Posted by: lovediaries | July 13, 2009

Teaser – F.T Island “I Hope” MV

{credit: 911urnobody911 @ youtube}

MY OVARIES, DAMNIT. DYING FROM ALL THE CUTE, OMG. At first, when I heard it wasn’t an emo-depressing song, I was a bit D:, but after seeing the teaser, I CAN’T WAIT. They all have little lookalikes and it’s very precious ♥♥.

Their 3rd Album “Cross & Change” is now preorderable on YA, to be released on the 20th :).

I’m so sad though, I’ll be away on a 4day retreat with NO reception when the song (or MV?) is released. WHYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!?


  1. I love their new hair and stuff! lol it’s cute how a little kid is like their mini person and then they’re all grown up in the screen <3 I wonder how their new single sounds like, grr some more days left DDDD;

    • The little kids were adorable. But lmao, with that bowlcut, Jaejin looks the same age as the young ones xD.

      • lol I can’t believe it’s only their 3rd album. It’s been so long since they’re back again. lol they seemed to have toned down their edge and went back to cute :DDD

        • I know eh! I’m really looking forward to it. I hope it’ll be even better than “Jump Up” :).

  2. Wah, this and the Wild Bunny Preview is the perfect thing to wake up too, I remember at first I laughed at your ovaries comment but now I’m totally feeling it, yay no more depressing ballads (though they are good) but Jaejin really needs his hair back from a couple months ago

    • HAHAHA yes more people should feel the ovaries comment! It is totally normal :P

  3. I would like to be NOT tempted to watch this or else I might end up with more stuff to save up for T_______T NOOOO.

    *fights urge to click PLAY button*

    • But the full MV is out now! Have you seen it? :D

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