Posted by: beckery | July 22, 2009

Super Show 2 – Exclusive Catalogue Scans

I’ve been working a strenuous 10 hours a day for the past few days, battling Flu patients and what not and I feel like my body is slowly disintegrating T__T I also have about a million pages of Soompi and various sites to backtrack through (which I won’t be doing anytime soon) but I saw these and I’m pretty sure they’re new…y/y? ._.

They’re all in tux/suits and bow ties and of course, look all very dashing. Though does anyone think Siwon sorta looks sleazy here? Haha. And I’m using Ryeowook’s picture just because this guy is growing up WAY TOO FAST ;___;

Credit: as tagged


  1. Not only sleazy, but Siwon looks like a real creeper rofl.

  2. Hey, 3rd last pic … who dat?

    • LOL, its Kim Ki Bum.
      im not really liking his long hair much…

      • HAHA I hope you picked up on my sarcasm ._.

        • Loool. If Candychu doesn’t know who KiBum is, she would probably have to quit blogging about fandom XP

  3. Actually, scrap what I said about Siwon. I clicked on the thumbnail and damn is he handsome *O*.

    • Wth Candice T__T Is that seriously necessary, could you not have edited the comment!! But um…Siwon looks like…he’s about to rape ME HAHAHAHA XDDD

      3rd Last pic..hmm..I was gonna ask you and PAS who it was actually lol.

      • BECAUSE bec, it’s funner this way. I don’t have to bother editing and you feel more loved when you get (3) in your inbox as opposed to (1). I am killing two birds with one stone, or whatev that saying is.

        Oh wait wait, he sorta looks like a past lover. Kim…Kim…Kim Kibum? :/

  4. Omfg, I thought Kibum was Heechul because of his hair. D; But damn he looks good.

    Why so serious? Siwon’s the only one smiling and it makes him a bit… scary/creepy. xD

    Bias says: SUNGMIN LOOKS TOO GOOD. T___T And he looks slightly ruffled, LOL. You need to fix up your whole suit bby, not just the tie.

    • Yeaaaa I thought Sungmin’s was hawtt man. With the “I’m too good for you” face. *___* But then I like boys in suits so they all look pretty damn good to me. Minus those big circus hats :/

  5. I’m, like, “oooh~” and then, “is kibum there?” and then, “oh. why is there?” and then.


    • Loool. That’s the most incoherent comment I’ve read all day XPP

  6. OOOOOOH; the boys look spiffy :) Everyone looks so good in their suits but yeah totally agree on Wook growing up so fast, I miss the old ballad shy guy. Yesung’s pic made me wonder who that was lol, I thought it was Eunhyuk because of the glossy hair. But wow, Yesung’s hair looks fine :D Siwon O_O but the pose works for him but his smile makes him…(that word I can’t remember)

    • Suits always makes the boys look good. I approve. Just take those big circus hats off and I’ll be happier :D Wook is forever innocent boy in my mind. FOREVER!

  7. Yesung looks cute with his glasses, haha.. I miss Sungmin’s fringe. They all look so good, though. xD

    • Yesung does look good here :D

  8. siwon always makes us breathtaking while see his photos.

    • Lol. That’s cuz he’s a hot hot boy :D

  9. Yeshung looks amazing <3

    • They all truly do <3

  10. i dont get it… they’re all wearing those weir little cropped suit things, how come only Kibum’s looks awkwardly small?? XD
    ahh but all my boys lookin fineee ^^

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