again (:

    And I see that Bec has watched Soulmate! It’s a great drama, but so underrated :( I’ve only found one song from the OST that I liked. (Shin Dong Wook ♥)

    SNSD- Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)
    looooooooooove the song. love it. a lot. But I’m a SNSD fangirl, so I might be just a liiiiiittle biased ;)

    Jo Sung Mo- Only You (Nuh Ha Na Man)
    from the Lovers in Paris OST <3 I started watching Lovers in Paris while I was in Hong Kong, and I love it, so much. It's such a nice ballad, but really hard to find T.T

    V.O.S.- I Cry
    from their new(ish) minialbum. It's such a pretty song, and even though the verse doesn't have a lot that makes me want to listen to it, the chorus is just… beautiful <3333

    surprisingly, I've been really into ballads lately o_O Usually I just put the ballads into my ipod and totally forget about them because I'm too lazy to listen to them *stabs self* Clearly, I've been missing out on a lot.

    • That movie’s so sad .__________.

      And yep, bias, bias, bias :P Na, it’s not that bad, just not as catchy as Gee~

      I haven’t listened to V.O.S’s album properly…just the song with Jay in it XD

      I LOVE BALLADS. Well, not as much as Beckery and Candychu does, but I do appreciate a good ballad :)))

    • I LOVE LOVERS IN PARIS!! At first I’m like Park Shin Yang doesnt really look that good…but then he was awesome in the drama. And Kim Jung-Eun was great, no doubt. And hi5 cuz I really like the OST too :DDD

  10. Somebody probably told you about this but I just would like to point out that “Punta na tayo sa piyesta” is NOT a cool way to say “Let’s go to the party”. “Piyesta” doesn’t even mean party D: We don’t say that in real life conversations DDDD:

    Anyway, this week’s top three for me:

    1. Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek
    2. Don McLean – Vincent
    3. BoA – I Did It for Love

    … what? It’s lonely here, you know. ):

    • Lool no someone has not told me that…But you’re referring to Candychu right? So maybe she does know since she does do Korean and all…

      Ohh Hide and Seek. I remember when that song was released, all my friends were all KFSJLSFJLS over it. Even the guys. Heaps of fuss over it lol. I only find it ok though ://

      • I’m referring to all of the authors, in case in one of your 2NE1-related posts someone pointed it out already. XD Sandara’s line is in Filipino, which would have been okay if it wasn’t technically incorrect. :\

        I’m not a fan of Imogen Heap so I just have this one song and it’s only because I heard it in a funny parody skit thing from SNL or something. It makes for a good listen when I want to calm down. ^^;

  11. T___T What you said about having to spend every single minute of our study break cramming very accurately describes my situation as well.

    Here’s the songs:

    1. Kimi ga iru kara – ayaka
    2. Asu e no Kizuna – HIMEKA
    3. Kiss me good-bye – Angela Aki

    I have a bunch of YUI songs lying around but I haven’t really listened to them yet. I did like that Bleach OP (or was it ED) song she did though.

    • It was insane, I tell you!! I had 7 exams in 2 weeks so pretty much I had three in a row then four in a row. Had to cram in for one exam, do the exam, go home and brainwash myself so I could cram in for my next exam over night then go do that exam. Pretty much had 3 hours max of sleep every night. I was sooo stressed ;___;

      I dont really listen to Jpop that much so I’m not familiar with your songs..HAHA. But I’m sure PAS will like it or at least know them :D

  12. this week’s top three songs are:

    1. Genie – SNSD
    I actually kinda annoyed by the girls’ giggles @ the end, so I cut the song and named it ” SNSD – Genie (clean version)” LOL

    2. 2NE1 – I Don’t Care
    the mv is pretty awesum tho, the director is the one who made bb’s Lies mv too!

    3. Yiruma – Yellow Room (album)
    I searched for this artist after listening to Taemin’s perf and i’m impressed by the whole album :)
    great companion for studying so I wont end up to lipsynch-ing XD

    • HAHAHA SNSD CLEAN VERSION XDDDDDDD That’s awesome hahaha. EH EH EH I DONT CARE. I loooooveee the song!! I’m like telling everyone to listen to it, even if they’re not into Kpop hahaha.

  13. Hii, I’m a n00b baby fan… and I wanted to say HI because I LOVE THIS SITE. SRSLY.

    And that’s all XD;

    Umm… but my top three right now are all SuJu songs, because I was suddenly sucked into their fandom without warning… and I don’t know their names because I can’t read Korean and I haven’t looked them up yet. >:[
    And Gara Gara Go! by Big Bang because my brother likes them and I just go with it.

    • Aww another reader. Thank you <33 Come and comment more, yea yea? :D

      Hahaha Fandom does that to you alot. Like there might be a band that has been around for awhile but you never care, then you watch something and suddenly get sucked into them. That's what happened to Suju and 2PM for me XDDD

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