Posted by: lovediaries | July 19, 2009

Super Show 2 – Pictures

NB: I’ve just split up yesterday’s post into Press Conference and Pictures. Some are new but most you guys have already seen before xD.

Omg, Ryeowook’s wig for “Gee” cracked me up sooooo bad. He looks so ridiculous, I feel sorry for him XD. Speaking of Ryeowook, you guys have to watch this fancam of him performing Insomnia. I…I couldn’t believe my eyes lmao. He grinds with the female dancer.

Hyuk is so damn fierce with his bright red hair, I love it so much *O*. And I love all the suits and ties and vests omg. Donghae getting down on his knees is so hot too. I cbb with fancams though, I just want the real thing already.

Oooh maybe they’ll film an MV for the Sorry Sorry R&B Remix with all the SS2 footage like they did for “One Love”. *fingers crossed* :DD.


  1. …idk why, but with Donghae on his knees like that, it’s looking like he’s saying PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME.


    & Ryeowook singing Insomnia is :Q___________

    • I wonder what song he performed. His “Nice & Slow” @ SJM in HK was pretty intense haha.

  2. i heard he sang his own composed song..titled Beautiful..but im not really sure though..

    ryeowook’s insomnia just totally killed me!
    its tooo freakin HOT!
    the girl is super effin lucky to get touched by him!!

    • I think so too. Beckery just told me the same thing. Can’t wait to hear it :D.

      HAHA yes that Insomnia perf was so not expected XD.

      • i know ryt?!
        its really a super surprise!
        and its Ryeowook!

        LOL im watching the Gee perf. (2nd day) ryt now and its EPIC!
        him and kyu is sooo funny..esp wookie, his hair is just….
        and super lol at siwon!

        i all i can do is wait & watch fancams..
        i really wish i was there.!T.T

        • Haha aw I really wanna see the Gee fancam but … I get angry if it’s not clear or if fans are too loud LMAO. And I also get really jealous T__T

  3. is it real that i see heenim sporting dara’s broom stick hair? O_o

    and i always ROFL whenever i see unwilling kyu young. XDD

    • Lmao it isn’t just you, Heechul chucked a Dara XD

  4. LMAO at the wigs. must be fun to go to their concert! there’s enough pretty boy action for everyone! of course THERE HAD to be girl group parodies! bet it was heechul’s idea.

    • I’m really tempted to see fancams just to see the boys dance in wigs XDD

      • I also think Gee parody is Heechul’s idea because Heechul hold audition for Gee parody ….shindon,hangeng didn’t pass and members said yesung was busy with his schedul so he was left out

        • LMAO He held auditions for the GEE parody? XDD That’s so ridiculous lmao.

  5. Shiwon playing drums??I went to Friday’s concert and he didn’t play the drums. O_o

    • :O Omg I’m so jealous you got to go to the concert ;__;.

      Beckery said she found that pic off the soompi thread, but okay, I’ll get rid of it O.o

      • Thanks for the pictures! Don’t worry, you’ll get to see them too. :)

        Waaah! I only knew now that Shinee watched that night! :O

        • I hope so, and thank you!

  6. They were so cool.
    Junsu of dbsk(one fan account said Yunho came as well) and snsd came on the second night.
    Today I was still hoping to see kibummiee

    • Haha oh rly? So Yunho was there xD.

  7. I am so jealous of everyone who went! SuJu concerts look so freaking awesome just from the pictures that I’d probably die of happiness if I ever attended one. I don’t even know which pics to comment on because they’re all hilarious and crack-tastic. But I do agree with you that Eunhyuk is rocking that red hair!

    • ME TOO ;__;. They always look so fun and so much happens with 13 12 members. And the fact that SJM were there too :)))!

  8. The shirts are sooooo adorable! And them playing with toy guitars X3 LOL GEE. Kyu and Wook in wigs looooool

    I seriously want to see these guys live but I think that will never be T___T

    • LOL at Insomnia fancam. I could hear someone screaming with her voice at the verge of disappearing XDDD Is it just me, or is his English better here? OMG WOOK THERE’S A GIRL TOUCHING YOU O_______O OMG WOOK IS DANCING. HE’S TOUCHING HER. OMG LOL WTF IS THIS. *ROLLS*

      This looks so wrong lol XD

    • I KNOW, HOW CUTE ARE THE SHIRTS!? I really want one ;__;.

      Insomnia fancam had me :Oing and laughing at Wook. I think he pulled it off quite well, but he still can’t change the fact that he’s a total GIRL.

  9. Oh, wow. :o
    Hangeng is blonde again! <3 and the fancam made me rofl. xDD <3

    • Yep, but his face is more tanned for some reason :/

      • It iss :o But maybe it’s just the light?

        • Or maybe he got darker in China? XD

  10. LOL, Wook deffinetly stepped out of his comfort zone. It sorted reminded me of Sungmin doing the magic trick with the woman on StarKing.
    It was hot, but Wook is still a bit hesitant.
    Its nice to see a new side of him ^^

    • Yeah though I wouldn’t have minded Wook singing a ballad (because he didn’t get to have his own solo last time, did he? :S) I’m glad he listened to his hyungs and tried something new out :D

  11. i want to see kyu in pig’s (shindong’s) hat TT____TT

    • OH so it’s Shindong’s? XD I was wondering why Kyuhyun had a pig. What was originally his hat?

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