Posted by: lovediaries | July 19, 2009

090719 Inkigayo


2NE1 : I Don’t Care – CL’s vest can take someone’s eye out lmao. Dara looks so pretty here, I love her hair like this :). I don’t like Minji’s weird hoodie thingy. It looks like she has a sling on her arm which got stuck in a volleyball net D: And Bom looks like she’s wearing a guy’s tee and boxers lmao. They’re all so cute though, I love how they’re acting along while singing :), it makes their performances fun to watch.

2PM : Again & Again & I Hate YouInkigayo baby! Hehe. I like watching them perform “Again & Again” without those jumpsuits 8D. Damn these boys sweat like crazy. And lmao after all these weeks, I still find the choreography for the chorus in “I Hate You” cracktastic XD, but it’s okay because I still find Junsu’s wet-lip-finger-licking really sexy *O*. And of course Jay pulls his shirt up haha. Also, Khun looks really good in eyeliner *_____* and the way he’s shaking the hell out of that black thing on his coat as he hops from one side of the stage to the other XDD.

2PM : I Hate You “Yeah” Closeups – This was so hot omg *O*. They’re all like .. hot and yeah. Best. Part. Of. The. Performance. Cut for your convenience :D.

F.T Island : Marry Me & I Hope – Seunghyun ♥________________♥. I’m sorry, I’m very biased towards that boy. It’s like he’s the Onew of F.T Island – my secret bias that is not so secret. BUT CAN I BE BLAMED!? He’s so hot with his lip biting. But Jaejin’s hair, please grow out RIGHT NOW. He already has a ridiculous bowlcut, in those pink frames, I can’t take him seriously XD. And idk, it’s strange seeing Hongki and Seunghyun wear almost matching pants except the colours are reversed and Seunghyun’s aren’t full lengthed. Lol what is this!? AND I SEE YOU MINHWAN ON THOSE DRUMS. They need to bring that boy forward a little :/. Not liking Jonghun’s hair.

They get another stage and new outfits for “I Hope”. Of course my eyes immediately went to Seunghyun. WHY IS JAILBAIT SO DELICIOUS!? His rap is so yum yum *O*. Again, I have to comment on Jonghun’s hair. The colour and style makes him look old and not asian D: The stepping from side to side is so lame AHAHA but Minhwan’s smiling makes it all good again~ I loved Jaejin’s rap too because he winked OMGAH *high pitch squeal*. And then Jonghun got down on his knee and Minhwan is banging away…*sigh*. Hongki sang really well, he always has so much energy :D (he cracked the slightest near the end @4.29 aha, but he got away with it :P).

I love comeback performances because artists get to perform more than one song :D.

Jungmin ft. Jisun : If You Cannot – I watched their Music Core performance yesterday but it was really boring because they were miles apart and Jisun was sitting up on that massive chair so I didn’t bother posting; here Jisun walks out during her part and actually stands next to Jungmin, yay! The backtrack is really overpowering though, you have to strain to hear the both of them >:/. The ballad is sort of boring though, but I love Jisun’s voice ♥. (If you look closely, you can see that Jisun’s top got caught on her bangle XDDDD. It happened at 1.50 lmao.)

SNSD : Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) – I can never watch a full performance of this song. It makes me feel too uncomfortable :((. Having said that though, I love love love Taeyeon’s part near the end. Her voice actually gives me goosebumps *O*. I hope she gets another OST song soon~


  1. I need to download a HQ version of the 2PM performance ;_____________; I think I’ll go to my cousin’s and steal their internet.

    I love If You Cannot, it was my favourite solo out of the 5 and Jisun’s voice is soooo gorgeous.

    P.S was Minhwan good at planning drugs?

    • Bring your comp over to your cousins and dl a new MF.

      How come Jungmin gets a girl (oops wrote song) to sing with him? But yes, Jisun’s voice *O*.

      p.s you know hes damn good doing that thing he does.

      • Apparently I was moray for a second. Anyway, I need to get a new everything for my computer, I should just reformat it.

        I know, and actually half the reason I like the song so much is for Jisun because it is quite plain with just Jungmin even if I love him so damn much.

        P.S yes he’s good at that.

        • LMAOO no wonder I had to approve your comment. Oh so I guess if you have the same email, you get the same avatar.

          moray. what jay-like onew fail.

          Haha yes, and Jisun’s existence makes Jungmin less like a woman.

          p.s he should stop though, if he wants to stay safe. or else pass some man-ing up tips to Taemin.

          • Oh so you have to approve names andnot emails. I should log into my real wordpress account but I’m getting used to my yellow pattern.

            I think it should be called leadja condition.

