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Brown Eyed Girls – Sound G. Album Review

Here I am again, with yet another review! I swear, not enough of you guys are fans of Brown Eyed Girls (or at least, none of you fans comment haha)… AND YOU’RE ALL MISSING OUT. If you’re looking for a girl-group with talent and who isn’t just about being cute or colour-vomiting, then you really ought to try them out!

This isn’t a very detailed (read: full of flailing and capslocking) review, because I don’t know techno, electronica stuff or whatever special effects they’ve done lmao, but I just really want to post it so more of you guys can hear the awesomeness that is BROWN EYED GIRLS *O*.

Disc 1:
01. Glam Girl – This is a great song to start the album; it’s an upbeat, loud and fun dance track. The girls sound great here, not as much synthesising as “Abracadabra”.

02. Abracadabra – I loved this just from the teaser and hearing the full song now for the, idk, 7th time, I’m still loving it.

03. 중독 (Addiction) – Mmmm, I love the sensual feel of this song. Miryo’s rap is awesome and the chorus too. I think this one’s a favourite ♥.

04. Candy Man – I like this now a tad more than when I first heard it, but still, too pop for me xD.

05. Moody Night – Interesting track though, I like it :D! Another track with a sultry type feel ;).

06. 이상한 일 (Strange Days) – They really tried out a lot of new stuff in this album xD. This song is both fun and crazy. Their singing is pretty soft, but they have weird noises.

07. 못 가 (Can’t Go) – Ballad *O*. It’s so beautiful and full of emotion, too ;~;. I love Miryo’s rap and then half singing half rap haha. It sounds so sad :/. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR BALLAD LOVERS.

08. 여자가 있어도 (Even If You Have Another One) – A remix of a ballad would sound like this. They sound so damn good in this one. There aren’t enough slow paced songs and this one is like right in between :D.

09. 잘할게요 (I’ll Do Well) – Omg wait, ANOTHER BALLAD!? *cries happy tears*. I think this one is prettier than “Can’t Go”. So, I RECOMMEND THIS ONE EVEN MORE!

10. Abracadabra (Inst.)

11. Candy Man (Inst.)

12. 잘할게요 (Inst.)

Disc 2:
01. DJ Cloud translates L.O.V.E

02. Haihm translates Second

03. East4A translates YOU

04. Hitchhiker translates 어쩌다

05. Saintbinary translates Hold The Line

06. Junjaman translates My Style

07. Fraktal translates Oasis

Disc 2 is full of remixes from their Comeback teasers, I think. I’ve only found a link for the first track though :S.

Argh, I’m sorry if this review sucked, but I hope if you’ve clicked the cut to read this, you’ve tried out at least one song ;~;. There is something for everyone here :D.  And it is a damn good album. At first, I was worried I’d just here loud tracks with heavy synthesising, voice enhancing etc. etc. but I was proven wrong. You can hear their singing very well and they are all damn talented >:D.

Also, stealing the words of mooray, Miryo’s raps are always incorporated into their songs and not just thrown at the start/end which is something I really love about their music – everything just fits together and works.

At the moment I can’t pick a favourite, but I am sort of dying to go back and listen to “Addiction”, if that says anything at all :P.


  1. We need a B.E.G conversion task force in here!

    Damn you, I’m going to break my internet and listen to the first CD too, I actually prefer it when they sing slower songs though because the girl’s voices are so gorgeous~

    • You should comment with different names/emails.

      Oh you mean you haven’t heard Disc 1? The remixes were hurting my head, so I had to stop. But yes try out all the other songs. I love the ballads ♥. And I need to learn voices >:(.

      • I love the remix for How Come, but I really like club-y remixes.

        I know their voices, they’re actually really distinctive I can spot them straight away ♥ I love jea’s voice the most but gain and narshia both have great voices too.

        • Oh hello there not mooray.

          Yeah the remix for How Come is my fav too. Because I love that song.

          Yeah the voices are distinctive, I just don’t know who they belong to. They’re all really pretty ;~;.

          • kekeke my download just finished, what should I listen to first?

