Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 20, 2009

LAEC ♥s Music 007

Nicholas Teo: Stop Listening To Songs He Wrote – I didn’t like his newest album as much as I liked his previous one, but I really, really like his voice *__* So even though, imo, the songs aren’t as great as the ones on his last album, I still really liked some songs :D Nicholas Teo is GREAT with ballads; he just has one of those really smooth and creamy voices that makes sad songs sound 23545 times sadder XD

F.T.Island: I Hope – Tbh, when I first read about their new concept for this album, I thought I’d hate it xD Their “Jump Up” album is my favourite FTI album because all the songs were so emo and sad, so when I heard about this new “upbeat/happy” concept, I wasn’t exactly excited. BUT, this song (and the new album) surprised me :DD It’s upbeat, yes, but it’s not the annoying sugary kind of upbeat-happy that makes you want to heap eyeliner on and paint your walls black XDD

Brown Eyes: One Year Later – I think most people know this song, yes? I don’t even remember how I got it onto my ipod. I just had shuffle on and it appeared magically O_O It’s a really well known kpop song, but I’d just never heard it before, or if I had, I don’t remember. But yea, since I’ve unearthed it, I’ve been listening to it heaps. No link for this one cos I couldn’t find it XD ::EDIT:: Fixed the link, thanks Lyyoi :D!

Raymond Lam : Let’s Get Wet – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED CPOP. I just got Raymond’s 3rd album the other day, and omg, I forgot how much I love his voice ♥. I possibly love it more than Justin’s. It’s very rich and smooth. Bonus is that this is a LOVELY ballad. Do not let the title deceive you! It isn’t a happy, fast paced or dirty song; it’s a beautiful ballad about taking care of the earth and stuff. Anyway, just listen to it. You won’t regret it, I promise!

Raymond Lam : Illusion – rar rar rar, do you guys know his “愛不疚” (Love with no regrets) song? Well it doesn’t matter; even if you haven’t heard it, you’d still appreciate this “remix”. IT’S A REALLY HOT SONG, OKAY? It contains ballad elements, but with very strong electronic beats. It’s catchy, it’s upbeat and there is heavy breathing ROFLMAO. GO LISTEN!

Super Junior K.R.Y & Yoo Young Jin : Sorry Sorry R&B Remix – Have you guys heard about this being only K.R.Y and Yoo Young Jin singing? Well if you haven’t, you now have. Anyways, I am addicted to this remix because its SUCH A GOOD SONG. And, I think I am sort of in love with Yoo Young Jin’s voice. He apparently sang the “I hollllllld you in my arms” line which is only second favourite to Kyuhyun’s “eyeeeee want youuu baby“. *O*.

FT Island – I Hope – I loooovveee this song alot. And yes, it’s still getting repeated a bazillion times a day lol. It’s cute but still rock-ish and cool..hahaha crap description but you know what I’m saying XP! I also really like the 2nd Version on the album cuz it’s slightly more upbeat XDD I haven’t had a proper listen to their album yet but I’m sure there’s going to be more favourites from them after I do <3

Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me – The MV for this is freakin’ cute!! And Taylor Swift too, she’s so adorable <3 The songs a few months old now but it turned up when I put my Ipod on shuffle and…I just had to have it on repeat again hahaha. “Why can’t you seeee eee eee, You belong with meee eee eee Hyuk“. I love the lyrics. Oh the story of my life XP hahahaha…

R. Tripper – Far Away -I keep imagining Fly to the Sky singing this O___O I keep reading comments about how they’re going to be the next FTTS and although no one tops FTTS ever, I’ve got to give it to them. They sound pretty damn good for a debut. The song is a nice RnB and I’m a sucker for anything RnB haha XDDDD


  1. Awhhh I love Brown Eyes ^_^, here’s the link


  2. do the different text colors mean someone else’s song, because there are two FTI songs that are the same, I’ve always heard of Brown eyes but I don’t think I’ve heard that song yet, I’ll go check it out (totally random but check it out reminded me of Taguchi of kat-tun)

    • Haha, sorry, Pink = me (PAS), Purple = Candychu and Blue = Beckery ^^

      And I don’t know what that reminds you of Taguchi…though weird things remind me of Kame eyebrows XD

      • ah, color coded, very organized of you! It reminds me of him because he would always say “cheeeeck it out yo” on cartoon kat-tun, and lmao Kame eyebrows!!! house rooftops!

