Posted by: lovediaries | July 19, 2009

090719 SHINee @ 1000 Songs Challenge

It’s Onew, Jonghyun & Key. These are just cuts and they’re not subbed, but I mean, I would watch 5 hours of just Onew singing so lol, WATCH THIS IF YOU LOVE HIS VOICE >:D. And he’s so good on this show too! I remember last time Jonghyun failed while Onew knew every song XD.

I also remember last time they cut out all these good bits of Onew >:| and they’ve done it again T__T (because I watched fancams of songs that were never broadcasted). Seriously, why do they cut out the awesome-ness that is Onew? Is he the next Changmin or something? D: Okay, done with my rant.

{credit: randy19973s @ youtube}

Songs performed as posted in the video description:
1) Onew : [다 함께 차차차 Everybody cha cha cha] by 설운도 Seol WoonDo – Onew *_____* is the cutest.

2) Key : [착각의 늪 A Swamp Of Illusion] by 박경림 Park Kyungrim – Key forgot a few of the words, I think he was nervous. Oh and he cracked lmao, but yay for hearing him sing solo :))!!

3) Jonghyun : [허니 Honey] by 박진영 JYP – Mmmm, Jonghyun singing JYP’s song. Not sure if want XD. He was singing really well but then messed up and got blown off :(.

4) Onew : Repechage quiz – Onew has to guess the songs the female MC is singing. He sure knows his music :D. He only messed up on F.T Island’s “Love Sick” HAHA and then ran out of time :/.

5) Jonghyun : [인썸니아 Insomnia] by 휘성 Wheesung – Jonghyun was so cocky seeing this song haha. But he sang it perfectly *O* while Onew flailed about in the back.

6) Onew : [가는 세월 Flowing time(?)] by 서유석 Seo Yooseok – LMAO they all looked so worried when they saw the title and then Onew starts singing and Key is unsure and then Jonghyun realises Onew knows it and he’s all :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO! After about 3 lines, Onew sings “I don’t know” AND DANCES TO “SORRY SORRY” AHAHAHA ILHSM ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

7) Onew : [아빠의 청춘 Youth of dad] by 오기택 Oh Gitaek (This is 60’s song) – Only Onew sang this song which surprised Jonghyun yet again. ONEW MAKES ME SO DAMN PROUD. He sang it perfectly too and it’s a song wayy before his time 8D.

And SHINee became the MVP of this episode. WOOHOO~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Onew seems to know alot of song, that’s awesome! JH was pretty excited when Insomnia came on, hahah!!

    • Haha yeah, Jonghyun with his jumping about lmao.

  2. Onew was so cool. He knew like all of the songs. Jonghyun looked really hawt singing Insomnia!~ Key wasn’t singing much, was he?

    • Yah, Onew sure knows his music. I guess Key didn’t know enough of the songs :(

  3. Dubuful<333 lol his love for trot came in handy for this one XD.

    But yeah, I wish music programs focus on Onew more often.
    He looks like he's treated as a 'side' member when he's one of the lead vocals.

    • Yes, I swear this show was made for Dubu :D. He does so well whenever he comes on~

      Argh I know, and a lot of fans new into SHINee never think Onew is the leader T__T

    I wasn’t really surprised with Onew, just surprised at Jonghyun surprised at Onew lol. I’m just happy that he’s back again. Really cool how he knew all the songs too (:

    • HAHA I know eh, shouldn’t you know what your leader is capable of!?

  5. haha, the next changmin 8) hard to believe that onew’s just a year younger.. :D

    • Haha it’s strange, one’s the magnae of one group and one’s the leader of another … but the leader is younger xD

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