Posted by: lovediaries | July 13, 2009

Mnet Wild Bunny 2PM Preview

{credit: Symbelmyns @ youtube}

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, 2PM x wife beaters *O*.

I read in the comments that this is a sitcom? HOW EXCITING. I’m sure the show will be cracktastic though the preview doesn’t really show much except for the boys jumping & wiggling around and touching each other rofl.

Lmao at the “wild bunny” logo.


  1. My sister’s computer likes to restart itself when it overheats NO JOKE IT RESTARTED AFTER I WATCHED THIS.

    Have you read the script for Taec’s first scene? OMG LOL it is very cracktastic.

    • DID YOU GIVE THE SCRIPT TO ME? No? Well exactly, how could I have read it XD. Okay, sleeping now. BYE.

      (And I already told your sister to clear out her harddrive. She said she has no room on it, that’s why it overheats and restarts, I think.)

      • I think the script was posted when you were away and now you’re gone for another 4 days ==

        • Ohh no wonder. I was thinking why I hadn’t heard anything about it.

          I know, 4 days with no updates via bec sms-ing me – just the thought depresses me.

          (WHY AM I STILL HERE?)

  2. Omo Beckery not doing a 2PM post, is she on vacay? But omg squeal squeal squeal, I’m turning into a pig, that was the cutest preview/intro thing since saved by the bell, and the wild bunny logo looks more like a toxic bunny! Oh and I thought I was the only one with a computer that restarts when it overheats, except it’s a laptop :( but omg can’t wait, I’ve read Taec’s script, it’s ubber funny

    • Aww bb, your comment made me feel special cuz I’m considered as the 2PM writer hahaha XDD

      • lol when I first read that the author was Candychu I thought it was going to be a SHINee post, but then I saw “Wild Bunny” and I went back to look at the author and it didn’t say Beckery and I was surprised. If we’re lucky there will be an episode with SHINee doing a cameo, or maybe any other of my fav people, 2AM is a must though.

    • HAHA hey I’ve done 2PM posts before! It’s just, I write about 5 SHINee posts for every other artist post I do :P.

  3. lol WILD BUNNY? omggg pedos! xDDDDD

    I can’t even imagine them being in a sitcom *____* lol 10/10 memories too. The music sounds really familiar, like from an American show? They look so delicious in those tight, revealing, shirts.

    • mmmm your fave song with your fave member of Super Junior <3

      You're gonna feel so sad to know you missed this. :)

      • Oh yay! You are awesome <3. Thank you for this!!

    • Lmao this show will be hilarious, I bet.

  4. LOOOOOL. Wild Bunny reminds me of House Bunny and that isn’t really the nicest connection to make ^^;

    I don’t like it when boys are half-naked but they’re technically still wearing something so yeah~ Looks yum. XD

    • LOL I wouldn’t like it if SHINee jumped around in wifebeaters, but 2PM do it all the time so that’s okay haha.

  5. I heard the highschool girls from Idol army episode 3 are starring in this?

    • Yeah, I heard that too. But I never watched that ep of IA so not sure what they’re like :/

  6. its like a mild version of a playboy (but for girls) ad or sumthin. hmm. :]

    • LOL I’d love if the whole show was like that haha!

  7. that’s the theme for 90210! lol. omg spazz spazz 2pm major screen time on tv again!! missed them having their own variety show, but this one’s the icing on the cake! we get to see the boys act and actually see if jay was telling the truth when he said confidently in flower boys generation that he’s “really good” in acting. ROFL, sure jay. funny name too! wild bunny! bet the boys thought of that one lol.

    • Oh, I don’t really watch American TV so I would have no idea where the song came from /fail.

      Yeah I’m excited to see them act too :D. Wild Bunny lmao. It is so like them xD.

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