  3. OMG!!!!! I totally love your song choices for this week. I’m also in love with the R&B Sorry Sorry and its on repeat on my iPod even though its a pretty low quality rip from fancams ^-^ And I’ve also been listening to F.T. Island too. Their new album is so cute, but still with their flavor, you know? I’ve also been going back and listening to old Alexz Johnson music. Anybody watch Instant Star? I’m so sad it’s over T-T

    • I know, I usually can’t stand low quality rip stuff but damn, the song is too good to not listen to *O*.

      And yeah, I totally agree! Cross & Change has a fresh feel, but still keeping some of what F.TI do best :)


    Anyway I haven’t heard it yet but

    1. Abracadrabra
    2. Abracadabra
    3. Candy Man

    I’m just sayin’

    • More of their songs are out, you know!!!!!!!

      • I KNOW SO NOW IT’S:

        1. Something by B.E.G
        2. Something by B.E.G
        3. Something by B.E.G

        BUT I CAN’T LISTEN BECAUSE I BARELY HAVE ANY INTERNET LEFT so I hope we’re going to cousin’s soon so I can leech off them.

  5. lol Awww yayyy another music post! xD

    This week, I’ve pretty much listened to what you guys made me listen so it wasn’t really free will. jk lol.

    Ft Island – I Hope
    omgg like my favorite song to listen to right now. I even hummed the tune today and it’s only been like two days.

    Raymond Lam – Let’s Get Wet
    OMGG, isn’t this like the best song from cpop -____- I wouldn’t have even known this song if it wasn’t for Candychu so ty :)

    Super Junior – Sorry Sorry Remix R&B Version
    I reallyyyyy adore this song *___* I hope they release an official version of it or at least have it on something so that I can buy it and listen to it all day long :DDDD

    • YUUUUUUUUUUUS I’m so glad I was able to influence you :DDD

  6. Music post! Mine this week are:

    1. I Hope – F.T Island
    Because they’re my favourite kpop band – okay, ONE of my favourites, and this new album is awesome!

    2. Sorry Sorry – Super Junior
    This song is really popular in Taiwan so all the celebrity guests on tv are humming it all the time XD And copying the dance…and getting the lyrics wrong…it’s hilarious anyway ^^

    3. 爱情放逐 – 罗美玲
    It’s off the soundtrack of Black and White, which i absolutely love ^^ I think it was pinkandsparkly who recommended it so THANK YOU ILUSM! Mark Zhao is incredibly hot :P

    • Haha is “I Hope” everyone’s fav track off their album? I’ve actually listened to “Make little of Others” the most. Everytime I shuffle that album, it’s that song that comes on first xD.

      And ooh from the soundtrack of B&W, I really like the song “Present” ^^.

      • Lol…I’ve been listening to the whole album for a couple of
        days now, and I really like all the songs, but I’m not very good
        at differentiating them XD I mean, when I’m listening I’ll be like “Omg, this
        is good!” But then I’ll forget which one it was…’Hate and Gratefulness’ is another one I like but I’m not sure if I got the name right :P

        I like ‘Present’ too! *hi5* Never really heard of any of the singers though…


          I love “Rain Won’t Stop”, but it’s not on the official OST :(

  7. HEY THERE! I loved to visit your site a lot~ xD
    thanks for all the songs you intro-ed.
    BA RAE is also my favourite song now.

    more tracks from BEG are out!
    you can visit here

    makes me even more hyped about their comeback ^.^ enjoy!!!