            • LISTEN IN ORDER :D

  2. Junjaman translates My Style (Junjaman Wet Dream Remix)


    • LMAO WTF, I didn’t even notice that!!!

      Phew~ It’s not up on the tracklist I posted. Except, you just shared that with me T__T

  3. 15 SECONDS IN FOR ADDICTION AND ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • I recommended this song to another reader and it was the only one of the 3 I gave her that she actually liked :DDDDDD.

      • NARSHIA’S VOICE IN MOODY NIGHT ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
        I’m just spamming now
        Oh I really like the chorus, sultry indeed

        • OH SO YOU FIND IT SULTRY TOO!? Okay good. I knew I couldn’t be the only one.

          And it doesn’t matter with the spamming. No one else will see it lmao.

  4. I love their new album ^^~
    I was a bit worried too because i was afraid it’d be all digitalised,etc but it’s awesome ^^

    • Oh yay!! A commentor who isn’t “mooray” or “not mooray” lmao. Yeah the album turned out great, I hope the girls do really well :)

  5. meeeee!!! I’m a huge fan of BEG! I am so so so glad that you’re doing an entry about them. I was all alkhabdgakfh when I heard that they’re making a comeback. I agree with you for their powerhouse talent and vocals! Their ballads always give me goosebumps~~ And I’m already addicted to ADDICTION. gaaaahhh~~

    • YAAAY!!! I haven’t had many comments in the past couple of posts I did on them and so I really didn’t think many readers were fans :/.

      Addiction is so addictive omg *O*

  6. I was so skeptical of them ): All the new stuff from them; i didn’t even listen to any of it or watch anything from them until now =/ I guess i wasn’t really interested in them but omgg the songs sound really cool. I just noticed that their single is always the second song T__T The song “Abracadabra”; one part of the song sounded like green beans to me lol. I really like their raps, mmmmmm. My fave song would be “Can’t Go” best ballad ever.

    • I’m glad you finally gave in! They really are a talented girl group, and honestly, I’m sick of all the cutesy, headache inducing pop songs girl groups have been releasing xDDD.

      Their raps are the best for the reason I mentioned above hehe 8D.

  7. I love the “How Come” remix too, but not really the “woheeee” LMAO.

    I haven’t listened everything yet (currently listenning.), but I love Abracadabra! ♥ :D I can’t wait to see their perf, they will help me to tell names on the voices too XD

    • I much prefer the new songs to the releases, just because the remixes are too hardcore for my head HAHA.

      Yeah I’m determined to learn their voices because I only know Miryo’s and probably Gain’s but even that, I’m not too sure about xD.

  8. I’m also really loving Addiction♥! That song is so .. sultry or something and the beat is wicked!

    The whole album is wicked, though. I love every single one of the new songs. I’m admittedly less enthusiastic about the remixes, but only because I loooooove the original of those remixes. But some of the remixes, like How Come, are really good ♥. The ‘Second’ remix gives me a headache though XD;;;;

    I liked your review! :)

    • Yes! I love that they’re sultry with class. I love all the songs, some more than others, of course, but there isn’t one track which made me go DDDD: which shows how good this album is :D!

      Haha omg me too, I got a headache from listening to the “Second” remix as well T__T.

      Lmao thank you! If you can even call it a review D:

  9. I love Abracadabra and Glam Girl. The ballads on this album are so good. I love them.

    • The girls sound really good in all the ballads :)

  10. will come back after taking some time to listen. :)

    • Yay :D. And I shall be waiting~

      • all the songs are really nice, plus they all have pretty voices too. :)

        the ballads are really really nice. :D they’re my favorites as of the moment because i’m all emo today but it shall change. LOL.

        • They do all have really pretty voices :).

          Haha I love ballads whether I’m being emo or not :P

  11. anyone have the lyrics for moody night ?
    i have the other ones , but NO ONE has moody night .

    • No, sorry! I haven’t even looked at any lyrics. But I’ll probably go check soompi. Have you checked there?

  12. Thank you, this helped me complete my ID tags! 8D
    I’m not good with hangul, so thx again for the translations! ^^

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