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Super Show 2 – Press Conference

Pictures credit as tagged; soompi; sjmarket; baidu

I’m still in the process of hunting down more concert/press conference pictures but meanwhile FEAST YOUR EYES ON THIS PICTURE (and other ones under the cut lol)!! It’s always interesting to see their drastic style/hair changes for a concert and I gotta say Eunhyuk’s stood out to me the most this time. Or it could be because I’m eternally biased haha At first I was like :/ but then how can you say no to RED HOT SEXY, BABY and that Hyukliner? YUMMM!!

The concert sounds like a freakin blast, but then again when are they not .__. I REALLY MUST SELL ALL MY BELONGINGS TO GO TO ONE OF THIS SOMEDAY!! The performance list looks soooooo good and if the Sorry Sorry remix is any indication then the boys must have definitely sounded awesome.

AND WHAT IS THIS I HEAR ABOUT HANKYUNG, DONGHAE AND EUNHYUK TAKING OFF THEIR PANTS?!?!?!! PICS ANYONE? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD NVM, loool whilst going on my fancam hunt, I found the clip and um omfg *brain explodes*


Gee – I can’t really see anything properly but I’m sure HEECHUL IS ROCKING IT! And HAHAHA Teuk and his huge, white hoop earrings and cute hat is hilarious XDDD
Geng, Hae and Hyuk taking off their pants
Yes they do take off their pants and yes they’re wearing boxers underneath T_T Damn! Lol. I wonder what it’s for though XD Cuz I still wanna see their skinny, chicken legs hahaha <3
Our Love –
AWW THIS IS SO CUTE. They’re just sitting there swaying side by side ;___; AND KANGIN KISSED HYUK!! And I *think* Yesung kisses Hyuk a few seconds later. OMG AND KANGTEUK TOO AND JOWIRJ EUNTEUK AND HYUKWOOK. OMFG SO PRECTION ♥♥♥
Kangin – Solo + Run To You
I love “Run to you”. It is only THE BEST song to get the crowd pumped. I spy with my lil eyes that there was also Teuk, Hyuk and Shindong for that performance y/y?

Lol this is where I get lazy. Heaps more fancams on youtube though :D



  1. i’ve seen the video!..i was like.. O.M.G. WHAT THE>….are they really trying to kill all those people in there?…i bet everyone there cant even breath normal becoz of overflowing hotness all over the place..

    it must’ve been an awesome show!
    i wish i was there..T.T
    all the pictures and videos tells it all.

    • I wish there was pictures of the taking pants off moment cuz the fancam wasn’t clear enough for me to see what colour boxers they have. I bet Hyuk is wearing red HAHAHA. XDD

  2. pants off? omy. cant wait to see that! LOL
    henry came!
    with eunhyuk’s stunning red hair, and sungmin’s anime-ish look (mainly cos of the perfectly spiked hair) and heechul’s and shindong’s costumes, it looks like they can form a superhero team!
    btw, shindong’s hair looks like alexander’s hair from not young!
    suju<3 kibum T_T

    • I loveeeeeeee Hyuk and Geng’s new hair. It’s so fkn fierce and smexy. Sungmin looks so cute and adorable and like a lil boy. I also like Heechul’s. He looks..manly O__O LOOOL.

  3. I SHALL BE BACK TO SAVE ALL THESE PICS. (after I finish freeing up space, that is. Laptop is complaining now.)

    The boys look so wonderful T____T Please let me see them live in the near future T______T♥

    • LOOL OK DARLING. Yea I need to free up my harddrive. It’s so full it keeps restarting the computer :/

      I wanna see them live too .__.

  4. OH. MY. GOD. Eunhyuk!!!! *___* This boy seriously went from super cute to just plain sexy. Love the new looks! =)

    • I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWW. It’s so fkn fierce and sexy. I just want to kidnap him XD

  5. OH. MY. GOD. Eunhyuk!!!! *___* This boy seriously went from super cute to just plain sexy. Love the new looks! =)
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

    • Haha you’re so cute. Thanks XD



    p/s:my eyes are fixed on kyu wif long hair ROFL somehow it suits him XDD but he sure does look tired in some of the pics, bet they all are ):

    • Um, my eyes are still fixed on Hyuk after a billion look at the pictures. Biased kicking in. Not my fault. The hair and hyukliner is killing me *___*


    and OMG, KYU YEONG looks so unwilling XD

    i see dinoteuk too! :DDDD

    • and GAH. I’m rolling on the floor laughing at KYU rolling on the floor singing! XDDDDDDDDD! HAHA. i love you kyu!

      • ROFL. Well I have worn hoop earrings..but just silver ones. He’s look HUGE and sorta ridiculous for a guy. Good choice bb XP hahaha.

        LOOL YEA. Was it cuz Shindong kicked him and he ended on the floor and kept singing? XDD Dorkface

  8. hyuk’s hair seems to be a modified version of min’s smooth and bouncy neorago hair.
    he stands out from the bunch with that suuuppper bright red color (reminds me of chul’s don’t don hair) and the hyuk guyliner. <333

    i got myself a new phone wallpaper!

    the fancam i'm waiting for the most is ryeowook's insomnia. wahhhh. our eternal magnae grinding with a scantily clad dancer.
    ohh yeah! *_______*

    • Hyuk’s hair is hot full stop hahaha. I think it really really suits him. And the hyukliner makes it so much hotter. And yes, I still can’t stop spazzing over how sexy he looks. XDD

      I actually pretty much like all their hairs, minus Shindong :/ but umm Teuk didn’t get a hairchange? :(

      Lol. DNW Wook grinding! Im refusing to watch the fancam or look at pictures cuz WOOK IS PURE AND INNOCENT. DNW XP

  9. omgggggggg I LOVE YOU KYU <3

    • Looooooooooooooooooooooooool. I love everyone XP

  10. lol WOAHHH, this doesn’t look recent to me, it looks like three years ago. But wow, their new style is crazy but it’ll take time before I fully adjust to it. BUT omgg, best concert ever <3

    • Lool yea their hairstyle reminds me of the good old day, but the guys look more mature and pull the sexy and fierce look off better y/y?

  11. OMG OMG O…M…G!! This made my day. Thank you for this!! XDDDD I gotta say that Eunhyuk is…… WOW! Yes, he definitely stands out, his sexy eyeliner. –Heechul and his peace sign, hehe… Oh and the hat he’s wearing is soo cute on him >____< I WISH I was there T_T

    The only person missing in this beautiful equation of Hot members is Kim Kibum.

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