            LOL what do you mean less like a woman, I see two women on that stage

            P.S If Minhwan shared his arms with Taemin they could both have normal arms.

            • Well if you kept mooray but changed the email, I’d still have to approve you. So…don’t change anything.

              And yeah, I’m used to your yellow avatar anyway. I’m pretty lame, I can match avatars to commentors 8D. So your name could’ve been iwatchpr0n and I wouldn’t have noticed :/.

              Bec said leadja the other day. leadja park or something like that.

              LMAO I just read “I see two women on that stage” and thought you were referring to Ryeowook dancing to Insomnia. Ryeowook and Jungmin should go off and play dress ups.

              p.s ROFLMAO that’s an interesting idea.

              • Don’t give me ideas.

                Jay is leadja (because this old woman thought leader was leadja).

                LOL DRESSUP. Ryeowook nd Jungmin can call Jokwon and they can have a playdate, Korea needs to jump on this idea and have a show or something.

                P.S But I like Minhwan’s arms, so no sharing DD:

                • You’re a loser, srsly. Have you watched Frozen Flower yet?

                  Daww and I thought leadja was cause it’s like the ja in jay .__.

                  Didn’t they do this drag beauty pagaent before though? I think Leeteuk won, but there’s like one clip on youtube and that’s all you can find :/.

                  p.s Junho also has nice arms. But he’s short D:

                  • I haven’t NOT YET, I go to my cousin’s to dowload Asian movies and I just downloded Speedy Scandal but I’m scared that when I dl Frozen Flower they will open the file and ;___;

                    LOL no but he spelt his name as Pa Jaebum once.

                    I don’t golooking for drg beauty pageants I wouldn’t know.

                    P.S Everyone’s taller than me so I don’t care, Junho and Minhwan and Rain all look alike though (… but Junho > them)

                    • Lmao that would be funny. BUT STILL. You need to watch it so that you can be on an unreachable level. I’m so bad though, making you watch pr0n D:

                      Oh see. Pa Jaebum is like moray.

                      And HEY I don’t go youtubing them. But … as if you wouldn’t be curious if you found Taec in a dress and a wig.

                      p.s I would say Minhwan > them just cause he’s jailbait. But roflmao at the retreat we watched like 2 mins of speed racer cause I wanted to see how Rain acted and to hear his Engrish. The only words we heard were “No” “Don’t” and “Thank you” T__T and cbb watching more.

  2. why shinee didn’t perform today?

    • I’d like to know ;__;

  3. Did you watch it when you were very alone? Because I am never alone unless I stay up past like 2am and that would be so suspicious.

    And I have a pic of Taec in a wig but once again, sister’s computer.

    LOL your checklist is like “are they jailbait? yes? no other criteria needed”.

    • Of course. Do you think I would watch with people around? I had my door closed and headphones in as well. Just in case, you know.

      Yes. Jailbait has become #1 priority.

  4. omigosh i seriously LOVE inkigayo for giving us that farewell gift of the closeup of 2PM…they understand fan girls like no one else

    and seriously do stylists really feel it is necessary for at least one member in a group to adopt the bowl cut? jaejin, please grow back your hair asap.

    • I always knew Inki had the best camera work :P.

      And IHNI but the bowlcut thing has got to stop right about … NOW.

  5. drool, 2PM is so hot, and even though I’ve never heard Taec say his throat hurts, I still have this urge to buy him cough syrup cause it seems after all those “Yeah” growls he would need it, but it’s smoldering hot nonetheless! OMG Minhwan stare at the camera was amazing, I forgot to focus on everyone else except it was funny when Jaejin started rapping then you hear all these yells!

    • HAHA I know eh. His rap always makes me want to cough or something. It can’t be comfortable lmao.

      YES when Minhwan looked at the camera, I was like O____O wow, you’re so hot. LOOL.

  6. SS501 has been gone too long because it took me a ridiculously long time to realize that the Jungmin you were talking about was the one from SS. *fail*

    And I totally agree with your Seunghyun bias! The boy gets better looking every time I see him. Stop tempting me with jailbait, Kpop!

    • Haha but which other Jungmin is there?

      Yuuuus! I don’t think enough people understand the reason for Seunghyun biases xD.

  7. I’m actually please that 2PM leaves with a very good goodbye stage. I’m so happy they performed on Inki. I love how Jay mentions their music stage name. lol I liked how they “spiced” it up with a few different things and the cameraman deserves a big raise for the things he does! :D It went by so fast, but then we got a comeback from FT Island so it kinda balanced it off, but I’ll be waitin for 2PM to come back :) the rest were really awesome as well haha :p

    • Goodbye stages are almost always as good as comeback stages, I’ve found. Like I really loved SJ’s goodbye stages ;~;

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