    • Hello :D! I love it when silent readers surface to comment XD

      I LOVE THE BEG ALBUM!!!!!!!

  8. Hey, you guys are back! Confetti all around..woot!

    I LOVE Raymond! Though I haven’t really listened to his new album yet. I’ve been immersed in my classes and projects and I’ve got two weeks left before I’m done =( If anyone wants to help me with my final project, I am more than willing to share =)

    Anyhow, sadly, the past couple of months, I’ve gone back to listening jpop so I suppose my list will reflect that.

    Yuzu – Aitai
    – I’ve never heard of this group or listened to any of their songs but this has been at the top of my playlist for the past month because I started watching “Ghost Friends” and the song caught my ear (it also helps that I think the main male lead is the cutest thing ever).

    Here’s a YT link of the song but full of DBSK pics:

    AAA – あきれるくらいわがままな自由
    – In case no one caught it the first 100 times i mentioned it, AAA is probably my current favorite jpop group, beating out even KAT-TUN at the moment and the best part is that all the members can actually sing (with the exception of 1 member but its okay because he’s just eye candy). It’s just the guys singing for this song fell in love with this song when I watched their 3rd anniversary concert recently.


    I’ll move away from jpop for the moment because I don’t want to freak people out by being all spazzy (CHECK OUT AAA!!!!)

    Kris Allen – Heartless
    – I don’t watch American Idol so I can’t say I knew who he was until my friend sent me the song. I know this is originally Kanye’s song and The Fray also did a cover but I kind of like Kris’ version. Maybe because it’s a bit more…mainstream pop.


    • Oooooooo, has AAA been on many shows? It’s funny, cos the only times I see anything about them is when you mention them XDD I listened to the AAA song you linked me too last time; very jpoppy :D

      And I’m gonna go check out this “Ghost Friends” drama….

      • Hmm…I know the main singer has been in 2 drama – Delicious Gakuin (which is like..Iron Chef in a school setting and the principal is a cow O_o) and Ghost Friends. One of the girl singers, Chiaki Ito, was in the twdrama, Honey and Clover.

        ::sigh:: You’ll probably hear mention of them again, should you do another one of these music posts =D.

  9. I just listened to the Sorry Sorry RnB Remix just then and D: NEED STUDIO VERSION NOW. LIKE NOW NOW NOW NOW.

    Um, on to other songs… .___. (I should listen to FT Island’s new album, though I didn’t really like their old ones :/)

    1. Me by SJM.
    T_______________T Candy should know that for some reason I’ve been putting this on repeat for the last few days, which makes no sense at all since I really don’t like Chinese music. (I think everyone would know it already, but eh, link anyway.)

    2. The Moment by SJM.

    3. One More Time by Se7en.
    Because he deserves more love. >[ And really because his Korean songs are so much better than what he’s TRYING to release in the US. Nice and slow, sort of, not really, ballad… Okay I can’t describe it, but it’s really addictive, even if the audio doesn’t have cut into RnB so he can have a little dance solo.. D:



      I don’t have many Se7en songs, cos by the time I got into fandom, he had already been shipped off to the US :(

      • Hahaha, no Cpop mainly because… idk, I’m not Mandarin so I can’t understand it. .___. And I don’t really like the sound of Mandarin, I like the sound of Cantonese better, but there aren’t really any WHOA Canto singers. D:

        I got into Se7en just before he debuted in US, so I have all this random stuff. :/ I didn’t really listen to his music as it CAME OUT, but kind of just browsed the HISTORY OF SE7EN shiftily. D; But it was worth it. :)

  10. Havent really been keeping up with your posts but thought Id swing by and share a nifty song my chem lecturer shared with us today

    So if you ever wanted to learn all the elements in the periodic table….this is your best bet :P

    And whilst Im nerding out your music pimp post, heres an AWESOME pi song that was my ringtone for a short period of time :D

    *nerds away*

    • ROFL AN ELEMENTS SONG XDDDDDD That’s like the “Torts Law” cover of Sexyback XDDD.


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