Posted by: lovediaries | July 23, 2009

090723 F.T Island Comeback on M!Countdown

They perform “I Hope” and “Bing Bing Bing”. I hope they perform a different song with “I Hope” on each of their Comeback stages – maybe eventually, I’ll get a ballad 8D.

{credit: colloquie @ youtube}

AHHHHHHHHHHH MY EYES DD: Lol just kidding…well, no, not really, I hate Hongki’s orange hair. It’s even more orange than when Key had orange hair. He’d better fix it up soon >:|. I like this stage better though because instead of having Minhwan all the way up the back and having to squint to see his sexy face, they’re all in a circle ;D. But um, WTF WHEN DID SEUNGHYUN GET YESUNG HAIR!? ;_________;. It doesn’t look horrible on him or anything (or does it?) but…:// *feels iffy*. And Minhwan has dark red hair. Do they have the same hair stylists as SJ or what? XD.

I don’t like “Bing Bing Bing” because the chorus is too loud and happy but omg they were all so cute performing that song ;~~;.

I think I preferred the Inki perf because they had the amps and performed it all live :/.


  1. lol Candychu, they have the same hairstylist because Kangin daddy recommended them to Hongki son, and Hongki son wanted to resemble his dad’s idol group! before I talk about their performance I just want to say I loved every 2.0 seconds of Alex in this video even though he did nothing but smile! omg k when Hongki said hollo and apa it was bloody sexy, Jonghyun looks like a misplaced white boy in Korea, but he’s looking cute! and his outfit was really nice for bing bing bing, I think I still want more Minhwan close-ups!

    • Lolol that’s a good theory! And yeah I totally agree with the Jonghun comment. I thought that as well from watching their last performance D:

      But yes, still not enough Minhwan closeups >:|

  2. haha. hi there ^^ i’m new to imop ^^~ in regards to the hair. actually they do have the same hairstylist (stalked suju at that salon once and saw ft coming out when suju coming in. intense 5 minutes of bowing from ft side kkkk) XD so no wonder they kinda look similar ^^;



    • OMG AFKJSLFJLSJFSL you are so lucky to have seen BOTH those groups – and interacting too ;____;. JEALOUS! But lolol thank you for clearing that up for me haha!

  3. i dont like hongki’s orange hair too! but its alright compared to jaejin’s bowlcut.. oh no.
    getting used to jonghun’s blonde already.
    but still nice perf at mnet !!!
    i really loved track5 of their album, boy meets girl!!! its on repeat on my playlist, lmao.
    i do hope they perform it live soon !
    the other voice belonged to jaejin rite?
    ohlord, cant get enough of this song xD

    • Track 5 and Track 11 (Make Little of Others) are both my favourites <333. I always click on them haha. And yes, I'm 80% sure that the other voice is Jaejin's in Boy Meets Girl. I REALLY WANT IT LIVE ;~~;.

  4. Wow since when were their Mnet on Thursday O_O or was it always like this?

    Well if I could remember correctly, Key has like brownish dark hair in their MV and then he dyed it orange grr. I don’t like Hongki’s hair though…I don’t think I like any of their hairs ): Minhwan’s color is good but the sides need more volume. Seunghyun’s hair makes me lol, it’s like slanted to a side. Jaejin, GROW BACK YOUR BEAUTIFUL HAIR! Jonghun’s hair is fine for now :D but it makes him look very American and less asian.

    • Mnet’s always been on Thursday. I just hardly post it because SM artists don’t go on and so I don’t bother watching. HAHA BIASED MUCH!?

      Yeah lmao, I thought Seunghyun’s hair was interesting too, slanting to the side xDD.

  5. Wow- the bass at the beginning of Bing Bing Bing was really good, as was JaeJin’s vocals. Both songs were really catchy and well, I love Hongki’s ballads but this was a welcome change to fit the happy mood of summer.

    • Yeah Jaejin’s voice is a lot more steady now :D.

  6. LOL i love how they wrote “guiter” instead of “guitar” niceeee =)

    i liked their hair better in the music video…especially seunghyun’s. his hair is still fine though haha and i love his parts in i hope! ahh why does he have to be so young? =( and why is hongki’s hair so…bright. it’s like he got in a fight with an orange highlighter and lost haha

    oh and i really like their stage too. we can see all of them equal amounts haha =)

    • Lmao Koreans and their engrish XD.

      I’ll let Seunghyun get away with it because it’s Seunghyun, but I thought the mop-eating-head look suited Yesung more.

      LOOL it must’ve been a damn fierce battle with a highlighter XD.

  7. I want those instruments live T_T. Is it my fault for complaining that when those instruments go live, it clouds up Hong Ki’s voice XD?

    lol Hong Ki’s having the Hee Chul hair. And interesting that they share the same hairstylists XD.

    • LOL SO IT WAS YOU >:(. Haha, well they had the speakers again in the MuBank perf but I couldn’t actually see if their instruments were plugged in O.o

  8. why did mr. camera man have to close up on hongki’s orange hair? it’s not like we can’t see if it’s orange or not… ‘cos it’s orrrrange! :/

    • LMAO I know eh. You can see it from miles away in the dark XD.

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