Posted by: lovediaries | July 18, 2009

Super Show – Sorry Sorry Remix

{credit: PeacefulxChaos @ youtube}

::EDIT:: Clearer versions: Part 1 – RNB Remix, Part 2 – Remix

THIS REMIX IS SO HOT OMG. IT TOTALLY PWNS THE OTHER REMIX. The whole first part sounds like an entirely different song – they actually should’ve made it into another song – with new lyrics and a new melody and everything. And efffffffffffffffffffff, Kyuhyun at 1.35-1.38 is my absolute favourite part.


I’ve read bits and pieces from last night’s Super Show. Apparently SHINee was in the audience!? *flails*. And Jonghyun was totally spazzing with his Super Junior flag roflmao. Also, Hankyung is back to being blonde!!!!!!!!!!!!! And and and, there was this Hankyung, Shindong, Eunhyuk farting section!? IHNI XD.


  1. i knew it!..neither Shinee nor SNSD are in Music Bank last night!..its the only reason i could think for them to skip performance..

    its an SMfamily love!

    • I was wondering why SHINee weren’t at MuBank! Aw, that’s so precious <3

  2. STUDIO VERSION PLEASE. SEXY SEXY. When I heard there was a remix version, I didn’t expect it to be like this *________*

    I seriously need to see them live someday ;-;

    • NEITHER. I can’t stop listening to R&B Version *O*

  3. Love the remix!

  4. i wanna see how shinee spazz!
    and the remix is friggin’ awesome!

    • I bet they would’ve been adorable <3

  5. got this version on my phone already cause its super addicting!!!
    i do hope they release a studio version of the r&b version. gawd, SM pleaaaasseeee.

    can only recognize KRY’s voices but i think i hear sungmin somewhere. fancam, where art thou?
    was that kyu who sang, “I WANT YOU BABY~~~”
    whew. HOTNESS.
    proves how SJ grew in terms of their singing capabilities.
    gotta love them more.

    • I’d set it as my ringtone too but its too fuzzy and the fans are too loud XD.

      And yep yep, it was Kyu who sang that line omg. I melted *O*.

  6. lol so this is where they’ve been T_T I haven’t heard news of them in so long ): I really like their remix, it’s probably the best remix I’ve heard so far :) I really miss this song now =/ But I’ll be looking forward to their new song! xD

    • You know, when Super Show is finished, SJ will disappear for like another year and then maybe SJM will comeback. I’m just guessing.

  7. omg kyu just killed me with his part aaaaahhh :x

    • I know, I love his part omg *O*

  8. im now sooo into the R&B version..
    its soo addicting i cant stop listening to it…

    and the people who sung it is just..
    seriously fantastic…im really amazed.,i wish i know who they are..
    most of time its KRY but i think there’s another person involved..

    but anyway whoever they are…
    they did a super awesome job.

    • I really need a HQ studio version. Srsly, this is like the next “One Love”. I listened to the fancam version so much that when HQ came around, I had the biggest spazz XD


  10. i love super junior soooooooooooo much!!

    :”> :”> :”> <333333333

    • Don’t we all :D

  11. anybody who have the lyrics for this new version? i need that..pleaseee

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