Posted by: beckery | July 15, 2009

Super Junior “Sorry Sorry” Japanese Version

Credit: yukky3 @ youtube

I didn’t even know they were releasing a Japanese version. Fail T_T But here it is. I think it sounds pretty funky in Japanese actually. Though since I’ve listened to “Sorry Sorry” so many times, both language sounds the same to me haha. They should attempt an engrish one…just for the crack value of it that is XPP

Oooo and since we haven’t had a poll in yonks, tell us what you think :D


  1. my nieces really luv dis song they also dance and sin along….srry srry makakskkakskkk….whowoo

    • Aww that’s so cute. Candychu’s sister also dances and sings to it XDD

  2. oh wow the Jap song flows so well! I could barely tell there was a difference and lmao Sungmin still has the funny way of saying “neo”

    • I thought the Japanese version was actually really similiar to the Korean. Probably cuz they say it in a Korean way? Does that make sense? LOL

  3. …Oh wow, the WAY they have to sing the song makes the Japanese a bit harder for me to understand. Some of their pronunciations could use work (I could have SWORN Siwon was trying to sing in Korean XD), but it’s good overall.

    • HAHAHA Yeaa I’ve been reading comments about how their pronounciation isn’t that great. But since I’m no language expert, I can’t really criticize them lol. XD

  4. I usually only appreciate the song in it’s orriginal language…
    but this time the Japanese flows a LOT better than say, U, but I like it. They need practice though…hahahaha<3<3<3
    Even my brother from the other side of the room asked me "what language is that? That's not Korean." LOL@MYLIFE when my BROTHER can tell differences because I make my family listen to my obsessions…
    I'm happy this sounds good :D

    • Yea I normally prefer the original version better and since I don’t understand either Japanese or Korean, they don’t make such a big difference to me hahaha. Loooool my mum just assumes whatever I listen to is Korean/Chinese XD

  5. lol I thought this was waaay old so I didn’t bother to give it a listen like always :) lol it sounds really awkward to me :D wow it’s been so long since i’ve seen their MV again DDDD;

    OMGGGG i’m laughing because they’re so korean! xD but I have to admit I did like Marry U in japanese (: the chorus somehow doesn’t flow for me, makes me miss the korean version. I guess I’m just really used to it, and this is the first time in japanese. Engrish would be nice, just for the fun of it :DDD but I see more people prefer korean (or there’s like 5 voters)

    • Lol yea I saw it on youtube and sat there and wondered if this was old cuz everyone keeps releasing a Japanese and Korean version of their songs so I get all their songs confused. I…actually don’t really like any of their Japanese releases that much heeeeee. It’s probably cuz I’m so use to the Korean and they sound awkward in Japanese? IDK, but I still love them :DD

  6. Doesn’t work for me at ALL. =/ It sounds really robotic and stiff, and I swear the majority of them are trying to pull off Korean while singing Japanese syllables…

    Okay, maybe that’s be just being mean, but I only got half way through the first verse before I shut it off. @___@

    • YEAA that’s what I was thinking. It sounds like they’re singing the Japanese words in a Korean way..though your wording probably sounds better than mine hahaha

  7. sounds weird with hearing the Korean version so many times already ^^;
    will take some time to get used to but it’s good :]

    • Lol it’s cuz the song is good overall. XD

  8. I knew they were releasing this version because I was looking through YA while trying to decide what repackage to get. XD

    Haven’t had a listen yet. brb

    • It sounds relatively okay, considering how Marry U didn’t flow very well in Japanese and U was full of lol. It still sounds too Korean but they’re Korean and none of them are fluent in Japanese so that’s okay, I guess.

      If they’re ever planning to form an SJ-Japanese, they have a lot of work to do. XDDD

      • Yea compared to their other Japanese releases, I would say this is like the only song on the good side hahahahah. I prefer them to do a SJ-Engrish, imagine the amount of crack that would bring XDD haha

    SUJU FWAITHING!!!!!!!!!!

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