Posted by: lovediaries | July 14, 2009

Official SHINee Fanmeeting Clip & Promotion clip for Photo book


{credit: randy19973 @ youtube}

And took this from the side description of the video:

Title of the event : Romeo meets Juliette

1) Singing Live : Please , don’t go.
2) Magic show with Shinee (Magician : Lee EunKyul)
3) Fans entertainment show
4) Singing Live : Juliette
5) Promotion clip for ‘Shinee Photo book’ (Shinee in New Zealand)

…But actually I have to sleep so can’t say too much except … OMG!!!!!!!!!! :D.


  1. Whoa!~ They had such shaggy hair in New Zealand. XD Yay! Please don’t go. It’s so touching. The Magic show looked cool too. I wonder what they were saying at the end.

    • I’m excited to see the Magic Show!

  2. I love how they started with Please Don’t Go <3

    Onew's clothes T_____T They looked surprised when they did the Magic show lol. Lucky fans! They got to meet SHINee in person and grab green boxes -_____- New Zealand looks lonely man. Their photos looked so lifeless and emo, but the scenes were really prettty (:

    • LMAO but isn’t it good that they were able to do the shoot in NZ without having crowds of fans around them? But yeah, the photos are gorgeous omg *O*

  3. Fans need to stfu while Please Don’t Go is being performed >:/

    • I agree. Can’t hear anything at all. >.<

    • WORD.

  4. was their photoshoot taken even before they had physical changes for the release of juliette? ;p

    • I don’t think so because they look like.. “little boys” XD
      I would so have wanted to be there!!!!
      One more reason why I should be in korea…

    • Yeah this was before any Juliette changes :)

  5. hey guys! i’m doing this project about interviewing some of the hottest and interesting K bloggers in blogdom and i thought about you guys! yaaaaay! anyways, would it be okay if i interview you? i’ll send questions via email so you can answer easily. prettty please with sugar on top!!<3


      You can send us the questions to this email:

      Do you want us to answer as a group, or do you want separate answers from each person? Anything’s fine, cos we’re on holiday so we have lots of time~~

    • Awww bb, that’s so sweet of you <3333 Lol though I wouldn't really classify ourselves as "hottest or interesting", more like crazy and weird haha. But yes yes of course we shall take part :D

    • HELLO THERE :). Lol it’s nice to come home to something like this. As the other girls have said, we’d love to do this! I think PAS has emailed you again – we’ll try get it done by tonight and send it ASAP!

      Thanks for asking us <3

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