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F.T Island – Cross & Change Album Review

Hello fellow readers and pedo-noonas, I’m back :D! This is a few days old and you’ve probably all heard it by now, but I’m still writing this 8D. Again, I am reviewing as I listen first time round so my opinion of the songs aren’t set in stone or anything.

01. 빙빙빙 (Bing Bing Bing) – It’s upbeat and the chorus is catchy lmao bing bing bing bing bang bang bang bang but this is the type of pop-rock music that appears in every album like “Reo Reo” or “Train”. In other words, the track I usually wouldn’t choose to listen to haha.

02. 바래 (I Hope) – I’m surprised that they came back with a song that isn’t an emo rock ballad. It’s neither a good or bad thing because I love emo rock ballads but I also really love this song. And maybe I’m just pessimistic but the chorus sounds sorta sad to me anyway haha. I have yet to watch the MV (with subs) so I don’t know what this song is about. But anyway, I reeally like this “rock and electronic crossover number with powerful melody and rapping” (stolen from YA xP).

03. 미우나 고우나 (Love it, Hate it) – Yay emo rock ballad >:D! The title reminds me of “Hate and Resentment” (omg I love that song *O*). Even the build up of the song is similar (though you could say many F.TI songs have similar structure ^^;; ). I’m only okay with this song atm, it still needs to stand out to me.

04. 천사와 나무꾼 (Angel and the Woodsman) – I first saw the title and imagined it would be some sad song because it sounds like a Christmas story that grandparents tell their grandchildren or something. (Is it?) Instead you get this soft melody, mid-tempo track. It’s quite nice, actually :).

05. 소년 소녀를 만나다 (Boy Meets Girl) – *O* Oh this is really pretty. I fell in love with it after the 1st second, no joke. I was a bit O.o at it for having the exact same name as SHINee’s song, but it has an entirely different feel. It’s the type you would cry to and one THEY SHOULD FILM AN MV FOR, PLEASE ;____;. I love the instruments in it and how you can hear them distinctively, especially the intro with the piano *O*. I hear Jaejin here too! I am actually listening closely to this song lmao. *turns up volume*.

06. 결혼해줘 (Marry Me) – Upbeat pop rock again. I don’t mind it as much as “Bing Bing Bing” because it has a powerful chorus and it’s less crack-y lol. Still, I’ll listen properly to this song another time xD.

07. 꼭은 아니더라도 (Even If It’s Not Necessary) – YUUUS another emo ballad 8D. The melody is really slow and came the chorus, it still hadn’t built up which was something I wasn’t used to >:/. In fact, the song remains pretty mellow until the last third of the song. And then there’s all this sexy instrument playing and I can’t help but drool HAHA. This is the type of song Hongki’s voice was made for singing, imo *O*.

08. 첫눈에 알아 (I Knew from First Sight) – I’m hearing voices that don’t belong to Hongki :D. The instrumental to this song isn’t bad but … not really my type of song :/. It might be the drums, or maybe the chorus but I kept thinking of another F.TI song and it wasn’t until the end that I remembered what it was – “A Man’s First Love Follows Him To The Grave”.

09. 보내주기 (Send Away) – I love rock-ballads ♥. I was sorta distracted listening to the first verse but the chorus got my attention again.

10. 못난이 (Ugly) – There was the slightest mysterious feel in the intro but then it was lost. This is an interesting song though. But the verses are really funny sounding haha – in a good way though. Argh, I don’t know how to explain, but I was reading the Chinese “professional review” on YA and they were saying how this song is a good example of the change in music style of F.TI. What do you guys think?

11. 남의 속도 모르고 (Make Little of Others) – Another my type of song >:DDDDDDDDD (I feel as if there aren’t enough rock-ballads in this album :/). Beautiful piano melody at the start~ It becomes more “powerful” with the addition of other instruments. Loved the guitar solo omfg, it was so hot. I need an MV of this so I can see the boys playing their instruments *O*. This is the other song that earned 5 stars on my WMP :).

12. 바래 (Ver. 2) – Argh, don’t do this to me lol. I haven’t heard “I Hope” enough to know the differences in the two versions T___T.

I don’t think they’ve changed their style too much. I mean, every artist has changes in their music now and then lol. This album definitely has something new, while also keeping what F.T Island do best. I can’t say I prefer this album to their past albums, but it’s one I’ll be listening to for a long time :).


  1. Don’t worry, “I Hope” is just like their other sad rock ballads except the music is upbeat. But the lyrics are still incredibly sad.

    I haven’t listened to the rest of the album yet but I feel so tricked by their claims that this would be fresh and different when they haven’t really changed much. *sigh* I really hope they start writing their own stuff soon because their company seems intent on keeping them in the same old “pop-rock/ballad-rock” box.

    • Well, I guess it depends if you like their “old” (it’s not considered old if it still applies, right? XD) style or not. I’m one of those people that get freaked out by the idea of ~change~ in an artists’ music style but I was happy the change in this album wasn’t too drastic :).

  2. I like this album! F.T.I never disappoints ^^
    At the same time, I wish there was at least ONE
    angsty rock ballad – most of the songs this
    time are pretty mellow. Maybe it just seemed that
    way because I’ve only listened once so far :(

    As for changes, I think you’d have to be quite
    musical to spot it, because they said something
    about adding more house music in. I for one don’t have much idea of what house music is supposed to sound like…so not much difference for me “^^
    I still love the album though!

    PS. Seunghyun’s voice still sounds eerily like
    Wonbin’s sometimes :P

    • Like a suuuuper angsty rock ballad, right? Agree with most of them being mellow. I mean, the songs are all really lovely but they don’t bring your emotions up and down – not like how I want it haha.

      But yeah, you’re right, you probably have to be able to differentiate music genres – something I’m incapable of – to notice the changes in their album.

  3. omg boy meets girl is amazing! Jaejin’s voice is heaven! just like Hongki’s! I loved “A Man’s First Love Follows Him to His Grave” so I guess that’s why I liked “I Knew From First Sight” (not liking the long titles) and oh my blaising jebus, I thought “I Hope” was good as it was but ver.2 was amazing as well!!

    • Haha really? I like the sound of the titles, they sound so deep, but yeah those songs weren’t my thing xP.

  4. Wow already another review?! This one is even longer T_T
    lol I’m so dumb, I listened to I Hope and then I was like “OMGG, best song ever. Sounds way familiar!”

    Alot of the songs started sounding really familiar to me. Then I got super lazy and only heard half of each song. i think i’ve done enough listening today, after performances, Suju’s concert, ISF, and Pretty Boys. Alot of the titles were really weird, but they sounded really good. It’s good to have them back again :DDD “Boy Meets Girl” really stood out to me :ppppppp I really hope it’s their follow up song :] lol they haven’t even performed yet and I’m already hoping for a follow up song (: Other songs that stood out to me: “Even if it’s not Necessary”, “Send Away” “Ugly” (even though the title is suggestive lol), “Make litte of Others” (OMGG, COOLEST SONG EVERRR)

    I don’t think they’re really changing their style, maybe just fewer them and more ballad -y? I wouldn’t say they’ve changed, just added something new. I’m not disappointed in their album, but I really do miss like their old songs. But like you, I’ll definitely be listening to this alot! xD

    • LMAO I’m…sorry? XDDD. Even though I suck at them, I like doing reviews so it’s like I do my part of the spazzing all in one go, you know?

      I hope you get round to listening to all the songs properly. It is honestly a very solid album, just, not all songs suited to my taste. But definitely loved all the ballads *O*.

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