Posted by: lovediaries | July 22, 2009

Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra MV Subbed


{credit: Mardi09 @ youtube}

O____________________________________O WOAH. I did not expect this. Okay so before I get into the more raunchier details of the MV, I must say that the girls look SO damn fierce here. Miryo’s black outfit is sorta ridiculous (as is her hair) but she looked very pretty in the white during her rap scene. I love the choreo – that hip thing they do is sooooooooo sexy, and Ga In’s hair flick at the start, omg *O* (I also love the shot of her at 1.16. There’s something sorta sad but pretty about it).

Next. Um, I agree with the commentors, I worry this will get banned in Korea XD. I started going @____@ when Ga In was straddling that man lmao and then the stocking rip … woah, sexual much!? And I’m wondering how they’re gonna perform that little dance part from 2.34-2.49 live. Also, that Narsha x Ga In kiss didn’t happen.



    • ESP THE PART AFTER THE RAP *_________*

      • lol i wet myself D;

        • lmao don’t come near me

          • HAHAHAHA <3



    • false advertising


      Idk if I’m relieved or disappointed by it D:

  3. LOL your sister can do the dance to the verses, the part with the crossed arms

  4. Why not the part after the rap? ;)



      • I don’t think even I – THE SEXIEST CHU EVER – can pull off that move. How do you slide around a floor and look sexy?

        • LOL I flail around on the ground a lot – not sexy :/

          • You flail in front of your webcam too D:

            • I just… flail and it’s never sexy

              • You’re sexiest when you’re eating timtams.

                • alone.

                  • I’ll eat with you. We can like, nibble on them.

  5. For a moment there I thought Mirotic!Yoochun was reborn as a girl.

    Interesting choreography but the song wasn’t exactly what I was expecting to hear. (I’m not very familiar with BEG but I have one song from them, I think, and it sounds nothing like this) All the groping is kind of scary.

    I think I’m not so disturbed by the… um.. not-so-wholesome video because I’ve seen worse. XD; It looks like banned material, though lol. If Rain’s magic stick got banned, what more this?

    I’m not so sure if I’m disappointed at the lack of kiss at the end or not XD

    • LMAO yeah, I didn’t like that hair on Narsha D:

      Ah well, I’m still glad you gave the video a try :). I’ve seen/heard worse too haha but I just didn’t expect the MV to be this sexed up LOOL.

      I said the exact same thing to mooray – I’m not sure if I’m relieved or disappointed XD.

  6. ahh the arm thingy at 0:41 thought i saw it somewhere before when i saw the aussie idol ad luls

    • Oh, you’re from Australia!?

  7. omg, this is too good to be on kbs, sbs, mnet or anything else anyway, but I still hope it doesn’t get banned. I always thought I’d only have sinful thoughts with dbsk, 2pm videos and not by girl group vids…I’m sorry jebus!

    • LMAO you’ve apologised to “jebus” how many times these past few days? :P. But GaIn was so hot *O*.

  8. lol the song sounded so good but I think they just went too over the top to get the edgy look. The MV was :O to me. like half way, I was really beginning to feel awkward and then the dance break was like :OOOO But the song sounds really good and the choreo is really good. I hope they get to perform this song though.

    • HAHA lol well they successfully surprised fans and came out with a new image. I think some of Ga In’s scenes were a bit eyebrow-raising but she looked so sexy *___* still.

  9. Is there a Brown Eyed Girls fansite out there? I’m almost tempted to start one lol… not enough BEG love T_T

    Extremely sexy MV, but I thought the colours and feel of it in general was really great. I just don’t really get the story (if there’s one…) Narsha and GaIn seduce the man but Miryo is the actual mastermind behind all this? XD Miryo’s looking really pretty here as well too.

    If they really performed the dance break, I’ll be a mixture of “O__O” and “*o*” lol!

    • I’m not sure :/. But yes, BEG need more love, especially with the other 50 billion girlgroups active in the kpop scene atm.

      Agree! I thought the colours worked really well – it wasn’t too boring and it didn’t hurt my eyes. Tbh, I’m not too sure what was going on either. And Jea didn’t seem to have much of a “role”?

      Haha I’m sorta excited to see Ga In do the dance break live, but only if they won’t get banned for it XD.

  10. This mv… is very sexy.

    That almost kiss near the end.. had me on the edge.
    I was wondering if they would take it there o.O

    I really can’t seem to understand the korean censorship panel or w.e.
    “I got you under my skin is suggestive” but none of that mv? o.O
    Maybe it’ll only air after 10pm…

    • Haha I would have no idea either since it doesn’t make sense half the time.

  11. oh and did 2:20-2:22 remind anyone else of TOP?

    • Eh, how so? O.o

      • her hair cut, the way she is sitting and rapping, and the rap itself and the voice… no?

        • the hair. yeah.
          the rapping style . yeah.

          the voice???

          • um…not for me XD.

  12. this shouldnt be LEGAL. xD

    loook at em!!

    xD intriguing clothe-slipping moves.

    and that final kiss. gah. :x

    oh. and look at the way they touch each other. *cough* xDDDD

    • That final kiss that didn’t happen, you mean :/.

      But yes, very suggestive, this MV hehe.

      • yea, the kiss tht didnt happen. xDD

        i wouldnt imagine wht id react to if it DID happen. ;x

        oh. and.. the opening is like. stuck to my head now.

        • It’s really catchy 8D

  13. totally refreshing! So now time for girl power to rock the boat!
    oh yeah let see how the perf would turns out then, haha.
    If you like this, check out Davichi’s My Man mv, not much different. lol

    • Davichi had an MV similar to this concept? Oooh.

  14. wow. that was O_o

    but the girls do look pretty! :DDD
    who’s that girl with the yoochun hair?

    • Haha “yoochun hair”. That’s Narsha. She’s the one at the end who leans into Ga In :P.

      • so which hair is the wig? O_o

        • The Yoochun do, I think. And Ga-In puts on an orange wig during that sexy dance break.

          • so there’s Ga-in, Miryo and Narsha. who’s the other one? :/
            sorry, if i’m asking too much. D:

            • Lol no no no, it’s fine! It means you’re interested :D! Jea is the 4th member. She…doesn’t have much of a role here but she’s the one singing between the two walls XD.

              • ah. i see, so she’s the one with the long wavy hair. i only hear much of the other girls esp ga-in. D:

                • Yep, it’s brown with like blonde-ish streaks :)

  15. i wonder why many people dislike the yoochunmirotic hair.

    to be totally frank.
    i love it. ;x

    its very futuristic .
    and flippy.
    [insert mirotic dance ver. MV move here]

    • lolol idk, I just found it annoying and if I had hair like that, I’d be constantly scratching at my face or something XD.

  16. yeah, the rated scene is hotter i think. But it was played by actor/actress, the davichi girls just dance and being cute. It’s like watching two 2 diff mvs XD

    • OHH IC! I was gonna say, I can’t imagine the Davichi girls doing that XD!

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