Posted by: lovediaries | July 18, 2009

Ariel Lin – “Fireflies” MV Movie Version

And I was saying that the storyline should be turned into a movie :DDD/

{credit: shu610817 @ youtube}

It starts off with Ariel saying goodbye to Summer, the waves and Siwon (except she doesn’t say his name. You just know lol). She goes back to the place he lived and I guess she couldn’t find the key so she just opened the door. Donghae comes along and gives her a fright and lmao hes SO CUTE he’s all “ISN’T THIS MY HOUSE!?!?!”. Donghae greets her but Ariel rejects his handshake. AW <3. Then she shifts, pointing to the wall and says he’s not allowed to rub it off.

DONGHAE MAKES FOR A REALLY CUTE DRUNK. He tells her he likes her but then mumbles away in Korean WHICH I CAN’T UNDERSTAND and the subs have been blocked by the song name T___T. Ariel then rubs off the picture on the wall :).

Fast forward to Siwon’s arrival, Donghae is singing in the car and tells Ariel Siwon is his best mate from High school. By the campfire, Donghae is saying that he never imagined meeting a girl like Ariel. Though she has too much of a personality and isn’t tender, she’s provided him with love. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW. And he wants to stay by her side forever, something Siwon clearly couldn’t do ;~;.

The movie version is pretty much like the original but split into two and slightly extended. Donghae’s drunk scene is worth watching though, he’s so cute :3.


  1. Si Won’s such a hot emo :D
    And god Dong Hae is just soo cute.
    I wish he liked me and confessed to me while being drunk lol<33

    • Drunken confessions aren’t always done right but this was just too cute :3

  2. whats the song donghae was singing in the car?
    so adorkable

    • “Love U More”. It was one of the new songs on their repackaged album :).

  3. drunk donghae is too cute <3
    and lol @ siwon telling hae to focus on driving. XDD HAHA!
    this MV is too cute.

    and oh, backstage at the golden melody awards hae called ariel lin jie jie~ ariel lin is such a lucky girl. ._.

    • Donghae is so sweet, omg. And I heard Ariel might be crossing over to the korean shores? Idk but I sure hope so cause I love her so much <3

  4. The full full movie versh:

    Part 1’s just another 3 and half minutes tacked on, haha.

    Oh, sjsubs09 subbed this part 2, too.

    So you can find out what drunk Donghae said when the subs were covered. XD

    • I watched Part 1 but since there wasn’t anything new, I didn’t both posting it :/.

      But thanks for the subbed version ^__^

  5. lol sometimes I really hate movie versions, but that’s never happened yet lol. Ariel is such a lucky girl, I feel like Donghae really does like her, like when they were in Taiwan and then Teuk asked which member was her ideal boyfriend and Donghae looked so shy. Everything he says is so cute! I wish guys were really like that lol. They’d make a great couple :)

    • HAHA like the movie version of DBSK’s “Stand By U”? XD. That was strange.

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