Posted by: beckery | July 16, 2009

F.T Island – I Hope MV

Credit: XxtenerifexX @ youtube

::EDIT:: Subbed Version


I would say the song leans more towards upbeat pop rather than their usual style of emo ballads/rock, but I like it lots XDD The chorus is heaps catchy ♥♥♥

D’awwww the MV is really cute, especially the lil kids, who are FTI’s mini me’s. REALLY CUTE. *coo’s at them* <333 And the boys are all smiley ^__^ Aish, why so adorable!!

Lol not exactly digging Jaejin’s mushroom hair and red frames, but he looks cute in a dorkish way XD Everyone else looks gooooood, even Hongki’s hair colour has grown on me. Btw, I love Seunghyun’s rap and he looks so good. MUST RESIST LIL BOYS!!


  1. Cute MV!!
    tho i tink hongki’s hair makes him look pasle ahahah~
    seunghyun rap is good and they were all smiling awya >o<
    adorable adorable mv!!

    • Lol the colour is a tad odd but then it grows on you, I guess cuz Hongki looks good XDD

      The MV is SOOOO FREAKIN ADORABLE, and it makes the song even better <3

  2. hello.. can you tell me where i can download this song ? T.T

    • I got the download link of bww2 forums..and I dont think I’m suppose to distribute it :/ but umm you should try youtube, sometimes the user uploads the song with a download link on the side? :D

  3. GAHH this is so cute :D I love the song too.
    And the little kids a;sldj

    • I know, i know. The MV is soooooooo adorable and I’ve been listening to the song on repeat for the past 2 hours haha

  4. omg, they must have spent a long time on this mv, the set is so nice, the fitting rooms at the beginning reminded me of nobody but the guy version. I think Hongki’s new hair makes him looks more of a Kangin love child omg SQUEALS!!! OMG who is that girl? Is she the same one in the “We Live in Oz” commercial, she is so cute! Whoa, where did Seunghyun get the T.O.P baby voice, his rap was awesome! The mv made me sad though, the love story was really nice. Ahh, they came out at a perfect time, 2PM is now doing a sitcom so I can focus on F.T. Island music!!

    • So I finally watched the english subbed version and awwww the song is so sweet and cute and just d’awww <33 I really like the MV too, but then again FTI tends to have the best MVs, dont you think?

      HONGKI LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE KANGIN!!! I couldn't help but think "omg Kangin O___O a few times throughout the MV" haha. The girl is Choi Ara so yup that's her in the commercials. XD And I know i know, I was surprised cuz Seunghyun sounds reallyyyyy good in the rap. Sorta smexy but omg HE'S YOUNGER THAN ME. AISH!

  5. MV is soo cute. All members look good. but I hate Jaejin’s mushroom hair style.
    Hongki is slimmer kangin.

    • Lol I dont dig JaeJin’s hair but I feel sorry for the bb, so I’m trying to be nice about hahah. Of course Hongki is slimmer than Kangin XP

  6. I really like the MV, can’t believe I missed it when it came out till I realized it was coming out today. I don’t really like guys with carrot colored hair (AHEM KEY AND NOW HONGKI) But I hope it really does grow on me like it has to you. I really like the lil kids xDDDD Jaejin’s hair looks so cute and his pimpin glasses just bring dork to a whole new level. I like the guys’ adlibs and then Seunghyun’s rap was *____*

    • I forgot to mention but their MV looks alot like Wondergirls – Nobody. Like how they come out of nowhere, come on stage, have people watch them, being shown on tv, but in the end there was a big twist :)

      • LOL I dont exactly LIKE LIKE the colour, I just dont cringe whenever I see it anymore and find it relatively OK. XD I really really like Seunghyun’s rap. Something about the way it flows and his voice is sorta sexy :D

  7. Finally!!! Yes, I agree that now 2pm is
    off on a break, I can wholeheartedly focus
    on F.T Island :D They’re all looking hot! And the
    song is, as always, awesome ^^

    • I can never go on break cuz I follow to many fandoms and when one’s on break, a million are still active ._. Haha but I can’t complain cuz I do enjoy it…sometimes XD

  8. HIIIII. I haven’t been here in so long! I think I’ve been on a very very long break lol. Omg, this song sounds really good. I loveeeeee it, especially the instrumentals :).

    • HELLOOOO BB! You dont love anymore ._. That’s why you never comment! But now that you’re back, I expect regular comments y/y? XD Lol. And yes the song tis awesomeeee. There’s a version 2 of this song on the album and I think I might even like that more *__*

  9. Seunghyun~! *faints*
    So cute~~ I loved the ending. ;3
    Though, it puzzles me why he gave her a guitar pick when he… sings… lol

    • lol i thought the guitar pick was sorta cool..and unique? XD

  10. HAHA. why, but jaejin’s cute with his hair like that. XD or probably i’m just biased. -_-
    BUT JONGHOON is *_____*

    and the song’s cute too! ♥♥♥

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