Posted by: lovediaries | July 18, 2009

SHINee @ Now It’s Time For Flower Boys – Ep2

Yaay, I can finally watch the second ep :). Posting for those who haven’t gotten around to watching :). Part 2 & 3 aren’t up yet, so I’ll edit when they are!

{credit: cchungalung @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Oh God, I almost cried HAHA. Onew had his own special section in Part 1 ;~;. His smile is so beautiful omg. I think there should be Special Onew videos allllllllllll the time. He has such precious moments, like when he messed up his hair at 2.38 and then in the next second hes ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDing. “Let’s meet next time” ;___;.

Hyungdon says some pretty hilarious stuff in Part 1 lmao. the skinny jeans pressure your goodies and even the blood in your wrists don’t circulate because of those bracelets” was gold XD. I then skipped straight to Part 4 because epicism was right in saying that I could never resist something as good as SHINee pole dancing XD.

I’m a bit lost but I think they’re trying to show that they fit the requirements of an idol and one thing is to know how to sexy dance. Some of the stuff they do is hilarious omg. Like Key and Jonghyun with their facial expressions while trying to make their collarbone jump. I laughed so hard XDDD. The two pretty much fail (as did Taemin who got told his body was rotting ;___;) while the MCs were impressed with Minho even though he pulled a face too XD.

When it came to the butt part, Key pawned omg. His face. What a whore HAHA. Poor Jonghyun was asked to do it again cause everyone else was so good. Seriously why wasn’t Onew here ;___;. He would’ve been able to make Jonghyun look good lmao. But then again, Onew has the best butt, so maybe not *O*.

They then bring out the pole. I have no words, but “it’s like the pole is your lover” omg cryinggggggggg. Taemin comes out first and he starts off just dancing and holding the pole but then “the pole is your lover” and he starts thrusting to it AHAHA. Key comes out and wtf, I would not be surprised if he had a part time job as a stripper. He is so seductive with everything he does AHAHAHA. Minho didn’t do that much but wave and twirled with the pole, still it drove Hyungdon crazy XD. Jonghyun comes out saying “I can’t do stuff like this” but LMAO I think he did pretty well. Mmm, pole dancing.

Key gets an encore stage and omg that move where he went down was just … illegal *O*.


  1. I honestly only watching the pole dancing cut. :/

    Is the rest of it good? LOL D: I’m scared to watch (or read about) the rest of the show.

    • LMAO you watched the pole dancing but you’re scared to watch the rest of the show? Well 2 & 3 still aren’t up but the other parts were funny too.

      You should watch the whole thing !!!

  2. I LIKE IT TIGHT TOO, BOYS ;) I miss Onew ;__;

    I’m done. Really 8)


      I miss Onew too omg. I hope all their other variety shows get subbed :/


        fsm it feels like they didn’t go on that many shows :(

        • I was sorta waiting for the right thing to post to wish Taemin a happy bday – just so you know I didn’t forget! Haha.

          fsm? flying spaghetti monster? O.o

          • I’m a horrible fan and forgot earlier so I didn’t wanna forget again lol

            for some reason XD

            • FOR SOME REASON LMAO WTF. I urbandictionary-d the meaning and for flying spaghetti monster. My bad T___T.

              I posted this Taemin mosaic on my blog, its so cool, you should check it out :)

  3. lol omg, this is the best show EVER that they’ve ever been on so far. I love this and when Suju went on Intimate Note :) but lol I’ve been waitin for this since like FOREVER! SHINee is the best, and when they retire or disband (which is like never) they can take a part time job as being a stripper :DDD

    • HAHA I loved SJ on Intimate Note. Argh I really wish Onew could’ve been on. The 5 of them need to be on another variety show since it’s usually only 4 of them on Star King or SGB :(.

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