Posted by: lovediaries | July 18, 2009

Kyuhyun performing “7 Years of Love”

090714 Maybee Turn up the Volume Radio – Thank you betty for linking <3! Kyuhyun was on this show by himself? He looks so lonely lol but lmao Nicole was sooo cute the way she just squealed and cheered for Kyuhyun during the music intermission. She’s then laughing by herself while Kyu goes back to singing XD. Aw, they’re cute together ._. Kyuhyun was a little off during his “hoo-ing” at the end AHAHA he made a face too.

090718 Yoo Heeyul’s Sketchbook – I for sure prefer Kyuhyun performing this while dressed in a blacksuit on a dark stage than sitting next to a squealing Nicole in a studio XD. I was reading the comments and I totally agree with the one mrskwonjiyong made about how Kyuhyun’s voice puts you in a trance~ It’s so beautiful. He’s so handsome on stage too *O*. The audience is so attentive, I like when I can actually hear the performance. The couple at the very end of the clip was cute haha :).


  1. it’s nice to see my youtube username up there. ahahaha
    kyu gives me goosebumps everytime. and it was such a sweet sight to see his parents in the audience. they must’ve been so proud.

    i was listening to his perf in volume up while browsing another site, then i seriously got scared from nicole’s sudden screaming.
    thought someone from the neighborhood got robbed or something.

    • Ooh that’s your account? :P

      His parents were in the audience? That’s so sweet, but I don’t know what they look like ^^;;

      LMAO yeah I read all the comments first so I was sorta waiting for Nicole to pop up. But man her squeal was deadly XD.

      • yeah, mrskwonjiyong. made that up when i was still sooo immersed with BB.
        (now SJ consumed my whole sanity)

        • OH THAT’S YOU LMAO well great minds think alike :D.

  2. i <3 kyu

    lol. nicole is so adorable too!

    • Haha yeah Nicole is such a cutie~

  3. lol i was like laughing really hard when she started being a fan girl right in the middle of the song. And then she realized that the song wasn’t over. But I don’t blame her, the song is long lol.

    • HAHA yeah and she did it twice too! I have no idea how Kyu held it in. And maybe she made him nervous which was why he was a little off at times XP

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