Posted by: lovediaries | July 18, 2009

090718 SHINee @ Music Core

{credit: CodeMonmonSeason2 @ youtube}

NEW OUTFITS! At first I was DD: EW GROSS DNW at Onew & Taemin’s shirts but then as I was watching them perform, I was like mmmmmmmmmmm *___*. I like this new look, actually. Key has the best outfit and he pulls it off so well too. But dayuuuum, Onew’s pants are so tight. I can’t seem to look at anything else ROFLMAO. Like Park Myungsoo and Hyungdon said, I’m starting to worry whether there will be a “second generation” to SHINee … :/.

During Jonghyun’s big note, 4Minute come out. Ummm. “Juliette” should never be danced by both boys and girls at the same time, it just looks so strange. And Onew doesn’t look too comfortable AHA. What a cutie. I lost interest in 4Minute lol so I don’t know their names. They all seem to look the same XD.


  1. I didn’t really like Onew and Taemin’s shirts, they looked weird T_T” And I thought it wasn’t necessary for 4 Min. to come out :p Onew looked cute!

    • These boys just aren’t allowed to wear plain shirts, I swear XD.

      Yeah the 4Minute thing was so weird considering this wasn’t any special day for MuCore O.o

  2. Key had the best outfit this time. All the others…well, I’m not a big fan of them. And when 4min came out, I was like.. O___o ???????? And the girl dancing beside Onew was doing the dance moves wrong. It totally made me mad!!

    • Agreee. I was expecting 4 Minute from all the comments, but still, watching it was … weird.

  3. taemin’s hair was really straight, i say.
    when is that 4minute girl gonna take her sunglasses off? :?

    • LMAO I know eh. They already all look the same, and then one of them has to always go and wear sunglasses T__T

  4. wow on youtube, there are already 4Minute + SHINee couples o__o

    and I don’t get why Hyun Ah has to be with Jonghyun ‘cuz I think she’s taller x)

    but i liked the perf :D

    • LMAO couples already? T__T.

      Oh so she’s Hyunah. I…had no idea. /fail.

  5. I LOVE SHINee to death but I never liked Juliette as much as their other songs. I think SM is on crack when it comes to SHINee. There’s a fineeeee line between contemporary and weird! & this SHINeee-4minute thing is not working out for me hahah

    • Neither. So I don’t understand why I watch and practically dl all their performances roflmao.

  6. lol I don’t wanna say I hate 4Minute but I really do ):
    First they dance with 2PM and now SHINee, they can’t even like do anything T_T omgg I sound mean so i’ll rephrase by sayin, I haven’t gotten to know them very well and won’t be doing so soon. Plus, they don’t really match with SHINee, since they’re like innocent kids and then those girls just come in out of nowhere and just dance with them. I really hope their agency isn’t makin them do that so they’ll gain some fame =/

    • ROFLMAO, your comment made me laugh so hard. The thing is, 4 Minute and SHINee don’t even match. I thought SHINee & Kara’s joint stage last Christmas was cute, but this was unnecessary. I hope SHINee don’t go and dance “Hot Issue” with 4 Minute now D:

  7. i dont like 4minute . im kinda happy that there dancing with 2pm and shinee , they make antis . LOL
    but on the otherhand, shinee looks hot :)

    • LMAOOOOOOOOOOO that is so evil AHAHAHAHA!!!!


    I don’t hate them, but I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, since I haven’t gone to the trouble to learn their names yet. But I really don’t like this stage ): The two together… it’s just so bizarre o_O the one with KARA was cute, but honestly, this was just…. strange. And most of them looked so awkward dancing to Juliette except for Minho and the girl who was dancing with him. Or maybe I was just looking at Minho.

    On to SHINee: I liked Taemin’s shirt when I first looked at it, but when he turned around I realized it looked like those… shirts that old men wear when they go on vacation to Hawaii o__O But Key… yeah, I like the way they’re dressing him right now. That’s good. Minho’s figure is so feminine ;_; so jealous. And Jonghyun and Onew’s pants are waaaaaaay too tight.

    • ROFLMAO I KNOW EH XD. But yeah same here. I don’t hate them – I mean, I don’t even know them. They just need to SHOW THEIR FACES to me and do something to get my attention :/.

      I thought the boys all looked awkward, except for maybe Jonghyun cause he’s a bit of a manwhore rofl.

      YES LMAO same here about Taemin’s shirt. But it’s Taemin and I’m a biased noona so I let it pass :/

      • “except for maybe Jonghyun cause he’s a bit of a manwhore” XDDD I love that.

        ohhh I feel so mean right now ;_; but
        TAEMIN’S HAIR OMG ._.

        • LMAO did YOU screencap that?

          • XD yes. I was trying to skip while the video was paused to the part where 4minute comes in and I went too far. Taemin really does have a lot of hair o_O

            • LMAO, you’re such an idiot xD

              But yes, yes he does have a lot of hair.

              • I’m not an idiot ):< I just fail, in a very special and unique way.

                • While I fail in a sexy kind of way ;)

  9. i agree to everybody!

    why does 4minute has to get to perform with other groups?they’re not even especial..
    and why does it have to be 2pm and Shinee?

    i actually think they SUCK!
    im not really into new girl groups but id still prefer 2ne1 rather to them..

    are they seriously looking for antis?
    well good 4 them coz me and my sister just became one…

    seriously 4munite girls(watever) back off away from our boys..!

    • There are too many girlgroups. And having them all debut one after the other in just a series of months is too much for kpop fans, imo T__T

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