Posted by: lovediaries | July 21, 2009

Preview Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

{credit: Mardi09 @ youtube}

alfjlsjdfk I saw the teaser the other day and loved it already ♥♥. I heart this so much, way more than “Candy Man”. It’s upbeat, fun and catchy without being too happy 8D. And the girls are looking so hot in all their teaser pics. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEIR COMEBACK 8D.


  1. I LOVE THIS SONG, ESPECIALLY MIRYO’S RAP, I love all of Miryo’s raps she should get more rapping parts like in other songs where the rap is like incorporated into the song and not just so there’s an obligatory rap (if you get what I’m saying).

    I really REALLY need to listen to the remixes though, especially for My Style, I love that song so damn much.

    • HAHA tbh, I’m not a fan of Miryo’s voice. I much prefer, say, Yoobin’s voice…BUT one thing I love about BEG songs is that the rap is incorporated into their songs, like you said. Srsly, I hate songs where they just throw in a 2 line rap at the end just so the rapper can have … some lines. Ugh. But yes, I am about to go and listen to their album. TWO DISCS OMG. This review will take me 5 hrs.

      • I think I prefer Yoobin’s voice but Miryo is the better rapper idk. I really love Miryo’s voice too, actually I use to hate it but then it just… fits. I’m listening to L.O.V.E right now and I agree with myself again on the rap incorporation.

        From the teasers, I want to listen to the YOU remix a lot as well. AHHHH I’M GOING TO DOWNLOAD THE SECOND DISC DDD:

        • I agree with myself again on the rap incorporation.

          I bet you hi-5ed yourself too.

          I SUCK AT REVIEWS, MARY. I’m like running out of things to say but I really want readers to listen to their album.

          • No, but I just hi-5’d myself because of your reply. YAY you paraphrased my words in the review 8D so I can actually say good things when I’m not on permanent capslock and keysmashes

            • …D: okay.

              Yes I need help because I’m always just like alfjdajfdlksfjldsfjdlfl @___@ and I can’t write.

  2. the sound is very unique for a girl group, which I love! the song is good, just I find myself repeating certain parts of the song that I realize an hour has passed, k not an hour but 20 min.

    • BEG definitely stand out from all the other girl groups with the fresh sounds in their newest album, imo :D

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