Posted by: lovediaries | July 20, 2009

Infinitely Yours – Bloopers & Funny Moments

{credit: kichianime2 @ youtube}

Lmao, highlights for me included:

  • Changmin coughing, because he’s adorable
  • DBSK going well with filming when someone shouts out for whoever to move their car
  • Kangin sticking his script on the back of Donghae
  • Kangin being jealous of Donghae and threatening him and making him scared D:
  • Kangin being demoted from a lighting person to a wind-blower
  • Hankyung showing Siwon how to dance
  • Leeteuk & Shindong lipsynching Ryeowook & Yesung’s lines – AND MAKING IT LOOK BELIEVABLE
  • Siwon not stopping after the director called cut


  1. xD
    I love how Jae just picks up after Yunho screws up: Yes, we’re getting down to things today, what did you say we were getting DOWN to?

    And srsly, I thought Shindong & Leeteuk were singing. T_T Even after reading your summary. Didn’t believe they were lip-syncing until SD stopped. D:

    • HAHA I KNOW, we are so bad for thinking that sort of thing.

      Lol in time you’ll learn the voices of Suju and won’t be easily fooled :P

      • 13, no, 15 people’s voices? D: Srs? I hardly know SHINee’s (granted I only listen to a few songs of their’s, and it’s not like they’ve released THAT many) or DBSK or… yeah, I’m not good at recognising voices. We’ll see in time? :/

        • IT IS POSSIBLE! I do it as like a hobby lmao.

          Here, I wrote this last year. Maybe it’ll help? :)

          • Hobby? LOL, you’re good. :D

            Hummm, I’ll try it sometime. :D It sounds fun and maybe educational. :) I’d like to see which lines Sungmin sings since I loved his English solos on the show where he played guitar and they sang acoustically with SNSD.
            (But srsly, from watching the It’s You MV and their perfs so many times, I know who sings what. .___. Kind of same with SorrySorry, lol. :D)

            • I’m a loser lmao ;__;. It’s fun like you sit there listening and you play games with yourself like “OHOHOH I KNOW THAT VOICE 8D”.

              Yeah okay I’ll just shut up now ._.

  2. pfft, can’t see the vid. T^T stupid library computer.

    • D: so, you have to wait til the weekend to watch this?

      • no~ i find my ways. :DD

        HAHAHA, this vid. i had to refrain from laughing too hard as to not look like a fool. XD but srsly, my love for hae just keeps on getting bigger and bigger! (huh?)

        and hands down to kyung’s tutorial. XDDDDDDD

        • LMAO you sure do. You went on a different comp or something? Your avatar has changed O__O.

          Omg Hankyung cheap dancing was hilarious XDD

          • i do, i do, i do~ yeah. HAHA.

            • LOL here you are again XD.

              • yes, and i’m trying so failed to not get distracted. *hello numero, hello shinee~*

                bipolar disorder will come hunt me down later. scary.

                • LMAO oh that’s what your tweet was referring to XD

                  • i know i have to stop doing this and save my life. case presentation tmr in front of our college’s dean. but heck, this is what i call motivation. XD

                    • DD: You’d better get off in two seconds to go prepare for that >:|!

    • dw, i’m off in 7 mins. >:D

      • You said this over 10 minutes ago. Come back tmr and read my BEG “review” (if you can even call it that lmao) :D. GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR PRESENTATION!



    “Winners (2 people)
    •Free trip to Seoul (flight and accommodation for 4 nights)
    •Opportunity to meet TVXQ, Super Junior, and Girls Generation”

    so it’s semi-related to this post. =P

    • Argh yes I read about that, but I have absolutely no talent so I’m not even gonna try.

      Still, OPPORTUNITY TO MEET THEM, OMFG. And tickets to SMTown Concert too ;~; /crying.

  4. OMGG made me day so much! I can’t really recap what made me laugh so much so I’ll just say it’s great to see DBSK back lol. I missed Jae and everyone being so goofy again :D They are so adorable. lol I knew Kangin was funny but not THAT FUNNY :pp poor Donghae acting all worried after the threats and “there’s a thin line between direction and blackmail” made me lol. I love his uneasy smile when he screws something up after he says he’s perfectly good with it. I thought Hankyung was gonna teach him like a really cool dance move not something dirty. Teuk and Dong are so cute singing along :)

    • I love it best when they’re being dorky ;~;.

      Lol Kangin is hilarious, but most of the time it’s in a crude sadistic way LOL. And yes HAHA Hankyung is so good at cheap dancing xD.

  5. aha! this was hilarious :D

    • It was so cute eh? :3

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